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First Appointments?

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Just thought I'd see when/if people were headed in for a first appointment. We met with our midwife for an interview/consultation on Monday and then scheduled a first appointment for September 7 (I'll be just over 9 weeks). She usually likes to have something earlier, to go over some pregnancy do's and don'ts, but I begged off and she was accomodating because she's going out of the country for a couple of weeks. She wanted to see me right at 9 weeks, though, to check for a heartbeat-- I guess she considers it important to hear it as early as possible.

It's funny-- with my first pregnancy, I was all gung ho about going to the midwife early and often. Now I feel like I could sit back and just wait until the delivery. Realistically, we'll need to get an ultrasound because of some genetic concerns (that would require a hospital delivery), but even that I feel a little bit ho-hum about. I think I may have been spoiled by having an easy pregnancy the first time around... I just can't remember what happens that's so important at all these prenatal visits.

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Just got my latest blood test results and all is well so I am thrilled.

As for my first appointment...I am seeing a fertility doc so part of their practice is to have the first prenatal with them before you head off to the practitioner of your choice (in our case, a midwife who also happens to be a good friend). So I will have an u/s and a first prenatal at 7.5 weeks (I will probably discard most of the info!) it's just another hoop to jump through. Though I am aware of all the risks of u/s I think the peace of mind for us will be fantastic. Though today I am having a really good feeling that all is going well.

We should start a weekly thread soon, so we can get to know each other better & keep up to date! I would offer to start it but I am going on holiday all next week. I would be happy to start it on Aug. 23rd when I get back.
Hope all are well!
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I don't know. I think I may wait a while. I haven't even found a doc yet. Last time I had a midwife and doula, this time I'm going with a doctor, so I've got to start my search.
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I just had to add that Sabina is SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO CUTE!!!!
wow!! I just looked at her pictures--just looking at her makes me smile!
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We also have an u/s scheduled with the infertility specialist at 7 weeks (next Wed, 8/18). I honestly can't wait. I know a lot of folks around MDC are against u/s, but for me, the stress of not knowing for sure that things are developing as they should be is worse.

I have my first appt with the midwife at 8 weeks, 8/25. They wanted to schedule me for the following week (9 weeks), but I'm anal & wanted the visits on even numbers (8, 12, 16, etc). I know, I'm a dork I think with my dd we went to our 1st prenatal at 6+ weeks, even before the u/s w/the infertility specialist. So, I'm definatly more laid back about it this time.
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Hello ladies!

We're going to our first appt next week, which will be around 8-9 weeks. Interestingly, when I call my provider's office to schedule an appointment, the receptionist seemed surprised to hear that I was pg...as if getting pg when my ds is 15 months is highly unusual?!?! She said "But you just had a baby last year!" I replied with a "Yeeeessss." What a silly lady!
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I am going to talk with a midwife at the birth center next week to see if they'll take me with my history, and I imagine I'll have an appt around 9-10 weeks if they will. Otherwise, I'll go back to my OB/midwife practice and they have 1st appts at 10 weeks. They don't do early u/s unless it's really necessary. I will have an u/s around 14-15 weeks at the perinatologist to check the baby's heart though, and a fetal echocardiogram later.
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my first appointment is next thursday. i have been feeling ho-hum about the appointment too. it'll be nice to go and make everything feel more "official" but at the same time i'm not in a huge hurry.
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My first appointment is August 25th. I will be about 7 weeks preg then. I am seeing a mid-wife this time who delivers at one of the best birthing centers here in NYC.

I am feeling nervous - I feel like I want an U/S just to check that everything is "okay". And I here you CTdoula - I know alot are against, but the stress of me freaking out can't be good for my baby either!
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I suppose I should probably start thinking about this LOL ... second time around and I'm just not as 'excited' to go see anyone.
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I'm going Thursday the 19th for a consultation more than a first appointment. Interview the staff, see the center, ask my questions. I am still undecided on a homebirth vs birthing center. I was born at home, and it really seems natural. At the same time I love having people there to do everything for me and hand me things and spoil me. LOL. The center I'm looking at has water births which is what I want. Then , they say that post partum you can enjoy a nice dim herbal bath nursing your child. That image sits well with me :LOL

Then again I don't know if DH could handle two kids by himself while I recovered and chilled at the birthing center. WOW- you know you don't get out much when a birthing center seems like a couple days at the spa. yikes.
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Well, I'm going to a "New Pregnancy Orientation" next week (8/18) and we are supposed to make our first appointments then. I'm going to a different Kaiser than where my normal gynecologist is because it's the only place with CNMs. And a nurse at the "old" place said (assuming I was staying with them) that I wouldn't get an appointment for another month and a half! I'd be almost 12 weeks by then! I thought that was weird. But I guess, from other comments here, that it's not all that important. And we did already have an appointment and u/s (which I kind of regret now but wasn't given much choice of when they wheeled it in and my feet already in the stirrups!) because of the spotting I was/am having.

We'll see what happens at this orientation. I'm crossing my fingers that I get a good, low-intervention CNM. I was really considering a homebirth before the pregnancy but now I think I just want to get a feel for what Kaiser has to offer and then go from there. Hopefully it won't be too late to get in with a HB midwife if I decide to do that. Will take some convincing of DH though if I do.

MaryLang- just curious- why are you going with a doctor this time instead of MW/doula?

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I had my first appointment with my OB on 8/6 at 4w6d. I absolutely love her. I picked her because I had read that she specialized in natural child birth and she had all the right answers to my questions! She also is the OB on call for the local birthing center (which I've heard bad things about so I don't plan to go there) and all the docs in this all-female practice emphasize natural birth so it doesn't matter whose on call! I go back for an u/s and f/u on 8/23 at 8w2d. I'm not sure if that's standard there, but with my m/c I feel it will be important to do.
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Loveofmylife- I hope my answer doesn't offend anyone. With dd #1 I went with everything I could to have a natural birth, bradley class, birthing from within, hypnobirth, midwife, doula, birthing center. And I think my biggest mistake was not sticking with my doctor (I swtiched at 30wks). IMO and my DH's my midwife (who was a stand btw to my real m/w) and doula were absolutely terrible. I was in labor for three days, real labor for two, long story short, m/w never checked babies position (posterier), baby was stuck, every request for drugs after two days (I was totally exhausted, no sleep for three nights), was denied. Finally I was tranfered to the hospital (attached to the BC) got my epidural, pushed for two hours, my body gave out, I just couldn't push anymore, IMO if they would have given me something earlier, my body could have got some well needed rest. They were so gun-hoe that I go completely natural that I ended up with a c-section. This time I plan to have a doc, try to go natural using the bradley method, rely on DH instead of a doula (who only wants good marks) and see how it goes from there. Sorry, this is still a touchy subject, I am just glad I get the chance to do it again, and maybe this time end up with a vaginal birth.
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Mary - Thanks for sharing your story. I hope things turn out better this time!

I think it is helpful for us all to remember that we have an ideal birth we shoot for and we do the best to attain that, but things don't always work out as planned. My OB is a doc (obviously) and even she couldn't get what she wanted because of some medical realities she had no control over!
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My first appointment is on August 26, at a day shy of eight weeks along. We are going to the same midwife team that we had for the last pregnancy. Hoping the homebirth works out this time. I am more laid back about prenatal visits this time, too.

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i am seeing my midwife for my first appointment at 7 1/2 weeks. it's a tad bit earlier than normal for her practice, but i've had a recent miscarriage and she wants to check me out. also, we feel that getting an ultrasound done soon will calm a lot of fears i have regarding this pregnancy. by 7 weeks, 4 days, we should be able to see a heartbeat via u/s. after this one, we probably won't have another until 20 weeks. maybe even not one then.
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Well, I finally found a doctor, but my appointment isn't until Sept. 14th. I'll be about 11wks, thats how far I was when I had my first app. with dd #1.
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ll probably go around 11 weeks as well . . .I'm not sure how long I'll stick with the doctor I have. I want to stay with her so that I know my progesterone is being monitored, but then I want a midwife.
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We got back from vaca yesterday so I just went in for my official pregnancy test this morning. They scheduled my appt. with the midwives for Sept. 15th. My last period was July 3rd, so I think I'll be almost 11 weeks.
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