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yay, birth center will take me!!! I just have to see if they're on my insurance first. She wants to see me asap, so probably next week or the week after (7-8 weeks). I'm just 6 weeks today.
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Has my first appt with the mid-wife on Wednesday. All went well - she is really nice and I like her alot. I go back in a month. We declined to do the 11 week nuchal fold ultrasound. Anyone else?
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I called my midwife earlier this week and it turns out that her partner midwife had a baby and is on maternity leave. So, a male naturopathic doctor (who I have issues with from him 'helping' us with my ds' developmental issues) is doing all the early prenatal visits, while my mw is just seeing late-term mamas and catching babies. Ohmigosh, I got upset. But, all's well, they called me back a bit later to tell me that the other midwife would be back in about four weeks. So, looks like this will be an 'unassisted pregnancy' until 10 or 11 weeks, lol.

Goodcents, what's a 'nuchal fold' ultrasound? I have never been offered one, but it doesn't sound like something I'd want anyhow
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nuchal fold is when they measure the neck of the fetus during an 11 week u/s. children with down's have larger neck folds. this coupled with a blood test is quite good, and acutally preferred in Europe, as a method of testing for down's.
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I had my first OB appt at 5wks. I called to make an appt as soon as I confirmed with a home preg test because my husband's employer will be laying off some people in the very near future. When you go to your first OB appt, the insurance company is billed a "global amount", which covers everything. So... since i've gone to the dr already, if my husband loses his job, then it's already paid for!! hee hee :LOL

I am choosing to go to a Dr. instead of a midwife. I really have never considered going to a midwife or having a doula. It's just not for me. Both of my births have been w/out meds. I didn't even go to any Bradley classes. I did read a Bradley book but when it came down to it (labor/delivery), I kind of did my own thing. Not so bad. I mean, it's no walk in the park, but it's definitely manageable pain. And definitely worth it. Ya know?

(I posted some of this in another post somewhere, but here's more about my appt)...

I really love my Dr. When I was pg with #1, I was searching for a female Dr but heard a lot of good things about this one male Dr. So I put aside my feelings and went to this male Dr. I LOVED him; he was so nice and witty. Things went well until towards the end when i let him know I was planning to have an unmedicated birth and mentioned the word "Bradley" and gave him my Birth Plan. He freaked out! He had never received a birth plan before, and he had a bad experience with a Bradley person before and didn't want to deliver my baby. Although some might be offended and leave that Dr, I really did like him as a person and wanted to *show* him that the lady he had an experience was a kook but not all Bradley-type people are kooks. So he delivered my baby, and all went well. He was surprised that I didnt give in to the meds (because most do, I guess). :LOL I think he got a new view of these things since then because when I went back to him with #2, things went really well, too. (no meds again, no birth plan either ).

Then now that I am PG with #3, I went to him again. I was so shocked! When he walked in the room, he greeted me with a HUG! He has never hugged me before! Hugging my Dr was something that NEVER crossed my mind, so I was so touched that he hugged me. I felt that he has respect for me and my decisions and has come to really like me. (of course all of this is in a doctor-patient type manner.) I really like him; he is such a respectable doctor.

After having #1, I realized that while some may prefer to do birth plans, I think they are really unnecessary, IMO. I think a birth plan sends the message that you don't trust the doctor/nurses/pediatrician. Who performs their best when they think they are being doubted? It makes them nervous because 1. it's not the norm and 2. they probably feel threatened in a legal sense because if this person is doing a birth plan, they are extremely particular and will sue for anything. It is much better to have a Dr you trust and just *talk* to your doctor and don't be afraid to speak up at the hospital to nurses, etc. In my experience, if you just talk to them, they will listen to you and honor your requests. They thought it was odd I didn't want meds, but everyone needs to learn at some point that all people are different and they are there to accomodate *you*.

I feel better being at the hospital so if something goes wrong, I'll be in the right place!

I'm looking forward to my next appt because I really am happy with my Dr . I hope everyone else is able to find someone they really like too.
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i go in on monday, but i am not really sure if i will stick with the OB that delivered my dd#2. we can't afford a midwife, and i know i am not the UC at home type. so, i chose this woman last time because she was the only OB who would see me and accepted our insurance. she is nice, and she did a fine job . the thing is, i hate the hospital i delivered at. mostly the nursery staff and the ped that saw my DD#2. so, i am thinking of delivering at a different hospital and therefore would have to get a different OB. so................. we'll see. i'm going to talk to my current OB and our NP that the girls see from time to time, and find out if i can get things my way. if they will let me make the rules while i'm there (24 hrs max) then i'll just stick to the original hospital.
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I went for a consultation at 7 wks but my BC doesn't routinely schedule first appts untill 12 wks.

I did the traditional thing with dd#1 and my OB turned out to be a total quack. I've since learned thay my hospital is about ten years behind in its birthing/newborn care practices. I'm sure looking forward to a more natural birth with #2.
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I'm enjoying reading who likes what and why(OB/MW/hospital/homebirth/UC) . . .I had an OB with #1, and there was nothing (other than having a baby!!!) that made it fabulous, but it wasn't bad. I got the natural birth I wanted (I should say my definition of natural, which is no drugs-- I know some people include more), but put up with some attitude and non-supportive people. Ugh.

We met with the MW (it'll be a hospital birth) and I LOVE her. She works with a group of MWs, which I like . . .although it will be a hospital, all rooms have Jacuzzis, which I really wanted with DD for the pain (all I got was a shower!). DH seemed very comfortable with her, too, which is amazing considering he is no way, no how "crunchy" and had been hoping that I'd pick an OB.

I gave in and scheduled the early u/s. Kinda stupid since I'm 10 weeks and won't have long to wait to hear the HB with the Doppler. So, on Thursday we should know if everything is OK so far.
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Elena: Just a thought for you - I heard the heartbeat with a doppler at 9.5 weeks. Maybe you can hear yours right now too! Good luck! -Carey
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I have my first appointment next week at 13 weeks. We just moved to a new area and I can not find any doulas midwives or even female docs! I really don't want a male OB but I guess I'll have to give this guy a try. I'm actually pretty discouraged about the birthing situation here and sometimes fantasize about a self-assisted homebirth! I didn't have a good experience with the male doc who delivered my first babe. I know they are not all the same but studies have shown that having a woman present during another woman's labor can decrease length and severity of labor.
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crat19: I was thinking about this, too . . .my MW says my uterus is very close to the surface which would make it easy. I just don't know how I'd get in for the Doppler check before the u/s!!! Logistics!
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