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Temps and NFP

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I used to use the NFP method, have TCOYF and love that book! When I used the method for birth control I never did temps. I just used mostly CM. As far as I understand, by the time your temp shifts all is too late anyway and at that point all it's really good for is telling you if you are PG or not which I just rely on AF and if in doubt a PT. I'm asking because I am taking the pill now but plan on convincing DH to let me use NFP again. Temps are a PITA for me and my thyroid is whacked anyway, so I'm wondering if my understanding is flawed and I really should use temps. I felt really confident about it when we just charted with CM, am I crazy?
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Well, I used temps religiously for the first few months until I figured out the CM part. After that I mainly went by CM, and if I forgot to take my temp one day (week....month ) it wasn't that big of a deal. You are not crazy for liking to use CM--it's way easier! However, using both CM and temps gives you a better cross check--add checking the position of your cervix and you have three! I don't know anything about how your thyroid would affect your temps, but from my experience, recording temps is helpful for a few reasons.

* It spikes right around the time of ovulation, and an egg can only survive for 24-48 hours. Therefore if your temp has stayed elevated for 3 days, you can be pretty sure the risk of getting pg has passed. This info is only helpful if you're trying to NOT get pg; if you're trying to GET pg, pay more attention to your CM.

* It drops right before you get AF (or at least mine did). Very helpful in planning when I should start bringing stuff in my purse or to work. (I was always unprepared before I started charting!)

* If it stays elevated for a certain amount of time (I think 18 days? 21?? I forget..) you can be 99% sure that you are pg.

Anyway, that's just my experience and opinion. I taught myself how to use NFP from a book, so I could be completely wrong. In fact, I don't think I've ever met another mama IRL that uses it! So please take everything I say with a big ole grain of salt. Good luck!
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Hi! We've been using NFP with CM and temp charting for 8 months now.
we love the temperature part along with the CM for basically the same reasons that clynnr said above.
There are two really great parts for us as a couple who are TTA:
1- like clynnr said, once my temp is elevated for 3 days I know my egg is gone and there is no possible way (save an act of god) that I could get pregnant. That confidence is great to have.
2- CM is a great sign and very reliable, however, it is possible to have multiple fertile CM patches in one cycle. This doesn't mean you've ovulated twice (impossible unless it happens within 24 hours, ie the same cm patch) but usually means that your body was getting all fired up and ready to ovulate and then, for some reason, usually stress and lack of sleep for me, it didn't and cm started to dry up. Without temps to tell you that you really haven't ovulated, you might think it's safe, when if you're tta, it really isn't.

I've also read that taking your temps can help diagnose thyroid problems. I don't remember the details now, but there's a book called "Fertility, cycles and nutrition" by Marilynn Shannon that talks about it. Something about if your pre-ovulation temps are really low...

Anyway, if you're TTA, I think temps are really nice to know. If you're TTC, CM is probably more important, but if you do have a temp record you can figure out your own due date and it is usually much more accurate than the dr office if you tend to have cycles of way different lengths.

Hope this helps!
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There are several "official" types of NFP that only use external observations of CM. (No temps, and no internal CM/cervix checks.) Fans of these methods say they're actually more effective than the others, since there's less chance of confusion and second-guessing. Not sure if this is true or not. They do seem to be much more suitable for use during breast-feeding, menopause, or any time when cycles are irregular.

Billings is the best-known and simplest of these methods. See http://www.woomb.org/ .

(Again, please note that this method specifically requires that you not pay attention to the other symptoms when you chart. Doing so would void the warranty. )

Personally, I don't see why anyone would choose to take her temperature every day, if she didn't have to. But then, I'm kind of lazy.
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Thanks everyone! When we just used CM, Billings I guess, I had great luck (TTA). I have TCOYF but just did the CM observation. I decided to temp this time, just to be extra sure what is going on and to please DH. I stopped my BCP's last week. Although just when I get the thermometer, chart started, DH says TTC is fine afterall! I will still chart but now I am going to use it to try for a girl. I will do temps and CM just to get some good charts. Before when I just used CM I didn't even write it down half the months LOL!
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