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When did you conceive a daughter?

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oops the page timed outandI didnt get to finish my post..

When in your cycle did you conceive a girl. Im trying to get an idea on how accurate natural sex selection is...

***Please no discussion on why you feel sex sxelection is right or wrong***
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My daughter was my second babe.
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Not sure exactly what answer you are looking for but we conceived our daughter 3 days before I o'd.
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according to the book Im reading you are more likely to conceive a dd 10 days-2 weeks after AF and a son as close to AF as possible. I conceived DS 2 days after AF.
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okay...we tempted for awhile, we didnt try for anything specific cuz we just wanted a kiddo. we had a girl BUT we only had sex that cycle for 2 days (about 6 or so times) and it was the day before and day of my temp elevating...so I would think that put us in 'boy' territory. BUT i didnt have that ewcm, so maybe i have a hostile environment for sperm, perhaps even killing the less hardy male sperm. who knows.
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My only daughter is a fraternal twin. She's surrounded by boys. Four of them to be exact. Is it any wonder that she is so girly?
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Well I had boys but that is what we tried for. I had sex as close to O as I could to achieve this, and got pg on the very day I O'd. This method worked very well for us. While trying now for a baby we try to have sex a few days before I O. Good luck and let us know how it goes!
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both my daughters were conceived on the days I was ovulating...
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I don't really know all the terminology for this, but I can tell you what I know.

I had started my period on the 25th/26th (fri/sat) lasted til the 1st, concieved on the 11th
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The 10th day of my cycle. I was on the pill, and i swear, i knew i was pregnant before he even rolled off me, kwim :LOL
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BD'ing on CD 13 - ovulation on CD 15. Postive Pregnancy on CD26 - it's a girl!

Here's a link to my old chart - it's not the best lookin' chart, but it worked!

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it was either 2 days before or the day of ovulation. if i'm remembering right, though, dh's sa said his swimmers are a little slow, so that could account for it...
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Our DD was conceived one day before ovulation began.
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Hmm... I can tell you that the sex act that resulted in my daughter took place on a Sunday (Mother's Day, actually) in the middle of the afternoon smack in the middle of a 28 day cycle. When the actual conception took place, I don't know. Some women have a sense about those things (i.e. they wake up in the middle of the night "knowing" they're pregnant) but I don't.
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All three of mine were conceived on CD14...one boy, two girls
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Ok with my first dd we tried all that because we wanted a girl. The not having sex to close to O and everything but I got frustrated after awhile. It takes longer to conceive that way because if you really only do it then and you are not close enough to O then you missed your shot that month, but I was afraid to go closer to O because I didn't want a boy. (please don't flame me I had a son first and dh had a son before that so we wanted a girl badly).

Soooo the month we conceived I said forget all this mumbo jumbo girl stuff lets just pray for a girl and have fun. So I conceived a girl but I have no idea what day it happened :LOL. I didn't chart or anything that month.

With my 2nd dd she was a total surprise, was using NFP and condoms and somehow on a "safe" day at the very end of my cycle I got pregnant with her. So the theory of very close to AF showing up worked in that case.

As for my ds, he was a surprise also (can you tell I suck at NFP??) at the very beginning of my cycle, I think day 9. I remember because that was the only time that entire month we weren't careful because we figured it was an ok day.

I'm starting to think I O more than once a cycle!
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We weren't temping when I conceived, but I was checking CM. According to that alone, we did the deed 5 days before and 5 days after I O'd (yep, 10 days apart... our sex life is so sad ). We had a gorgeous baby girl.
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We did at home AI and conceived a girl the day (or possibly the day before) I o'd.

I have heard that most folks who are trying hard or doing AI conceive boys because apparently "girl" sperm swim slower and live longer, so do best if they are waiting for the egg. Actually, most of my friends who did AI conceived boys. But not so in our case.

I think praying or doing a girl spell might be the best approach.

And then if it's a boy, know that this child has chosen you and it must be for a reason.

Good luck and much girl dust!
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First girl: LMP 7/22 did the deed on August 2,3,4,6,8,10 I couldn't tell you when I conceived.

Second girl: LMP 12/20 I could tell I was ovulating somewhere around 12/31 to 1/1 We didn't get to do it until the evening of 1/1. We only did it once since I figured once is all it took. My husband still complains periodically how I tried to kill him the first time.
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The deed that concieved my first, a daughter, occurred 6, maybe even 7 days before I thought ovulation occurred. I thought we were 'safe' (practicing NFP) but DH (then BF) says he knew right away. I'm still wondering about that one, but he knew about DS too (before my period was even late he told me I 'smelled pregnant'). DS was conceived the day of or day before ovulation, can't remember which.
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