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I have a toddler and a newborn. I have many carriers, including a backpack, a Baby Bjorn, an OTSBH, a Moby Wrap, a KKACP, a KKAFP, a mesh pouch, and a PIP.

They all have their purposes, and I truly like most of them, but I LOOOOOVE my PIP. Here's why:

-- Adjustable
-- Very easy to use
-- Not too "crunchy" looking
-- Stretchy, but not so stretchy that you're hiking it up
-- Doesn't dig into toddler's legs, even without padding
-- The fabric is such that it doesn't bunch up around your neck, like the KKACP has a tendency to do (because of the tapered fabric), and it doesn't have the tendency to slide down your shoulder, like the OTSBH and the KKAFP do. It spreads out nicely over your shoulder without restricting movement and without moving around.
-- Babies and toddlers love it -- I use it for tummy-to-tummy and the hip carry right now.
-- Other people (even mainstream people at the mall or playground) comment on it all the time, asking where they can get them and how they wished they had one. I had about five nurses crowded around me at the doctor's office the other day.

I feel so sad for the mama who makes these, and I feel a little guilty for recommending this carrier when they're so hard to get. Another WAHM needs to start making adjustable pouches from hemp fleece!

What is your favorite carrier right now and why?