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Any interest in an October Mama bead swap/Secret Santa? - Page 2

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count me in on the beads and song list! Lemme know what to do!
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Beads are good to me-I would love that! I also like the secret swap idea for baby or mom or both. Just let me know the details when you're ready! I was going to suggest the gift idea too.
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So are we doing this? I would love to do something to commemorate our little community here.
Not entirely sure how to orgnaize us all and do the swap though. Does anyone have any ideas?
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To make it easy we could just list all the people that signed up then have each person send a swap (for mama and/or baby) to the next person on the list (last person sends to the first. We could do it now then people could mail out their swap as babes or born or we could wait until everyone has birthed.
For the beads we could do that separate since we'd want the beads ahead of time for the birth.
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When I suggested this, I thought I would coordinate it. But, I really can't right now - WAY too much going on here right now - the move, the marriage, etc, I would probably put it on the backburner and never get it done. So, can someone else please organize? Pretty please???
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I don't mind doing it for the swap but not sure about how the bead thing would work so will leave that to someone else.
I'll wait another few days to see who else responds and put something in next weeks general thread to remind people to sign up. I think it will be great to be able to give a gift to someone on the list I've gotten to know on the list-I'm excited!
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I'll take on the bead project (Thanks Katie for introducing the idea and thanks Ann for taking on the gift swap). Not sure how to get it organizied but I'll put my preggo brain to the task and see what I come up with.
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Mirthfulmum -

Here is what I was going to do.....have everyone PM me with their addresses, and then compile them into a list on my computer, and email the list out to everyone - with address, username, and real names all included. Then set a deadline - say, everyone has to have their beads mailed out by Sept. 15th or whenever. That way nobody will see our addresses and names except the October mamas.

But totally do whatever you want!!!!! Just wanted to share what I was planning!
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Great idea Katie. I don't think my very mushy brain would've come up with that. I probably would have made the whole thing very complicated and convoluted.

I'm gonna go post on our weekly thread to see who wants to participate!
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Thanks so much for organizing this mirthfulmum.....I appreciate it!
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I checked this out earlier and was unsure...my first thoughts was that the bead having some significance sounded a big blessingway/pagan/woo woo to me and I didn't want a part of it as a Christian. The mama/baby gift is more up my alley.

Actually, I'm really burdened in my spirit to bless someone in particular in this group. I have even sought out something for her and God is just working it out to absolutely amazing!!!! I'm so excited about blessing her! I'm being the fly in the ointment with this, I guess b/c it wasn't the way yall were planning to match up folks right? But, can I have a particular mama, please. .
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Letia - I don't think the bead exchange has any spiritual significance (I know it dosen't for me). I by no means qualify as "a big blessingway/pagan/woo woo" kinda gal. I just thought that each bead represented each mom on the board here and represented our friendship and support during our pregnancies and births. It's fine by me if you don't want to participate, but I didn't want you to count yourself out because of a spiritual conflict. As far as I know the beads have no philosophical, religious or spiritual significance.
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I think the original idea sounded kinda blessingwaylike, if I recall what one is....I'm more of a baby shower kinda gal...and you think of it as a representation of the group. Seems like different folks view it as different things.... Right now I'm still unsure. To have a necklace representing our group might be nice...kinda like the (my brain fails me) a bow bouquet that you're made at your bridal shower? Course, at this time, that might be the only thing I'm wearin! :LOL

I *definately* would like to be a part of the gifting. I just have a mama in mind. If I'm being a pain then I can participate in the MDC fairies (so I won't give away what the items are :LOL). Doesn't the fairy do more than dipes these days?
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Originally Posted by wannabmommie
To have a necklace representing our group might be nice...kinda like the (my brain fails me) a bow bouquet that you're made at your bridal shower?
Yeah exactly. That's how I think of it too (although I'm thinking bracelet ).
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Just wanted to say count me in for the gift swap! I've already sent a PM about the bead swap.
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I'd like to do the gift swap too. And bead swap. I'll have to get details out later, we're trying to prepare for a hurricane!!
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I'm jumping in late here with some questions (that would probably be answered for me if I re-read the thread).

I don't think I can do both...so I think the gift exchange is what I'd participate in...my question, are we sending out our gifts before the baby arrives or after, Secret Santa was mentioned so I am assuming after.

The bead thing is cool too, might be neat to wear the braclet in labour. About how many are we looking at sending out though (I am thinking postage wise it might be easier on me to send one gift instead of 20 envelopes of .50 each KMIM?) Too bad I have to base my decision on money....

:LOL, just used the calculator to determine that 20x50 is still by far gonna be cheaper than the cost of a gift plus shipping...my poor preggo brain Nonetheless, I'd still hope I can get an idea of how many beads I'd need.
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I'll list out the names for the swap in about 2 weeks-then you can send something out whenever you want-before or after the baby comes-it'll be up to you. I kind of took the "santa" part out since I didn't want to wait until the holiday LOL
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Ann - I didn't know if I'd made this clear or not but put me down for the gift exchange!
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I'm also interested in joining in the girft exchange. Thanks for taking on the organizing work Mirthful and Ann!

I'll also be adding to the song list as soon as I can think about a song I think is appropriate for laboring women!
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