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I am paranoid to have sex during the first trimester. In 01' I had two m/c's and one was the morning after sex, so even though I know that wasn't the cause, it still freaks me out. I know that the way I acted during first pregnancy, acting too afraid to have sex made my dh kinda cold about it. I think it still affects us till today and I don't want to do this to him again (and I really want it this time, just too afraid right now). Any advice?
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Well... open communication is always a good thing. Tell him exactly what you've told us ... and if the idea of intercourse is frightening to you ... who says that's what you have to do ...ya know? There are lots of options for both of you that don't involve going anywhere near the baby LOL.
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Thanks. I know I don't HAVE to do anything and I know he completely understands. I've talked to him about this. Its just that I know it affects our relationship. And its not a like a medical reason, I mean if I was told to abstain that would be a different story. Its just a weird self inflicted thing. I need to know that its safe to have sex in early pregnancy, my doc and midwife bot htold me before that it won't harm anything. I guess I'm just a VERY superstious person and if anything ever happens to this baby, I would probably end up blaming myself. But when it comes down to it I hate feeling this way.
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