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I understand the false start hope. I hoped twice that it had started when it didn't. And Simonee, who had come for the birth had to leave without ever seeing the baby. I feel for you. It's such emotional tormoil.
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Still contracting. I am not sure how often, but I am having to really concentrate through them. Several woke me up in the night and I had to humm through them. Twice I had a 'snuggly' in bed with me who was very concerned. I have to be releaseing mega hormones as the dog is following me everywhere and gets up and paces when I get up. Baby is moving well, more plug comes, I am shampooing the family room carpet. (dog hates it, but is still shadowing me) Portacrib is set up, house looks really good. I had thought about going to the parade this morning, but it was earlier than I was ready to be up.
An added bonus, we have spotty internet access yesterday and today.

Christine, I like the color of the bedroom you chose. I painted my office in a light green called rejuvinate. I love it. Less bright, more pale springish I guess. Very soothing. If I can ever get bedroom furnature I will start painting hte heck out of my bedroom and bath. The bath needs paint bad, but I don't want to paint it a neutral color to tide us over then have to repaint it shortly, kwim?

After I get the living room shampooed, if these contractions are still painful I will start with nipple stimulation. This is rediculous! I can sleep through braxton hicks. I can walk through them. These? Life has to stop while they go by.
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Hey everyone...it's me back from the dead..
I am slowly but surely breaking free of the nipple pain and PPD.
I got Dr. Jack Newman's nipple cream from my OB and have been nursing virtually pain free ever since...has done major uplifting of my soul...I was getting reallly down and out you guys..not fun at all...you can still see the cracks but nursing is much more welcomed now for dd and myself....

I will try to get a birth story posted sometime..but the short of it is I labored for 4 hours pushed for two and had a successful VBAC... I guess the nipple cracks are to keep me humble from having the birth I so desired this whole pg.

I had some major PP bleeding yesterday scared the crap out of me passed a golf ball size clot...MW said not to worry unless the bleeding increased in the next three hours thank goodness that stopped.

****if everyone can pm me their info:
baby g/b
date of birth
name of little one

I will try to update the list
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My friends and I have a theory - you can't have all three:
Easy pg, Easy labour and Easy PP. One has to give. For me this was the hardest pg and the pp is easier compared to the last two.

Today I have been home alone with all three - did take them to meet DH for lunch and went to Target. Crapped out at Target - I kept asking Brannon if he had to go to the bathroom, he kept saying no until we go to the car, told him he would have to pee outside and he just peed standing right there. Didn't even bother to pull his pants down. ARGH. Got home and Maillie and Amelia had both fallen asleep. 2nd round of naps. I guess if I stay home this may be doable. Of course this is only one day!! For the next month or so DH has a lot of road trips and since my mom is stateside I am headed there everytime DH leaves!
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****if everyone can pm me their info:
baby g/b
date of birth
name of little one

I will try to update the list[/QUOTE]

I *SO* want to be able to participate in that!!!

Welcome back AP. We have been a little chatty.
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Well though i would let ya'll know that my contractions stoped last night about 9:00 and i got to sleep (well woke up about 5 times like usaual). Had a few here and there today but nothing that looks promising at all. I'm really hoping things will kick in tomorrow... it would be so convienant for my family members so of course it prolly won't!!!
Does anyone know if you can eat before you go into the hopsital for an induction??? dr's office didn't tell me anything about that when i was there friday... i go back monday for a non-stress test so i guess i will have my questions ready then!
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AP, I'm happy to hear that you've got your head above water again. Doesn't sound as though it's been easy. At the very least, I'm pleased to hear that you got the birth you wanted.

Christine did not post yet today. Mage, I'm worried that she has crossed to the other side.

This thread will soon be about a bunch of people with babies and a pregnant dodo bird. Yikes.
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Originally Posted by Dodo
This thread will soon be about a bunch of people with babies and a pregnant dodo bird. Yikes.
OMG Dodo you are hysterical!! Are you teetering on the edge of insanity? Itchy tummy got ya down? I'm so sorry sweets, wish there was something we could do to make you more comfy. but, being cyberspace, all I can offer are cyberhugs.
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I should probably clarify that I'm only 39 weeks pregnant and that in real life I'm not remotely anxious to have the baby. It's my online life that I'm worried about! This thread is like a ghost town... Everyone is so busy with their babies.

Going to go see what those Sept. mamas are up to...
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Holy crap. The September mamas are already having their babies.
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How did we get to page 10? Bad Dodo.

Here's a new thread for the end of the month
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sorry to be MIA when everyone is having such a rough time!

AP, caroline, glad you are both doing better. caroline, i've had two doula clients go in for gall bladder surgery within days of delivery... it SUCKS but both of them immediately got SOOO much better... hope the same is happening for you! and AP, here i am, two weeks PP, and my nips are SOOO sore... what's that cream you're talking about? tell us more please!

congrats jilly, madrone, everyone else! madrone, i'm dying to hear your story... hope everything (and you) are OK!

poor dodo, christeeny, all you other waiting mamas! it's sooo hard to wait and trust that your baby will come when it's ready. hugs to you! it WILL happen, honest!

we are doing OK except for the aforementioned sore nipples (owieeee! but it's just on the latch, then its just a dull throb for the feeding). i'm using lanolin, and avoiding cracks and bleeding, but the skin is rubbed raw and pink, and boy those latch moments are real toe-curlers!

my MIL has been here since tuesday, and it's been OK mostly. she's cooking a lot, and she sews so she's been fixing up a couple of funky curtains i have. she wrenched her back the first day she was here, so she can't hold the baby very long (and he's taken to yelling at her anyway, so they haven't had much quality time this week). still, she and dh have had some good time to visit, so the trip hasn't been a total loss i hope.

i've been holed up in my bedroom mostly, reading some fiction my daughter recommended ("His Dark Materials" trilogy by philip pullman... excellent!) and nursing, nursing, nursing my gassy little baby. i'm not eating dairy, wheat, corn or citrus (supposedly the most common problem foods for babies, according to the LLL web site) but today lincoln was just as gassy as ever. it's starting to get a little frustrating. if he's gonna be gassy anyway, i might as well eat what i want to! but i'll wait a few more days to see if it helps...

all he wants to do is nurse. he's sleeping pretty well through the night (we got an old crib and put it next to the bed as a "sidecar" for him)... he wakes up maybe 3 or 4 times between about midnight and 8 a.m., with one or two diaper changes. i guess that's ok for a newborn but i'm starting to feel the effects of sleep deprivation. got a good nap in with him this afternoon but dh woke me for dinner. i wish he'd just saved me some and let us sleep longer! oh well.

lincoln is having longer awake periods, looking around and just being adorable (when he's not fussing about his gassy belly). of course he's gorgeous and perfect and smart and amazing, just like all your babies are (or will be)!!!

oh, someone was talking about large babies? link was by far my largest (9 lb 10 oz) and also by far my easiest pushing! i think it has much more to do with baby's position, mom's support and attitude, rather than baby's size. maybe being in the water helped, too...

oops. baby calls. i haven't mastered NAK yet, so gotta go.

thinking of you guys lots!

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eeek! dodo, we cross posted... should i copy my last post to the new list, or just leave it?

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