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Dd #1 conceived on day 10 of a 25ish day cycle. Dd #2, conceived on day 8 of same length cycle.
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I live under a rock regarding all the number, chart, lingo, etc. It means nothing to me. I conceived our dd at ov plus or minus a day (OK, I picked up some lingo reading this thread!).
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conceived dd 4 days before ovulation and conceived all 3 ds's right around ovulation.
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With ds we were trying for a girl and had sex on the 9, 11 day of a 28 day cycle (I had been charting for 3 months and had O on the 14th day every month) that month I O'd on the 11th day. With dd We weren't TTC and had sex 3 days before O and got her. I knew as soon as I got the ++ HPT that she was going to be a girl.
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Had sex 4 and 5 days before ovulation (temp change), resulting in dd.
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We conceived Nev 2-3 days before I o'd........she was my first girl after 3 boys and the first time we actually "tried"

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About 38 weeks before she was born.

BooBah's "babydance" took place either 3 or 5 days before O; she's a girl. BeanBean's took place about 2 *hours* before O; he's a boy.
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I think dd must have been conceived the day i ovulated. she was a total surprise--i thought we were on a safe day (i wasn't charting at the time, just observing cervical mucus).

like a PP, I had NO cm, so maybe all the boy swimmers got killed off :LOL
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My 'surprise" (a wonderful one!) was 'made' on a day I thought was safe too. It was day 8 of a 21-23 day cycle, with clumpy mucus. She waited I guess! With such a short cycle, it is hard to decide when ovulation actually occurs. I charted with my son, and he was 'made' aroung ovulation. (I say 'made' because who knows when conception actually took place). With such short cycles I joke that my body wants maximum chances at fertility (both kids conceived easily; wished all mamas could be so lucky).

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I dont know if this helps, but under "Fertility" there is a post about gender selection. It has the Chinese Lunar charts. They seem pretty acurate. There is a link in there for it, or I just typed Lunar Age into a search and it gave me the right links. It is suposed to tell you what months you need to concieve to produce a boy or girl. We tested it on a couple people, and it was right 6 out of 7 times!!! Pretty amazing to me! I am hoping to concieve during Nov or sooner, as it says that is my best chance of a boy until next spring!! HTH!!
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the chinese calendar was accurate for all 3 of my kids
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My daughter was conceived on ovulation day (new years day 2003 )... It was around cd17 I believe...
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Cd 12 O'd on 15
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