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post due date craziness

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That's what I have. I am literally a walking zomby. Today is day 6 past my due date. I am 3cm dilated and have been for the last week. Every night I have painful contractions from 2:30am to 4:30am that then go away in the morning. Last night was day 6 of them : Where is my baby?????? I'm starting to entertain thoughts of just going to the birthing center and refusing to leave. My whole family is flying in tomorrow to see my one week old baby that I haven't had yet. If I wasn't so huge I might consider laying on the floor and kicking and screaming like my teo year old "I want my baby Now!!!!!!!!!!!!"
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I've heard lots of things to try for induction, but I am sure you have too.

Just wanted to offer 's and support- any day now I'll be looking forward to reading your beautiful birth story!!
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: I know how hard it is!! Hopefully things will happen soon for you!!
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lurker here...BTDT!! My new babe was 10 days overdue. He just needed to cook a little longer - lol! Trust your baby and your body and hang in there!!!
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I'm right there with you. I guess 11 days now going by LMP. The hospital called 5 times yesterday. They really want the baby by 41 wks. At least this one gives an extra week. We're just ignoring them for now. I'm feeling like I'm going to have the second year long pregnancy on record. Although I rationally know that I'm not that late really. Hope we both can get some labor vibes going soon.
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