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Even if You've Signed up For Shower Swap: PLEASE READ THIS NEW MESSAGE - Page 2

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oh sheesh! i signed up for the may due date club one..
Sorry, i havent figured out how this works yet, can i sign up for the right one still??
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Yaay! I've finished my package, wrapped & addressed it, and I'm mailing it tomorrow!!

Is everyone else on schedule? I was a week late at the last swap I did, so I'm really excited & proud of myself! :LOL
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I sent mine out the day I got out of the hospital, but didn't realize until after I had sent it that I signed it.

Was it supposed to be a secret who it was sent from? I hope its okay!
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I signed mine as well, I think it will be a fun surprise to not know until it arrives, but I can't imagine not *ever* knowing, kwim?

So glad you're back with us, by the way! Now go to bed -- you need your rest! I'm off to take my own advice right now...
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I'll sign mine too.

I finished making it but it isn't getting out today. I am fairly miserably sick and in a fair amount of discomfort otherwise (see my post "Embarrassing and TMI, but need help" in the general pregnancy forum for details...) and it is cold and rainy and miserable outside - I am sitting on my butt with something warm to drink and watching the kids color and build block castles all day (taking the car for the day involves an hour-long transfer process with DH, just not worth it for a single trip to the post office).

So apologies in advance to my swap-ee. The package will get out, just not today and maybe not tomorrow, either.
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I'm late too. I have everything ready, but won't get to the post office until tomorrow morning.
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I'm totally late too. Everything is just about ready to go, but it won't go out to tomorrow.

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sent mine today... and was gonna be all secret about it, even blacking out the name of the town where I live from the "handcrafted with love in Long Beach" tag on part of the gift. But then read your posts and decided to put my username on the return address tag! I hope my swapee likes the gift!!
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Mine was sent today -- it's great to have a friend who owns her own (in-home) business -- she has all the weighing equipment & software to print out labels, etc.. I forgot about the delivery confirmation, though! So if my mama doesn't get hers in a few days, I guess I'll be making up a new package!
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I just wanted to say that my package is now on it's way via priority and my buddy (although she probably doesn't know who she is :LOL) should be receiving it on Thursday
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Mine went out on yesterday It was really heavy, so I needed to send it PP, so it should be there in 7-10 days. I have the DC # and ins info, just in case as well.

On a related note, I was in such a rush to send it out and I didn't have any nice cards or anything to put in there. So I used a piece of scrap paper to quickly write something down, so sorry about that.

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My Box Came On Election Day!!

Thank you mama! You know who you are ... spicy mama!

I LOVE my box. I love especially the tie-dyed onsie and diaper, and the homemade cloth blocks with bells! Its a fabulous box, and I am so grateful. You brightened my day -- I even cried a little. And dh said, "isn't it amazing that people you've never met can be so kind and generous?" he's right.
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Ohh rainy -- I'm so glad you like it! My ds is jealous of the blocks, I'll have to make some for him too. :LOL Remember if you ever get to a place where you can cloth diaper -- that is a Gerber prefold -- it has polyester batting inside, so it isn't any good as an actual diaper.

I had a lot of fun making that stuff for you (& gathering the other things to add ) -- we'll have to exchange pics of our babes in tie-dyed onsies in a few weeks...

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i will use the diaper as a very hip burp rag. AND, we've decided to cd using a service. dh and I just hate the thought of plastic on wyatt's bum! we're so excited, we bought our first three soakers from flutterby last weekend.

and, i forgot to mention -- thank you for the mother's milk tea! sometimes, fennel and anise give me migraines, so I've been afraid to buy a whole box and waste the money -- now I can try the tea and find out if it makes me sick, no risk! I am going to brew some soon (I've got a good migraine remedy ready .... but not every food combination with fennel/anise triggers it -- mostly fennel and fish. odd, huh?).

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That is wierd -- but I get a sugar attack whenever I have peanut butter & apples (except for when I'm pg -- my sugar evens right out then ). I'm so glad the tea will come in handy, I should go brew myself a cup of the pg tea right now. I'm really glad you're doing the diaper service. My mom did one with me (25 years ago ) and they had to have the company rinse everything an extra time because I had a *sensitive* bum. :LOL I got some wool soakers with a swap & I can't wait to try them!
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I got my package today! Well, actually, it showed up on the 3rd, but apparently my postal person ran out of notices or something and just hand-wrote on a scrap of white paper, which got lost in my mail until I was going through it today. But I picked it up today!

Thanks so much rainy!!!! The whole box smells great and it is FULL of stuff that I love but wouldn't buy for myself/my kids. I love the California Baby stuff, especially the bubblebath, but never actually buy it, I can't justify it - it is a huge treat for us (the kids love having bubbles, I love the smell, it makes bathing them a relaxing experience). And I really enjoy tea and honey as a treat, but again, never buy it for myself. I feel so special and blessed to receive all this wonderful stuff from someone I've never actually met
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Sent mine today
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Oh Niki!!! I assume you are the Nicole from Washington... I cannot believe how beautiful the things you made are! I was so afraid I was making my diapers too small (even though ds1 was small & I expect this one will be too), then I saw the one you made & said "yes! This will be the perfect size!!" It will probably be the first diaper he wears. And ds1 will look too cool in the pants & hat -- he's actually just about outgrown the fleece pants I made him. I know you were upset about the velcro, but it's perfect for a newborn -- I didn't switch to snaps with ds1 til he started taking his velcro dipes off. The mama pad is great -- I've been needing a starting point/idea to make my own, & I can already imagine ds2 chewing/teething on the homemade (Waldorf??) doll...You put so much work into these things, I can't wait to show them to my friends, and I can't stop petting them! :LOL

Thank you so, so much!
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I'm so happy you like them! And happy they got to you in one piece! The dipes are really small but then, newborns are really small, too. It's easy to forget how tiny they are. My aunt just had a baby, though, so I got a decent idea how big a newborn is (her baby was 6lbs, 5oz) and tried to make a newborn diaper accordingly . But if my babies are any indication, the ones I sent you won't fit for long. It is just nice to have a couple that really fit right in the beginning, so the baby doesn't get too lost.

I'm just thrilled you're so happy with everything . Totally made my day
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