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Nuts, lost the message I was posting.

Terri, your henna looks wonderful. It'd be great to watch the design undulate durring labour, wouldn't it? Cool. I have a cousin that has a tattoo of a snake swallowing it's tail around her navel......I always thought that would look groovy if she ever wants to be pregnant. I know it would stretch out and all, but heck, if she's like most of us, it's all gonna sag some day anyway.

Anyway, here's a few pictures. Hope the link works! Don't know how long Lily's storkbites will hang around.....the physician says maybe until she's 3? I don't really notice them, but lots of people ask about them, so I guess they're pretty prominent.


I wanted to ask if anyone else is slinging their new ones? I know Kimberly mentioned it and maybe Cherly too? Lily is spending a lot of time snoozing in a maya wrap.......like a pea in a pod. As a treat, I ordered a mei tai from Freehand Baby Carriers (I think Kimberly mentioned this a while back.) Anyway, the carrier is beautiful.........it's double-sided with a girly print on one face for me and a neutral print on the other face for DH. And here's the cool part......the lady who makes them made one for DD in her favourite colour and didn't charge us for DD's in honour of the new baby. Wow. I was floored and greatly touched. I'm chicken to use our adult mei tai on a newborn, though, because I don't see how it can give her head enough support......can't wait to try it!

Ok, then. Signing off,
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Wooohooo Terri! Sexy belly pic there! LOVE LOVE LOVE the henna tattoo!! Your girls are cute

I got Katie weighed tonight.... she was 7 lb 8 oz at birth. 7 lb 5 oz at 8 days old...... and at 3 weeks..... she is..... drumroll please.... 9 lb 6 oz!! That's 2 lb in 2 weeks! Hubbahubbahubba! Good job Katie!

I wanted to make sure I wasn't pumping too much milk for Libby, but I think Katie is *just fine* LOL
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Leah! She's so pretty!

My older daughter has a storkbite identical to mine... mine only shows up when I'm mad Libby's has gotten much lighter as she's gotten older... but if she's having a temper tantrum or something it gets dark again for a few minutes
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EEk, I feel really far behind. I'm loving hearing about the new babies . Sending labour vibes for the mama's who need them.

I keep thinking of things I need to get done. The house is livably clean (considering a toddler lives here, lol!), I want to finish a nursing dress I've been making (I hate doing the bottom hem!!), I need to make a vat of yogurt since I'm prone to thrush and I'll be getting abx (should get out the Vit C and echinacia too), I want to get the laundry taken care of, I should stick some extra prefolds in the car in case I'm in longer than I expect (I'm expecting 2 nights, but it could possibly be 3), and I want to just have a day with DS. Dh will be gone all day so I want to get some quality time in with DS, who is going on a visit with one of his grandmothers for the afternoon, so I should do my stuff then. It doesn't seem real that I'll be holding my baby less than 48 hours from now (unless by some miracle I go on my own but I'm still showing absolutely no signs of going into labour on my own).

We're having trouble picking names and it's driving us crazy!! It was so easy the first time. I hope we can agree on something soon as I'd like to have them picked out before the baby arrives.
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Been a bit busy to post but had to hop in here quickly to update. My water just broke. guuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuush

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YAY, another baby on the way!

Gentle labor vibes!!!!!!!
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Yea! Mamadaednu! I can't wait to hear about your baby!

Bears-Hang in there! I hope you go into labor soon! You sound so ready to have that baby!

I managed a trip to Wal Mart yesterday with dh to help. I had to sit down and rest while they checked out b/c my tailbone hurt so bad. But it felt good to get out. I am usually out everyday doing things with ds, so I am starting to get a little stir crazy. But I am still not physically up to it.

Dh has a lot of time off now, he is in between projects. On the one hand, it is great to have his help. On the other, we have taxes due, a midwife to pay....it's only money, right?

foxytocin-I started using my maya wrap sling yesterday. It is working really well! Nora is cuddled up, belly to belly right now actually. She is so content in it, and I was able to throw a load of dipes in while she is in it too. I had an over the shoulder babyholder for Gavin, and the Maya seems much less cumbersome without all the padding. I am glad I invested in one! Also, Nora seems to have some stork bites on her eyelids and around her nose also.

Well, I am going to try to go back to bed for awhile since Nora finally fell back asleep.
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I'm still pregnant. The baby is doing well, but the doctors don't seem to be taking me still being pregnant well. Really happy to have Simonee and her DH here for us to be able to talk about what we should do. I don't think I want to do anything to try to provoke labor besides prostagladins. DH is very willing to make a donation on that! Think we are just going to ignore the doctors for the moment at least. And hope I go into labor soon.

Thank you Avonlea, Christeen, Dodo, and everyone else who is wondering about me. You will know very shortly after the birth. If I get my way and have this baby at home.

Guess K8 had her baby since my last post. Congratulations!

Take care all - Tiff
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Don't know if I should be excited or not, got up this morning, went to the bathroom, and there was some pinkish mucus on the tissue?? ....last few days everything has been clear, today was a little bloody. Well I have my weekly appt with the mw at lunch today. Just this morning, DH got up and said, OK now I'm ready for the baby to come. He has been so swamped at work the last several days, but he's got alot out of the way, and I can tell he is alot more relaxed. I hope hope hope this is it. But reading through the thread makes me aware that it still could be several days, so I am trying not to get too excited. Sitting on my ball, and waiting.

Teri - the henna looks so neat. What a cool idea.

Leah - thanks for the laboraide. Gonna go make some.
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MamaDaednu! YIPPEE!!

Madrone: Hang in there! Your time is SOON!

Rebecca: Certainly a good sign!! Can't be a bad thing!
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MamaDaednu! Wowsers! I hope you have a beautiful labor. Another baby for our bunch! Yay! The most beautiful days are the days that babies are born.

Terri, you are so sweet! And, so totally hot with those black panties and your tatted belly. CYE

I tried my Moby Wrap yesterday. Going to take some practice, but I think we'll like it. We took DD to Chik-Fil-A for family night - her favorite restaurant that I stopped taking her to for the last month or so I ended up using the OTSBH that I bought as a last ditch effort with Bonnie when she started refusing slings. I think I'll go back to my Maya for a little while, and then try again. The OTSBH seemed so bulky. I also have a SlingEzee to try out. Can I have any more slings? LOL.

Looks like a lot of us are in babymoon land. We're a whole lot less active right now.

How's cosleeping going for you guys? Anyone else have two in the bed? I gave up after the first night and moved out to the couch for a while. Partly because of my incision making it really hard for me to maneuver around the crib we have sidecarred, and partly because I don't want to wake my DD up trying to get Duncan latched on in the middle of the night. He gets way more frustrated at night when he doesn't latch right away and breaks into a full scream. Can't wait for that part to ease up. New dance partners seem to take a little while to break in, if you know what I mean.
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I met Laurie today! She took pics of us together, so I'm sure she'll post them today sometime! Her daughter is so cute and chubby-cheeked!

And her older daughter Breaunna is a hoot! She got in some markers, hehehehee, it was very cute!
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Bearsmama & Girlfactory, I'm glad I'm not alone with these false starts. It's really annoying! Last night I thought baby dropped, you could literally set a watch by my potty breaks, :LOL. Every hour, literally, until I went to bed, then it went to 2 hours, then 3 hours, then 5 hours. I'm back to every 45 min to 1 hour now, but is it possible for baby to drop, then undrop? : I'm going to hide under this bag until my appt. today IRL. Maybe then I'll come out again. DH is driving me bonkers asking every 5 min. "you having that baby yet?" :

Caroline, was Bonnie a mellow baby too? Kymera was such a mellow baby that I'm afraid this one will by my HN baby, but DD is a HN toddler, so now I'm scared. :LOL Hope you are enjoying your babymoon.
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A girl has to find humor, right? I am having an abslute blast when people ask when I am due and I say tomorrow.

Of course they ask when I am being induced and I say I don't do that. That is shock #2.

During our meeting today I started a list of all the things I need to get that I didn't think about. I think I really need that bookshelf for my office sooner rather than later! MIL wants to buy us soemthing and DH keeps saying porta crib. We have one. But he likes this one with a mobile and changer and bassinet. I figure a bedrail will be 1/3 the cost and then we are done. I think I would prefer a side car set up because of the other 2 that join us in bed. We can not afford a king right now. I could move to the twin on the floor, and I just might. The dog has discovered the boys aren't there all the time and HE started sleeping there. All these males in my room, no wonder I can't sleep.
Dh asks me everyday when his alarm goes off if we are having a baby today. Now I think Wednesday the 18th is good. I just hope it is an mid morning labor and not another middle of the night. I am such a crab when my sleep is interrupted. (I understand the irony of the new baby to that mix)

Today is my last full day at work, I guess I had better get something done!
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Got back from my appt with the mw, things are the same as last week. The pink mucus stuff is probably the start of my plug. Could be anytime, or another week or two!!

Anyways. I go to this group practice of 3 midwives. The one I saw today is the one I like the least, and each appt with her leaves me feeling more stressed out than before I went it. I really HOPE she is not the one on call when I go into have this baby. Don't know what to do about it. Should I try talking to the other 2 midwives? But just what would I say? I don't want so and so at my delivery!!?? The other two are fine, one is super nice I'd love to have her, the other is fine too. But I know they have to rotate being on call and patients can't just pick and choose. Ugh. Don't know what to do. Was hoping I'd like today's mw better after our appt, but it's the second time I've seen her, and I don't want to see her again.
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Heather, this baby was like a yo-yo for a while, dropping down then up then a few weeks ago decided not to come down any more : . I could always tell if it were up if myheartburn and breathing got worse and down if I could barely walk and was in the bathroom all the time :LOL

Rebecca, congrats on starting to lose your plug . Sorry that MW has you stressed; I would say something to one of the others if you were comfortable doing so. You want your birth to be a positive experience.

I can't decide what to do when DS wakes from his nap. I would like to go out to one of the parks but I've been a little crampy and at times having diarrhea. It would be so awesome if I went naturally. Maybe I should go out and "stimulate" things with activity, lol! I just wish they had bathrooms at these places they have set up for kids to play : . I want to do something that's fun for him and he loves to be outside.
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Originally Posted by bwylde
Heather, this baby was like a yo-yo for a while, dropping down then up then a few weeks ago decided not to come down any more : . I could always tell if it were up if myheartburn and breathing got worse and down if I could barely walk and was in the bathroom all the time :LOL
So what does it mean if you have hearburn AND can barely walk and in the bathroom all the time? :LOL That's actually how I felt last night. Now it's not painful walking, but the heartburn is also gone, and I'm still in the bathroom all the time.

I have my 38 week appt. today, so hopefully something has moved, or maybe my water will break while the doc is doing my exam like it happened to my Mom when she was PG with me, :LOL, of course she was already having contractions at the time, but one can always hope right?!
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Originally Posted by polyphany
Caroline, was Bonnie a mellow baby too? Kymera was such a mellow baby that I'm afraid this one will by my HN baby, but DD is a HN toddler, so now I'm scared. :LOL Hope you are enjoying your babymoon.
Yes and no. Bonnie was mostly mellow, but car rides were HELL and she had this really fussy period from 6-9 pm and then when time changed from 7-10 pm that went for many months. I discovered that if I nursed her from my right breast even once during the "witching hour", she would puke everything up. And, I do mean puke, not just spit up. She'd fuss and whine and scream no matter what during that time period too. It was exhausting. But, other than the car and the witching hour, she was a very easy baby. Although, I guess it's all relative. I rarely put her down, and if she fussed, she'd come right back to me and calm easily, which I never had a problem with. Some might consider that high needs, I guess.

Now, Duncan is already easier than she was. Of course, he's only 5 days old now, but still seems easier. I remember the first night we brought Bonnie home from the hospital, I had every intention of her sleeping in the bassinet right next to our bed. She was down for about 10 minutes before voicing her displeasure. Duncan, on the other hand, seems to do just fine on his own. We bought a travel system, and the stroller lays flat with a little bassinet lip all around it. I've put a cushiony blanket in there, and he has spent a lot of time napping in it already. I'm about as AP as they come, and he's been out of arms already more than Bonnie was in total til she was about 3 months old. Amazing the differences. Nighttimes are kind of hard right now, but I think that's just a practice makes perfect issue. I'm hoping that in a couple of weeks, we'll all be back in the family bed together again.

You also asked: "So what does it mean if you have hearburn AND can barely walk and in the bathroom all the time? That's actually how I felt last night." My answer? You're having a big baby! That's what I had. Couldn't eat for all the heartburn, and couldn't be more than 10 feet from the bathroom or I'd pee myself. LOL. 9 lbs 7 oz of baby will do that to a girl, I guess.

Carla - diarrhea is a very good sign! Bet you don't hear sentences like that often! Here's hoping it's the beginning of something for you!

Rebecca - hope that mucous turns into something promising. I'd try not to worry too much about the midwife thing, though. There was one midwife in my OB's practice that I really didn't care for, and of course, she was the one on call when I went into labor. I didn't actually see her in the hospital, but we talked on the phone for quite some time before I left. I was amazed on how kind and supportive she was over the phone. Totally different than what I would have expected of her. And, a friend of mine just had a baby when that same midwife was on call. My friend didn't care for her either, but said she was phenomenal during labor and delivery. I think it can be very hard to assess these things, sometimes. And, of course, if you're in labor, and you just can't stand her, you can always say something. Easier said than done, I know, but the option is always there.
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Originally Posted by mommycaroline
Carla - diarrhea is a very good sign! Bet you don't hear sentences like that often! Here's hoping it's the beginning of something for you!
It would probably be easier to take as a sign if I didn't have IBS and my nerves weren't killing me/making me go :LOL: . I'm getting kind of nervous and scared about tommorow.

I'm worried about what kind of baby this will be too. DS was very high needs (still is but in a different way). I think that caused a lot of the PPD I had because he was literally a velcro baby and cried a lot. I could not spend one second away from and I wasn't prepared for it. Now that I understand more about AP, co-sleeping and baby wearing, I'm hoping it will be easier this time if I'm blessed with another HN child. As intense as it is, it's also rewarding watching them as they grow.
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Hi Everyone,
Still no action over here. Felt some light cramping today accompanied by a sharp pain on my right lower side that lasted about 10 minutes. Thought that meant something, but nada...no mucus plug, no ctxs, no NOTHING! :

Much better day today with DS. The universe just HAS to give you a a really good day after a few miserable one...

Leah-What a beautiful family shot!

bwylde-I hear ya about the house being "livably clean". I was like a cleaning machine for the past two weeks and now w/out a baby yet I've let some things go a bit. Now, I have plans to clean while I'm in labor. This, obviously, is not a good plan.

Oh, Daednu! Best wishes to you

Ilove-Thanks for the encouragement. You know, I'm not exactly mentally ready for the challenges of a newborn and a 2.5 yo., but I'm also having a really, really, really hard time waiting.

Tiff-Glad that your friends are with you to provide some support.

sylvi-Good sign on the mucus...

caroline-I'm interested to hear how your co-sleeping-with-two goes (and how it's working with everyone else). DS is with us in bed. And although we didn't think the co-sleeper would work again, we've rearranged the room and it will probably work again. DS now sleeps well, so I'm anxious about it.

kimberly-So cool that you got to meet Laurie IRL

polyphany-Ahh, the false starts...I, too, have had some nights where I'm going potty every 45 minutes and then last night I actually only got up 1-2x. I don't know if a baby can drop and then un-drop, but I know this is how I feel. I will share that bag with you! :

magemom-I'm worried about induction, too. Tomorrrow I'll be officially one week overdue and Friday, the 13th is my next appointment and I will find out what my chances are then.

That's all for me. Sleep well, tonight, ladies...
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