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Hang in there Shannon!

I'm eating like a pig tonight! String cheese (yuk!) but it's so good! And carrots and anything else I can get my hands on. I"m going to break a record for weight gain this time, I think. I go to the midwife tomorrow. I STILL need to get my original blood work up. I'm so lazy! I haven't made it to the lab yet! Can you believe that? I have to go!

So glad to be feeling more myself lately. Although my allergies are really bad. Other than that I'm a happy camper. I hit 14 weeks yesterday. It's all down hill from here for me.

Take care everyone!
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OMG shannon what a day you've had. I hope your Godson comes to soon, how very scary.

so my girlfriend who just had a baby last Feb. and is swearing she will NEVER have another one becuase this was too high maintenance, just gave me 2 HUGE (as in kitchen trash bag sized huge) bags of Maternity and newborn clothes. I'm so amazed. she spent LOTS of $$ on maternity stuff at motherhood maternity, and got some realy nice things - I told her to ebay them, she said she'd rather give them to me. Can we say what a friend?
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Hi everyone! I haven't posted in a while, but I am glad we are all in our 2nd timester! Mama2chloe-where in CA are you? I also have a Chloe (5/01) and we are in the central valley of CA-and I am due w/ #2 2/24/05! Has anyone heard of the Cystic Fibrosis carrier Testing? They gave me some brochures on it- just wanted to get some feed back what people may think of it. Necessary-not you know just opinions. Wishing you all well rested and no barfing days!

Amber Y- Married to my best friend (10/99)
Angel (6/00)
Mommy to Chloe - (5/17/01
And peanut on the way due 2/24/05!
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Hi all.
Joy, better keo those maternity clothes your friend may convieniently forget the "never again" thing in a few years. I know I did.

Hey does anyone else whose over morning sickness still not feel like eating? I'm not nauseous anymore, but man food is such a PITA! Nothing sounds good. This is so weird because after I was done puking for for months with DD I ate like a pig and gained 50 pounds. This time, at my 14 week prenatal, I hadn't gained an ounce. Where then did this massive belly come from?
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Amber, Periwinkle is going through CF carrier testing right now, just go back a bit and you'll find it.
Sadkitty, I still don't feel like eating at all. I've been given 2 more weeks to try to get back to pre-pregnancy weight. (4lbs to go) or it's been suggested that I see a nutritionist for advice on high calorie foods that will sit well and don't take up much room. (weird, I've spent my life dieting, now I'm looking for calorie dense food!)
My blood pressure is still up this morning. Haven't heard anything from out west yet, it's still very early in the morning there.
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Shannon, I'm so sorry to hear about your awful day yesterday. I know how much you think of your godson, so this must be very difficult for you. I will keep you both in my thoughts today.

Ekblad, I'm very glad to hear that you are eating! That sound so much better than you were just a couple of weeks ago.

SadKitty, I hardly gained anything in the first trimester with my daughter, I think 2 pounds. This time, I'm 15 weeks and I've gained 3 or 5, depending on which scale the doc's office uses (LOL). Hopefully food will start to sound more interesting to you soon, and you'll be gaining quickly from here on out.

Any of you CA moms near Sacramento? I live here, and the state fair starts tomorrow. provided everything turns out well today or tomorrow, I'm going to the fair this weekend. It is super cheesy, but I love it. I've gone since I was a little kid, and I have good memories of it. Plus if you have kids, they have the most incredible petting zoo.

Okay, now for me. I had a lot of trouble sleeping last night, so I'm glad I took the day off and napped yesterday. I feel like there is a huge rock in my stomach this morning. I know that the doc's office doesn't even open until 8:30, and they might not have results until this afternoon, but it is fairly likely that we will find out today. I feel like my life hinges on this moment. Sorry to be so dramatic, but I honestly feel like I'm going to completely be destroyed if the results aren't good. And I'm so scared right now, I can't even tell you.

What sucks is that there isn't anything that anyone can do. Everyone keeps saying, "Don't worry, it will be okay." And I can't not worry. I don't want people to tell me not to worry, I want people to be here to hold my hand and listen and just hug me while I worry. Some of my friends are in that "not sure what to do" mode that people get into when you're having a crisis. It sucks because I realize that all that crap I read about in Dear Abby is absolutely true. Even if you don't know what to say, just call and say something. Say, "Are you okay?" or "Is there anything I can do?" I'm feeling a little disappointed that one of my friends who I have known for 16 years has not called me or emailed for 4 days. Even to reply to the email I sent out to everyone to say that the amnio went okay.

I love that you all are here. I love that you always have a hug for me (even if it is a cyber one). I love that you are so supportive and that I feel that I can tell you anything. I don't love that there are people IRL that I've known for half my life that can't even get their shit in gear to pick up the phone when i am hurting.

Okay, sorry to write an entire novel. I hope news is good for everyone all around today, and I will absolutely log in here and tell you as soon as I know anything. there is a chance we won't find out until tomorrow, so if I don't post again, don't assume the worst. Hugs to you all. Please know how much I appreciate each and every one of you!
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Oh Lesley, now i'm gonna cry.

I also don't knwo what I'd do without my online support groups... both here at MDC and over at FF (even tho I'm kind of a freak there). There's just something about being able to pop on and have someone there for you.

big hugs all around.

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OH wow - a group hug is in order... !!!

Shannon - what a nightmare of a day! Please try to keep yourself calm somehow. Memphis is fine, and you and your baby are fine. Focus on that. Healing vibes and thoughts going out to you and your godson.

As for calorie and nutrient-rich foods, I can help you on that! I know the local sources!

Lesely - oh -(((((hugs))))). I hope you take comfort in our support, and I hope that it is enough to help you.
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I second the grouphug notion!
Lesley, I'm keeping my fingers crossed bigtime for you...

Shyly -- what a great find!!! Good for you! I wouldn't worry too much about not gaining more weight. I gained 4 pounds in the beginning and have stayed there (though it's obvious I"m expanding!). I think our bodies know what to do and will gain when it's time (I weigh the same as you, btw.) If you feel healthy, you probably are (IMHO).

Hevea, Shannon, and Joy!
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Originally Posted by KateSt.
Hevea-- so glad you're feeling better! How unlike you to throw up (and I can't imagine the blueberry pancakes were pretty the second time around! :LOL ).
forgot to comment on that one...:LOL no, sadly not as pretty as before I ate them! Dh actually offered me his when I returned to the kitchen (he eats more slowly than I do. Not that I scarf it down - he just reads the paper while eating...to the point where his eggs must get cold, yuck!) - um, no thanks, honey!
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I'm all for the group hug and the international nap time!!

Shannon, sending get well vibes for your godson.
The story about Memphis made me sad, so glad that he is ok and that his owners trust you both so much.I love that animals have groups like the Humane society to speak for them, there are so many terrible things that happen in this world to humans/animals that can't speak.

Lesley, don't you just love this groups of people here?
I am thinking of you, and sending big hugs your way!

Shyly , wow, I have been scouting yard sales for cloth diapers and other bits that I need for this babe, but can't find anything good, so glad one of us did!

Well, we just had a great couple of days off with dh. We went to the Zoo which dd loved. She desperately wanted to jump right into the lakes, and gave dh a good work out running after her!

I am off to the new m/w tomorrow afternoon. She is a friend of the family, and is a very nurturing sort of a person,so I am trying to keep my mind open, but I am already leaning towards her, rather than the old midwife.
Does anyone have any "interview questions" that they would like to share. I have a couple to ask her , but would appreciate any more input. Thanks.

Have a great Thursday xxx Jasmine
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I'm beginning to get a serious complex, I wrote a response like 4 times this morning and each time it didn't post. I had all these comments for everyone! I'm not trying the same message again because, frankly, I'm afraid.... so please make up your own witty and thoughtful response to your posts and give me credit

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:LOL Kitty!
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Originally Posted by ChloesMummy
Has anyone heard of the Cystic Fibrosis carrier Testing? They gave me some brochures on it- just wanted to get some feed back what people may think of it.
Why, yes! We've heard of it! (I put in a lot of detail about it so go back 1-2 pages it's there). Basically, my OB did a genetic counseling questionnaire which their office now does as standard, and I hit as high risk and agreed to the blood test. And yup, I'm a carrier. So dh just got tested and we'll know the results in *8* more loooong days. It's pretty common in people of exclusively (or primarily) northern european decent. Thought to be as high as 1:5 in those populations. 1:20 for caucasian in general.

So yeah, I'm a little worried. But VERY glad I had the test. I'm all about non-invasive tests and have no problem drawing blood, so my opinion is, if your insurance pays for it, what's the downside? I guess you could argue that needless worry is a downside, but knowing that I'm a carrier and I'm married to a northern european chap myself it's hardly needless, and in fact I'm extremely glad we found out and are getting tested so we can (hopefully) put this behind us, or, if he is a carrier, go and get kiddies tested to help them as early as possible before it takes a hold, kwim?

HTH. Good luck.
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Hi everyone.
Well, Mark is still in a coma, but now it's drug induced. He has a skull fracture and 27 stitches and staples in his head. Basically, it looks very good that he will pull through, but nobody can say with how much damage. I want so much to fly out and be with him and my girlfriend, but Steve is adamant that I don't need the added stress (bp is still up) it's quite unlike him to put his foot down, so I'm guessing he feels pretty strongly about this.
Haven't spoken to the owners of the dog yet today, I called when I figured they'd be back from their vet appt, but they weren't home yet, I just left a message with them.
Shyly, sorry you're not feeling like eating, I certainly know where you're coming from. I'd be thrilled with a 7lb gain in the first trimester! How much were they expecting you to gain??
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FISH results are in...

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Oh Lesley!!! That's wonderful news!!!!
You must feel so relieved!!
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CONGRATULATIONS, Lesley!! How wonderful -- you must be sooooo relieved! I'm just so happy for you!!!

Shannon -- keeping my fingers crossed for your godson...
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WOOHOO Lesley, what a huge sigh of relief for you

Shannon - I'm glad that your godson is stable... when do they plan to pull him out of the drug induced coma?

So i just went thru the bag of clothes from my friend last night. I'm in awe. She gave me probably enough maternity clothes to get me all the way thru (6 pairs of pants, 1 fits now, 2 morenwill fit in another 3 inches, another in 4 and 2 are definatly late 3rd tri pants - and 11 cute tops), but i have a question for the btdt moms here... she gave me 17 new born onsies, 15 pairs of socks, 5 long sleeve long legg onsie thingies, 3 sleep sacks and a few assorted other things.... is that enough for a newborn? should i change my registry for bigger stuff?
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