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Newly Dx 3 yr DS with ADD &ODD

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I finally took my DS luke to the dr to talk about his "issues";
of hitting the dog....not sleeping...not eating...if he gets ANYTHING on his clothes he has to change...disobediance...etc

She agreed with me that he has some "issues".... She thinks he has ADHD and ODD (oppositional defiant disorder). ...she want to put him on a LOW LOW dose of meds...and put him in speech therapy twice a week.
Also..shes referring us to a child therapist in Jackson, who will be able to help us even more. He specialises in this type of thing.
Also when Luke starts the therapy there going to test him for the sensory intergration disorder...she agrees with me that he has some problems. (changes his clotehs 24/7 etc)

We are kinda torn about the meds....Im thinking lets try it but rileys not sure...He doesnt want Luke to be labled the ADD kid all the time KWIM...
Its hard because we want to get this under control before he gets older and it becomes a habit...i think it would be soo much easier for everyone if we could break this habit now instead of later KWIM....

I am going to reserch diets for ADHD and ODD kids and hopefully that might help him some...Dr Boyle is supposed to call me tommorow and let me know what the spec says im really praying that he wants us to come in....i would feel better talking to him. (i may make an app anywase)

Thanks for listening....be looking for some info soon LOL...im going to do some major reserch to see if its good for him to get the meds now or not....there conlficting studies on them and young kids esp with the side effects thats why im soo torn on what to do.
But i think that if i make myself knowledgable in these disorders that i will be more able to help Luke.
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I know this might sound a bit crazy, but I was told that if I gave my ds caffeine that it would help with his ADD symptoms. I have found that it works for him. Also that means NO MEDS!!!! I guess when they first started treating kids with ADD/ADHD they would give them coffee. It would calm them down and help them to concentrate. I figure if it worked for those kids, why not my own? It is worth trying at least. Best of luck getting your ds the help he needs. I know it can be a frustrating road, but it is so worth it when they start making progress.
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Like I said in another post - IMO safety is #1 priority. If the child is injuring self or others then I am totally for the meds as first-alternative. If the child is just "hyper" or "out of control" then IMO I think it's ok to try something like herbs first.

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Other people wouldn't necessarily have to know about the meds. Many of them are once a day, and you might not have to share that with anyone unless you choose to.

Good luck with his new treatment!
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I think it is too son for that diagnoses. Especially if he has SI issues.

Did this doctor have his hearing tested or sight by the proper pedatric evaluators?

Your state should have a First Step program. Look and ask your local welfare office. They can help you with evaluation and your income is irrelevant.

Also check out Dr. Sears ADD information.


I would also encourage you to implant this discipling program for at least a little while 1, 2, 3 Magic by Thomas Phelan.
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