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I can't sleep!

I am very tired, but I just can't seem to get comfortable and get there. So I thought I'd check the boards. We are surely slowing down now that people are starting to have their babies. It makes these last few weeks tick by a little slower.

I am going to get my hair cut tomorrow. One last appointment before baby time. Then I too have a dr.'s apt. on Fri. the 13th. I will clear up this confused allusion to induction that he mentioned last week and go over birth plan and drum roll.......tell him about the doula. I wonder what his reaction will be.
I am being proactive at trying to get labor started on my own... I walk briskly everyday at the mall (it is air conditioned there--I would NOT make it in this heat for more than 5 minutes) I encourage as much sex as dh and I have energy for anymore (isn't that sad...early twenties and too tired for sex) and lots and lots of rasberry tea. I've got bh's out the wazoo, but no real ones, no plug, and no labor.

Is anyone else getting depressed at the numbers on the scale? I have made a very very strong effort to exercise and eat better than last time. I have 3 more pounds to go and I will match my top pregnancy weight from last time. I can't believe it. I look so much different though. I was a whale last time and now I'm a normal person with puffy face and feet and a basketball in her belly (and throw in a couple of cantelopes )
I know I faced serious body image issues post partum last time and I want to avoid that again. I have made great effort to pamper myself and keep myself up so to speak. That's why I'm getting one more hair cut before baby comes. Last time I kinda went alittle crazy and got a pixie short 'do at 3 weeks post partum and REALLY hated it afterwards. It was so bad. It was at a cheap walk in place and it was bad bad bad. It was just an impulsive way for me to try to look unpregnant and different and unfat I guess. So, lesson learned....no drastic image changes until at least 3 months or so post partum. Let the sanity return.

Bwylde, I have IBS too. During pregnancy it seems to be ok (except that first trimester--whoa!) But right after delivering ds is when it first reared it's ugly head for me. I am kinda scared about what it will be like after this one is born. What kind of diet or treatment do you do? I have to eat high fiber diet and avoid avoid avoid greasy food (I fail every now and then--hey it is MS and I love fried food--it's hard to avoid here) and caffiene. I have heard of other people swearing by taking a stool softener before you even leave the hospital to avoid problems, but I wonder if that would help or hurt me with IBS....hmmmm....having a baby gives you soooooo much to think about.

Caroline, your posts about Duncan's latch are reminding me that breastfeeding a newborn does not necessarily come naturally those first few weeks. Man...I forgot about that. I am fast forwarding in my mind to my eager and super turbo nurser 3 month old. One more thing that so easily gets forgotten after they pass that stage.

Polyphany--I know what you mean. I keep feeling this baby getting lower and lower and lower. It is so obvious to me sometimes that I *must* have dropped. Then I go to the doctor and he measures the fondus higher and higher and higher. I feel like I am pregnant from top to bottom. Nowhere for food and nowhere for pee. Yet there is plenty of room evidently in the rest of my body for these random *fluids. I hate water retention.

Magemom--congratulations (? is that what you say? I know I'd be happy) on your last day of work. Enjoy home time if you can. my son actually is less than thrilled to get blue's clue's diapers. He liked it better when they were Barney. He's a big barney freak. He likes blue ok though.

silvie--yeah! You lost your plug. Maybe labor will start tonight!

I am going to try to go back to bed now. I need sleep if I'm going to sanitize the refrigerator and microwave tomorrow.
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Popping in quickly to let you lovely mamas know...
Lily Emma G______ was born this morning at 4:51am. Water broke at 1:30am, we got to the birth centre at 3:45am. Yup, it was a fast and furious birth.
She was born drug free in the water after 5 pushes. It was intense, powerful, empowering and amazing.
She's 20 1/4 inches long and 7lbs 10oz. Excellent latch, lovely temperment.
I had one tear but didn't get stitches...quite amazing given the speed of the labour/birth. I credit water and good positioning (on hands and knees).

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Wow, congratulations, Daednu!! It sounds like it was a wonderful experience

Christeeny, I can't sleep either. My nerves are too bad!! I don't really do anything for my IBS to be honest : . I tried different things when I was diagnosed more than 10 years, but right now we can't afford meds so I just deal (I've heard they've come out with better ones). I've tried different diets but for me, "low" carb makes it better, probably because I'm eating tons of veggies and no starchy foods but it's hard for me to be on that kind of diet. Greasy/fatty foods don't seem to affect me too badly (I wish they did so it would be easier to avoid them, lol!). Stress is my big irritator! (I never get constipated; the only time was after I had DS so I've packed some natural laxatives and high fiber foods for when I can eat) It kind of ticks me off that all the time I spend in the bathroom I should be a toothpick but I'm very overweight :

I wish I could sleep. I keep imagining how things are going to go, replaying various scenerios of what will happen regarding my c-section in my head. I keep wondering if it's better to know when the baby is coming or have it be a surprise because knowing for sure isn't as great as I thought it would be. People I know IRL think I have it made, but I don't feel that way. Knowing what to expect is starting to backfire, lol!!

I do know my sciatica has hit an all time painful high. It's been torture trying to get around and standing to even do something simple is agony. I told DH to finish doing the dishes before I went to bed because I could not stand there, but he didn't : . When I was preparing supper, I would have to go lay down between simple things as even sitting hurt too much. I felt kind of helpless not being able to do anything that required more than 1 minute of standing and no amount of shifting was easing the pain. I can picture me hobbling into the hospital tomorrow, lol! I won't go up in a wheelchair though. For some reason sitting in front of the computer doesn't bother me too badly, which is good!
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Hi Ladies,
Well, you'll probably all be relieved to know, that I'm NOT whining this mornning...something IS happening!

It's 6am in the east and I was up about 5x/last night-peeing and pooping, actually. Then, since about 3:30 or so I've had some pretty heavy cramping-nothing timeable so I hesitate to call them CTXs, but that's what they are! Then, just went to the bathroom about 45 minutes ago and I am losing my plug!!! Pinkish tinged mucus....never thought I'd be so happy about saying the words, "pinkish tinged mucus"...

Okay, so could someone calm my nerves? I didn't think I'd be so nervous this time when things started, but I am. I am trying to counteract all the nerves with LOADS of positive self talk about my body's capabilities, etc.

Okay, I know this doesn't mean that this little one will be born in a hour (ha!), but something is happening.... yeah, yeah, yeah. Send me gentle, calming labor vibes, ladies....
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Bears, I am so excited for you. The same thing is happening to me! Up since 3 am, back and forth to the bathroom, some painful cramping off and on, more pinkish/red mucus....WOW.

Gentle gentle vibes to you, best of luck. Will be thinking about you throughout the day.
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MamaDaednu! CONGRATULATIONS!!!! Yippeeeee!!!

Bears and Rebecca: Yay ladies! Sounds VERY promising for both of you!!!

Here's a pic of my Katie: http://pic7.picturetrail.com/VOL192/...9/62934401.jpg

Katje: How do you pronounce your name? Laurie and I didn't know. I'm now thinking about it though and I had a friend in high school whose name was Katya and I'm wondering if you pronounce it like her, which was like "caught-ya".

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Congrats, MamaD!

And, woohoo, Sylvi and Bears!

Does pink-tinged mucous mark the beginning of labour for some women? Cuz I had dd one week after losing my plug last time.

The midwife I saw yesterday said that the labour I had with dd (approx. 24 hours of manageable contractions followed by five or six hours of intensity) is common in a first-time mom. What is more common in an experienced mother is bearable contractions here and there for days on end before a short, intense labour. The experiences of women in this due-date club would seem to support this.

Christine, I've been waffling on the hair-cut decision: now or after baby or both? I'm not sure it's possible for me to look well-groomed right now. Also, unlike you, I love the post-partum trip to the hair salon. It makes me feel like I'm shedding my pregnant self.

Re:the scale, I'm feeling okay. I'm still five pounds under my "top" preggo weight with dd and last time my sciatica was much more manageable so I was able to maintain an exercise routine from start to finish. This time my activity has been seriously curtailed and yet it looks as though I will hit the same point on the scale. Last time, I was a lot puffier. I mean, I can't wear my wedding ring right now, but I don't have thick ankles either.

At yesterday's appt., I was shocked to learn that the baby's back had flipped to my right side. S/he has never done that. I fretted about it all last evening, but it would seem that s/he turned while I was sleeping.

Dd's up, gotta go. She is HUNGRY!
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small update from me...ian will be one wk old this evening, hard to believe this little blessing has been here for a week already! this first week has been easy and tough at the same time. i sure didn't realize that even after nursing two children for almost 3.5yrs combined time, that it'd still take time to adjust to nursing a newborn again. my nipples were terribly sore and we had to fight to get him to latch right w/ his tiny little bird mouth. he's finally latching better this past day or so and i'm starting to get the hang of doing things one handed again while nursing...we had a few rough nights after coming home from the hospital, boy i forgot how hormonal lack of sleep can make you! i spent all night tuesday crying and dh would ask what's wrong - all i could muster thru the tears was "i'm tired"...sigh...anyways, i've given up on nursing him and putting him in the packnplay next to me, he slept so much better last night when i nursed him to sleep in bed with me and just left him there...i'm sure 5hrs at a stretch was a fluke, one time thing, but hey i'll take it when i can get it!
here's a pic of himat 2 days old: http://pic10.picturetrail.com/VOL308...3/62672780.jpg
i'm going to try to take some more pics today of him, i'll post them later.

congrats daednu and good luck sylvi and bearsmama, i can't wait to hear all about our new babies!

eta: i posted my birth story yesterday...
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Oh! Good luck bears and sylvi! I can't wait to hear your birth announcements!

We have been co-sleeping with two. Nora really likes to nurse at night and sleeps most of the day. I have been doing the side-lying nursing position with her in bed, where she is in the crook of my arm. I can nurse her and protect her from Gavin rolling around this way. But it does get hot! Anyone else sweating a lot at night? It doesn't matter what the temp is in the room.

Sorry to hear about people's problems with sore nipples. Although it makes me feel a little better to know I wasn't the only one. I don't remember them being that sore last time. Although the first time Nora nursed it hurt, so her suck must have been stronger than Gavin's. It is 100 percent better now, so give it a few days!

Re: haircuts- I debated this also, and did get a cut a few weeks before baby came. I am glad I did, I got a really easy to take care of Bob. I don't have to do anything but wash it and it looks decent. I didn't realize how bad my hair looked until I got it cut. I also bought a few large shirts (non-maternity) to wear, and it has also helped me feel better. Although I am still in maternity jeans, at least I have a new shirt to wear with them!

I think we are going to go apply for Nora's birth certificate today and maybe venture to the library. Big trip for us! Have a great day mommies!
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Congrats daednu on your baby girl! That was fast!

Bears I really hope this is it for you! good luck

Well I was really hoping I wouldn't make it to my appt. today. Due date is tomorrow. I am now 3 cm dialated, 50% effaced and baby is still not quite engaged. I also lost my mucous plug. So everything is a go, yet here i sit with no baby!

Dodo: what your midwife said really gives me hope. Its comforting to think about this being just a really long, drawn out early labor. And hey, if it means I go into active labor at 4cm then thats cool with me!

haircuts: I had mine cut a few months back. It was down to my butt and now it just above my shoulders. I am so glad I got it done. So much faster and easier to take care of. But, dodo does have a point about doing something after pregancy to feel good. I'm thinking I may dye mine post partum.

ilove: glad to hear having two in the bed is going so well for you. I've been a bit worried about this as ds insists on sleeping mashed up next to me. I'm hoping it will just work out as well as it is for you guys.

frog: cute pic! I love it!

and kimberly you, too! Katie looks different already, amazing how fast they grow.

well I'm going to try to do some walking at the mall today, or maybe even outside before the rain hits. Oh, my mom thinks I will be going into labor on Saturday for sure b/c there is a tropical storm and a hurricane headed our way! It would just figure I'd go into labor during that mess!

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Congratulations Daednu! Welcome baby Lily!

Good luck and calming labor vibes to bears and sylvi!

My appt. yesterday went well, when the OB finally SHOWED UP! :LOL. Waited in the exam room for 45 min. Made DH a bit punchy, he was starting to try to get out instraments and do things himself. He finally "threatened to have sex" with me right there and the doc came in, :LOL. Anyway, baby is doing well, 3 cm dialated, 50% effaced, and -2 station, so at least I know all these annoying false starts are actually DOING something!

Well time to get ready to go for a walk! Come on baby, today is a GOOD day to be born!
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Mmmmm, I just made a loaf of homemade bread.... as in, ground the wheat into flour, made the bread from scratch. YUMMY.

I need to get back into practice, my loaf was kinda short.... the more often I make bread, the fluffier my loaves are

Ohhhhh, but it was DELICIOUS. A teacher at Keith's school gave us a jar of homemade strawberry jam and I slapped some of that on my fresh-from-the-oven bread and it was deeeeeevine!

Totally OT. LOL

Oh, frognbug, your baby is cute!
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Wow, Daednu! What a wonderfully quick birth! Glad it went so well, and terrific about the slight tear. Water births are supposed to be so much better in that regard.

Bears, here's hoping you're either in labor or starting a peaceful babymoon! How exciting!

And, for those with nipple troubles, call a LLL Leader right away! http://www.lalecheleague.org/WebUS.html If you click that link, then your state, you can choose the group that's closest to you. Even if you don't have a local group, call someone. Anyone! Bleeding nipples is not part of the game. A tiny bit of soreness is normal, but anything more than that is cause for concern. These little ones are so new in the world, and breastfeeding really is a challenge getting started, even if you're experienced. I've been nursing my DD for 3 years, have helped countless women get started on the right path, and still I'm having some difficulties, too. Thankfully, no cracks or bleeding, but it would not be completely unheard of for that to happen. I know a woman who successfully nursed 5 children with no difficulties, had her sixth, and bled like crazy. So, whatever you do, don't blame yourselves. This stuff is hard! And, hang in there, it will get easier. Don't give up, because this is something you will be so grateful to have survived. We all can do this!

Cosleeping went a little better last night. I'm still on the couch, but this morning, when it was light out, Duncan and I went and laid on our guest bed, and got two more hours of sleep, nursing side-lying successfully! YAY! That was the first time we managed that, and it was so nice. I'm thinking a week or two more, and we'll be back in the family bed. I miss my DD's warm body at night!

Only thing is, this kid just doesn't nurse all that much. I remember my DD had a perma-latch. I did nothing without her attached. Duncan just isn't like that. During the night, he fusses and arches and screams for the breast, finally gets positioned and latches on but lets go after a second or two, sometimes to repeat, sometimes to fall asleep. So, he's not getting much milk at night. And, my poor boobies are sore in the morning! I don't get engorged (or at least, I haven't so far, in 3 years of nursing), but I had this achiness that didn't go away until my DD drained me. Thank God for the walking breast pump! He finally, today around noon, got a really good latch, and nursed for more than 10 minutes at a time. In fact, he finished one breast and actually took the second breast for the first time ever. I think we nursed for about 45 minutes. Amazing that it's taken 5 days to get there. I remember my DD was just constantly on me. But, maybe that was later. So easy to forget.

If anyone needs some extra help nursing, feel free to PM me, and I'll see if I can help you out. At least get you some local contacts, if nothing else. Good luck! And, keep up the great work!
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Bears - I hope you are further along than I am!! Things have slowed down here. Crampy contractions are very few and far between and it's all very boring and droll so I made oatmeal cookies to try to make the time go by. Would like to go outside for a walk but its very rainy around here.

Still don't really know what to do about the midwife who I'm not comfy with. Just hoping and praying that she won't be on call when I go in, or that the situation will resolve. I did talk to one of the other midwives who said that I have to talk directly to the one I'm not comfortable and bring up the issues I feel need addressed. : OK. Whatever. I feel so NOT confrontational right now, and I'm just ticked off/sad that this element of stress had to come at this particular time. Ok ok, enough venting.....trying to think positive thoughts and concentrating on the wonderful fact that in the very near future I'll be having my very own baby! WOW.
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Caroline! I'm sorry you're missing your DD at night. Right now I just want to sleep by myself! I don't want anyone touching me! I just want to lie down on my Mom's couch and sleep. I'm sure that will change once baby finally decides to come out to play though. In all honesty, I haven't been able to sleep with both DH and DD in the same bed since DD was 14 months old. Just not enough room for my 6'2" DH and the horizontal sleeping DD in our queen size bed. It wouldn't be a problem if we had a king, but that's too expensive, and I've never really wanted a king size bed anyway.

Hope you are able to get everyone back into your family bed soon!
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hello, everyone!

kimberly, my name is indeed pronounced "caught-ya," some folks make it more "caught-cha" but i'll answer to anything!

link is six days old today, and i'm having my first alone time with him... dh took my kids to a homeschooling thing, and he's getting some groceries before picking them up. we tried the sling for the first time today... mixed success. he's ok if he's nursing or sleeping, but doesn't like just hanging out awake in it.

midwife came by today, pronounced him fat and sassy and healthy as a horse! my own complaints have quieted, thankfully (why does birth make all your tender bits sooo sore?). my nipples still aren't quite toughened up yet but they'll get there.

bears and rebecca, peaceful birthing vibes to you both!

congrats, daednu... can't wait to hear the whole story!

caroline, link is one of the perma-attached babies. makes me feel so needed!

jilly, it'll be your turn before you know it... and you're already about a third of the way done!

frog, ian is such a cutie... big hands! is his daddy tall? wonder if babies are like puppies... big paws mean they'll grow?

madroooone... any news from over the pond?

take care, everyone... i love hearing about all these beautiful babies!

hugs, katje
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katje, 'nother comment on your name - i LOVE it..i thought that's how you pronounced it...beautiful...

and a reply on your ? about dh...yes dh is almost 6'4"...and ian's feet are as equally large as his hands lol, very much like a puppy rofl...

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Just wanted to pop in and say no baby yet. The OR was overrun with emergencies so I've been extended another day. I'm kind of glad but bummed out I had all that worrying (and starving!!) for nothing. We got home around 6 and we go back up at 8am. Everything is taken care of (blood work, paper work, ect..) so I'll just be assesed and wait for the OR to be free. They wouldn't of had anywhere to put me as there were so many women in there having babies!!! Oh, and I'll be awake for it, which is something that was a big deal to me

Can't wait to come back and hear more birth announcements!!
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am I going to get my Friday the 13th baby? About every 15 minutes I get a good contraction. I know with Sean those lasted all day so I don't think it will be today. But this is the first time something seemed to be happening.

Monday still seems better, but tomorrow will work. DD would be pissed... we are supposed to go shopping tomorrow evening.

And, TMI- DH's problem is deffinately corrected.
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A local August mama told me that my belly has been mentioned to her as noteworthy by more than one friend and neighbour. At times I have felt very self-conscious when walking around because I had the distinct feeling that people were laughing at me -- not in an ill-natured way, but laughing all the same -- and now I know that it's true. There's something about the beach-ball nature of my belly that cracks everyone up. For one thing, I'm very long-waisted, and I haven't been able to cover it when wearing a two-piece outfit for a long time. My maternity tops might as well be crop tops.

I have an odd midwife situation. Of the three midwives most likely to attend my birth, two had to accept less-than-ideal circumstances for their own deliveries: one had two c-sections and the other had an ob-assisted hospital delivery with her twins. Now they are encouraging me to make peace with a birth-centre birth when all I want is to deliver at home. I am conflicted. I even broached the idea of an "accidental" UC with dh, but neither of us is comfortable with the idea. We're so medically uninclined that we don't even want to *think* about what to do in case of a blue baby or meconium aspiration or hemmorhage. I just think that it's sad, an accident of time and place, that I might not be able to have what so many others can, a midwife-assisted homebirth. When I'm feeling particularly dramatic, I think that the provincial government is unwittingly ruining my childbearing experience with bureaucratic fumbling. Sigh.

On to other topics...I can't believe that you guys are still having sex. I've been chaste for a while now, LOL. It is not an induction method I would consider right now!
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