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Any interest in an October Mama bead swap/Secret Santa?

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Just wondering if there is any interest in doing something nice for each other....I have a few ideas. It would be totally optional, not something that anyone has to do! Here is what I was thinking:

-The September Mamas each sent each other a bead and a blessing, which they strung into bracelets to wear during labor/delivery...like having some extra "mama strength" during labor and/or birth and those difficult first days. I feel so bonded with you guys after going thru pregnancy with ya'll, I think it would be so nice to put on my October Mamas bracelet in labor.

-We could do like a Secret Santa swap kinda-thing, where everyone has one person to send a gift to....could be a mama gift, or a baby gift. We could set it up so that we each post a little ISO like in the swaps on the Trading Post, and that way the sending mama would know what they need/want.

Anyone interested in this? Or does anyone have any other ideas? I'm willing to help organize.
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Oh I love the bead idea! I make jewelry so I have quite a collection of beads. Maybe we could do that too? Otherwise I like the baby gift idea since I also knit and sew.

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They both sound fun to me!!!
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I love love love the bead idea!
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I absolutely LOVE the idea of having something that represents all of you to help me through labor!!! That would be so nice!!!
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They both sound like fun. Although, in all honesty, the thought of stringing a bunch of beads together is not my idea of a good time. I am just not crafty or artistic or good at that. But, I LOVE the idea of it. I also think the secret santa thing is really cute, although maybe we should call it something like that "Secret Great Pumpkin" Ha, Ha!
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What a great idea Katie!

I love the bead idea. It's sweet to have something to represent the little community we've got going on here.
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Sounds like fun!

My only concern is if we did the bead thing, could it get kinda $$$ since we'd be needing to buy postage to send beads everyone as oppossed to having just one person as in the Secret Santa swap?
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I love the idea, too. But, as was mentioned above, I'm not too crafty...so presents sound easier for this exhausted mama than beads. Easier to organize and for shipping and all.
Great idea, Katie! I think this would be so much fun.
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I love the idea of the bead swap. When I was pg with my first, my friends threw me a baby shower and each of them went around the room and gave baby and I a blessing, and then presented me with a bead they had chosen. They were all strung together to make a bracelet at the end and it is one of the gifts that I cherish the most. The beads are a reminder of the sentiments and thoughtful words they gave me. I'm wearing it today...it brings me strength.
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I, too, love the bead idea. I think they could just be sent in a regular envelope. So perhaps the cost of sending out a dozen beads/cards would be the same as a single larger package?

Those who aren't crafty enough to string them could put them in a bud vase or something.

Just suggestions, anyways!!
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I love either idea, count me in!
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I love both ideas too.... Any reason why we couldn't do both? That way people who are interested in one or the other could pick and choose, or choose to do both?
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I love the bead idea too. I think the idea of having something to remember our 'extended family' would be great!
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i like the bead idea too, but i'm a bit unreliable with mail so i'm not sure if i'd participate.

i was thinking of something not material that we could still share... maybe this should be in another thread (or possibly a future qotw)... i'd like if each october mom could choose a song they like and then we could compile a list and each of us on our own could put together a mix of the songs... i think i'd really enjoy something like that during the birth (or at least early labor). that way those of us who are postally challenged could have a special way to think of the other october mamas. should i start a songlist thread? or maybe does piglet want to just add a song next to our names in the weekly thread? does anyone like this idea?
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Flitters, I love, love, love that idea. I've been making a list of songs for dh to burn onto one mix CD for me, to have playing during labor. I'm happy to share my ideas, and to have more ideas from the October mamas would be super special!
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oooooooooh - Me too - love the song compilation idea. This is something that has been on my to-do list for a while and would love a head start.
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All of these ideas are great! A separate song list thread would be wonderful. I've been meaning to start making a labor CD but don't know what to put on it. I'm curious to hear what other people think is good labor music...
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And hey, if we want to do the bead thing, we could use our Yahoo Group to post our addresses so we don't have to share them with the whole Internet! I think there's a place on the group board to post a table with names and addresses and stuff. That way whoever wants to join in can post their address so we'll know who to send beads to!
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The CD idea is a good one, but I'm one of those who doesn't want to have music playing during the labour/birth. I found the silence of the room much more relaxing last time.
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