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Looking for vegan moms

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I wasn' t sure where to post this since we don't seem to have an all-vegan forum, so forgive me if this is a bit off topic.

I just launched a new feature on VegFamily.com... Diary Writers... where people share what it's like to raise vegan children. Since I know there are a lot of vegans on this board, I'm wondering if any of you would be interested in being one of the diary writers.

If you are, you can get more info about it at www.vegfamily.com/diaries/index.htm

Or email me at info@vegfamily.com. I'd love to have you.
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I know there are vegans out there.....where are they?

You who vegans come out and play with Erin......
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Oh please, I'm a wannabe vegan and a failure at that. what am i missing? It seems that it isn't all that hard to cook vegan, but what I really think the problem is that I'm uneducated on the issue of what is really in the food anyway. Taking meat out is fairly okay, it only gets tricky when they have secret sauce that has secret meat stuff in it and don't tell you straight out. Sheesh! Here I was thinking I was all good at being a vegetarian because I could tell if there was a steak on my plate or not, but they start putting meat in sauces and hiding it and I am lost. What do I ask for? Same goes for the dairy. I think if I don't get milk, yogurt, or cheese I'm safe, but really they hide dairy in everything. How do I know what to look for?
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Experience and time is all it takes. Mistakes will be made, but they shall be overcome.

There's a list of animal ingredients on my website that people refer to really often. You can start there. http://www.vegfamily.com/lists/animal-ingredients.htm

Also, you can check out our list of vegan products. At least with this list someone has done the legwork for you. http://www.vegfamily.com/product-reviews/index.htm. Not an exhaustive list, but we add to it monthly.

Once you get used to eating vegan it's not too hard.

Whey and casein are the two main dairy ingredients that find their way into a lot of stuff. Especially whey. It seems to be in anything that is in powdery form (cake mixes, bread mixes, bread, ice cream...etc.)

I read somewhere that there's a law that prohibits manufacturers from dumping whey into the sewer system as it's 2000 time more toxic than raw sewage. Of course, that didn't stop the companies from putting it in food. "Oh, can't put it in the sewer? What are we gonna do with it? Hey, I know, let's turn it into powder and sell it as cheap filler to other companies. Heck, let's give it to them for free, otherwise we have to pay high fees to have hazmat take it away..." Brilliant marketing.

I digressed... it's late. Off to bed.
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I'm a vegan except someone snuck LARD into my so-called vegan muffin the other day!! Doncha hate that!!!
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You mean it was labeled vegan but there was lard in it? Or you assumed it was vegan because of what the ingredients said and then found out it had lard in it?

I was at a famous mexican restaurant, who shall remain nameless, and I ordered their tostads with beans and no cheese or sour cream. Before I left the restaurant I had major stomach trouble if you get my drift and was in the bathroom for 20 minutes.

I come to find out that their beans have pork fat in them. When I said, "But it says on the menu that the beans are vegetarian." Waiter replied, "Pork fat IS vegetarian."

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My friend made it from Jiffy mix and didn't notice lard on the label. I always appreciate when my friends try to accomodate my diet and they get pretty excited when I show them how to bake without eggs. Woops. She's forgiven.
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I'd love to be a diary writer. I'm vegan, dd#2 ( the toddler is ), dd#2 ( the teenager ) is a vegetarian & dh is a meat eater.

My motto is always read the label. I recently had to go see customer services in a major supermarket over here because their vegetarian pizza, which was labelled as such, had animal fat in the list of ingredients on the label Stuff like that is OK for people like me who pathologically read the labels, but a major stumbling block for others who are buying stuff for vegetarians / vegans. Even soy cheese over here has casein in, so it's no good for people with dairy allergies or for vegan so what is the point ?
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I agree. I'm a label freak too, you kinda have to be. See if you can get Tofutti where you are, it's completely dairy free and their cheese singles actually melt!! they have so much yummy stuff, pizzas, cheese, ice cream treats, all kosher and dairy free. I LOVE them!!! No whey and NO casein!!

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