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Week of August 16th

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October Mamas Roll Call

Yoga mama
snugglebutter 10/01
mirthfulmum 10/03 BOY! Harrison Eliot Smith
*prediction: last week of Sept, 8 hrs labour*
TracyK 10/04
mhurst 10/04
kraftykathy 10/04 *prediction: Oct 4, short labour, girl*
Jillerina 10/04 *prediction: Oct 6, 6 hrs labour*
water 10/06
KateMary 10/06 GIRL!
Proudly AP 10/08
MamaEmerald 10/08
mayasmama 10/08 GIRL!
FutureMama 10/09 BOY!
bluehalo 10/10 BOY! Noah Daniel
allformyboys 10/11
Lucysmama 10/12 *prediction: girl, Oct 8, 16 hrs labour*
bendmom 10/12
momadance 10/13 BOY! Gabriel Reed...? or will it be Zappa?
*prediction: Oct 23rd*
Mandi 10/14
rhemp 10/14
wannabmommie 10/15
MTBto5 10/15
krnflwr 10/16 GIRL! *prediction: Oct 16th, 10 hours labour*
gmvh 10/16 TWINS! BOY! and GIRL!
Piglet68 10/18 BOY! Sasha Adam
MommyMuse 10/19
JenDoula 10/19
BeansMomma 10/20 GIRL!
Mom2Lily 10/20
CourtneyandLogan 10/21 BOY! Zander Julian
*prediction: Oct 18 or 28*
OakEmber 10/21 BOY! Oakley Kai
*prediction: Oct 6 - 10, 6 hours labour*
mtnjenny 10/22
Stanleymama 10/23 BOY! *prediction: Oct 18, short easy labour*
gottaknit 10/24 *prediction: Oct 31 - Nov 4, > 9 lbs*
3boyz4us 10/24 *expected Oct 22*
Ctmom70 10/24 BOY! Alex Richard
*prediction: Oct 14, 5 hrs labour*
Kim22 10/24 BOY!
aspiring mama 10/25
sunshinegal 10/25 Fiona
truebluexf 10/27 *prediction: Oct 11, 8 hrs labour, boy*
Soogie 10/27 *prediction: Oct 27 or 28*
ameliabedelia 10/29 GIRL! Greta Marie
*prediction: Oct 17, 10 hrs labour*
flitters 10/30
BeauGeek 10/30
AnnR33 10/31
guinnessinu 10/31 TWINS! BOY! and BOY!
BlueMoonTime 10/31 GIRL! Alexis

Hi everybody! Sorry this is a bit late getting started today. DD woke up bright-eyed and bushy-tailed at 4:30 am, lol. I stayed up with her until 7 am when DH woke up, then I went back to bed!

Today I am 31 weeks. AND...it's my last week at work!! I'm getting really excited about being a SAHM again. DD is just getting to be so much fun to hang out with - she's so talkative and adorable.

Question of the Week: okay people, you're going to have to help me out here. I can't think of a thing. First person to post a question gets to set the QOTW!
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30 wks, 1 day


Piglet....yeah on the homestretch of working!!

i looked at all you guys' pictures last night...how much fun was that! it's so cool to put faces to everyones name! i will try and get a picture up sometime. i'm grungin' it today while doing laundry from camping, so proly won't take any pictures today...:LOL maybe i'll get some up of the boys. oh, and i *won't* being doing a nakey belly shot...TOOOOOOO many stretch marks!! (thank you, 10 lb 7oz ds#2... )

k, Piglet, how's this question.....What is your favorite and most annoying type of baby movement?

for me, i love the rolling movements and the definite kicks....most annoying are hiccups and whatever those spastic things they do in there.
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Yeah Piglet!!!! I remember counting down when I was working. I could hardly wait to be a sahm!!! And I still love it!

QOTW: The most annoying movement that I feel right now is the foot in the ribs. Hiccups don't bother me and the little movements here and there are fun and a thankful reminder that he is doing ok in there. But the foot up in the ribs....makes me want him out! I think that I am just ready to feel "normal" again..KWIM?
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Great question 3boyz4us! I am one of those clueless ones though when it comes to movements, I don't think I feel rolls and I can't seem to tell when Oakley changes position, if he does. So my favorite movement is just kicks and bumping, especailly when you get a big wallop that surprises you. The most annoying is lately I have been getting some painful pokes just in this one spot at the top of my uterus. You know what's weird, I don't seem to carry under my ribs but over, I have never gotten kicked in the ribs like some of you have described...am I the only one?

Piglet...that's so exciting, both the move being so close and work being finished for you!

So Dh decide to decline that job...the pay wasn't good and there were just many things that didn't seem to sit right with him (one of them being that they have a punch clock and Dh would only be the second employee, it's a husband and wife running the company with one person working for them at present, does that seem weird to you guys too? I mean there is nothing wrong with a punch clock to keep track of employees but for 2?? and they use some seriously bad chemicals which didn't sit well with me, don't need him getting cancer from his job, not to mention bringing bad stuff home on him...I won't even get new carpets with a baby on the way or in the house b/c I don't like the idea of the offgases, it that's even what it's called) He's had a job from hell experience once before and this one gave him the same feeling so I really wanted him to just trust his intuition. Even my own feelings were mixed about it, I mean you'd think we'd have been excited about him starting a new job this week but instead we were both dreading it. He has another 16 weeks or so of EI so we aren't to worried at this point. It feels good to get this off my chest though.

Hope everyone had a great weekend!
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OakEmber....no you are not the only one that doesn't feel the rib thing....i have never experienced that i guess...even with my 10+ lb babies...they must sit in front of them or something... guess it's something to be thankful for from what i've heard....i have never experienced any real uncomfortableness as far as baby movement goes...although, yesterday afternoon, he must have been clear up in my diaphragm, 'cuz i couldn't stand to bend over and felt like i had to belch all the time and had heartburn....it's way better today...must have moved into a different postion over night.

do you know what i mean by spastic movements? that's the best way i know to describe them....also, some of the movement just feels like it would if you had intestinal cramps...i know it's baby, but that is just what it feels like to me...that is kind of annoying to me...
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32 weeks


Hrm ... I guess it depends if I'm trying to sleep or not *lol*. Most of the time I enjoy all of the movements, esp. when DH or DS and I sit there w/ my shirt up watching my belly's gyrations. DH gets so excited, although he's said that he'd be totally freaked out having uncontrollable, spastic movements in his tummy for months on end. I definately don't like the cervix jabs ... and every once in a while he kicks so hard that it literally takes my breath away.

DH had a productive day yesterday ... he put together the dresser/changing table and the crib. I was so tickled to take all my NB and small dipes out of rubbermaid containers and caress them and fold them and put them into the drawers. I may have to take them back out later today to take pictures of. I'm such a dork *lol* I washed and lanolized all of my wool yesterday. *sigh* Simple pleasures *lol*.
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bluehalo...i meant to say before when i mentioned about looking at everyones pitures...i *love* your hair...it looks very thick...and i spose that's natural curl? very pretty!!
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29 weeks

Hi everyone! I'm sorry I was gone for so long but I was put on bedrest for preterm labour a few weeks ago. Seems I was dialated 1 cm an 50% effaced, having contractions every 2-3 minutes. Of course I had no clue( I don't feel early labour, actually I don't really feel much until transition hits). Thank goodness it was picked up by my practitioner and hospitalized until they were able to stop it. So far so good and just hanging in there. I hope that these little ones are able to stay put until I'm at least 34-35 weeks along.

Went in for a check up on thurs. and measured at 36 weeks . I feel huge and wonder just how big I'm going to get!

QOTW: Two are very different than one. Liam is definetly the active one and likes to cause pain(ribs). Actually he tends to keep a foot or something up in my ribs and its been very painful on that side for weeks. Mason seems much more laid back and I mostly feel rolling and shifting movements from him. This pregnancy I've been getting body parts sticking out of my stomach and moving across. Very cool to watch.

I hope everyone is well and that all babies are staying put! I'm going to try to catch up but my time in an upwards position is unfortunately very limited!
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29 weeks 5 days

Lindsey!! I'm so sorry! I know how you feel, though luckily I am not on total bedrest. But have heart, I've been 1cm and 50% effaced since 21 weeks!!! Started having preterm labor again but so far no more dilating, thank goodness. Hang in there. Hey, I just tought myself to knit this weekend using the internet...maybe you should try it? You could have a whole wardrobe for the little boys by the time they get here LOL.

Well, as I mentioned in pity party, my uti test Friday came back negative, meaning one of two things: either I never had a uti at all or the cranactin I took all week had killed it by then. I don't know though. I had contractions again the night before the test, enough to bring me to the mw...if the uti was totally gone only 12 hours later, don't you think it couldn't be the cause of the contractions? Plus, I had more contractions last night. So I'm a little worried now. The worst part is, if I have the baby early, I get the doc on call...I have no OB here in town as a backup, and quite frankly I am unimpressed with them all. Gosh, I wonder if I should make a birth plan up just in case???? I don't want drugs or scissors coming near me!!! At any rate, I'm on modified rest again until I near 36-37 weeks. Ugh.

QOTW: My favorites are the ones where I feel limbs kind of rolling across my belly. I hate the cervical jabs. I do know what you were talking about above with those strange spastic movements, I wish I had some idea what exactly they were! And I also have never felt feet in the ribs, my babies' feet have always been down more in belly; DS's stuck out my side and this one's are in front (on top of it all, this babe is comfy sitting posterior ).
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Lindsey - So sorry your are on bedrest! What a bummer! How is Kieran handling it?

QOTW: I love it when the baby rubs its foot along my belly. If I put my hand there, I can actually feel the little foot go across my hand. So sweet!

But I hate it when I really have to pee, and the baby punches my down low in my pelvis! Ouch! I don't ever leak or anything, but it is SO uncomfortable and hurts.
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Just peekin in...

QOTW: Vagina blows definately. OUCH! :

Well, waiting for some replies in FYT and a *useful* reply in HB....we're considering a doula grad who needs to attend births, as suggested by a girl in LLL. Apparently, my fitness instructor, who delivered in July took the tip and she was pleased. The perinatal coordinator....as the latest in the wb saga ended up being no bringing in a tub b/c of concern about the weight of the water. and the practice docs sayin that would be pushing the envelope too much in already hostile territory of L&D for me to stay in the tub for delivery. The PC mentioned a doula to keep me home as long as possible....I'm thinking...dry off, get in the car, drive 30 min or more in rush hour and reward UNC for a birth that I had to settle for.... Dh said no. Then he started figuring how to set up the tub and then he said can I be comfortable with a MW, since the MWs we've met here so far have stunk and could we find a HBMW and could I get comfortable in ......9 wks. : Sooooooooooooo...oh I got a new message and I forgot I should send an email for a provider list for a hb site for our state. So, I dunno....have a hosp birth and have to get out of the tub. : Have a hb and not be quite that comfortable about not being at a hospital for a safety net.

OK, checking inbox and checking hb site.
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OakEmber..so nice you don't get the foot in the ribs. I get both the foot across the ribs (like you described) and the sometimes a foot in the rib.

Bluehalo..I am getting ready to get baby's stuff together. Yet i feel that it is too early, yet I want to get it done. AHH the conflict within I think that I am starting to get more of the nesting urges. I want to clean out closets, get rid or pack away stuff that we no longer wear or use, etc.

Anybody feel their taste in clothing change lately? I just feel like when I have this baby I want to go on a big shopping spree and get some new clothes. So many that I have I have had for what seems like forever. Maybe it is having such a slim selection of what I can presently wear. Or maybe I just need a "pick-me-up."
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30 1/2 wks

Hello ladies!

QOTW: I love the foot traveling across the belly too! The cervix punches are probably the worst - luckily I haven't had too many. Oh, and I know exactly what yall mean about spastic movements. It feels like a cat attacking a little bug in there.

So, I just passed my kidney stone about an hour ago, and I'm so excited! (I had mentioned it in the pity party thread). It did feel a bit like labor (worse than labor) when it was moving out of my kidney last Thursday night, I was actually doing labor breathing. But then it settled in my bladder and irritated the hell out of me for a couple days. Finally I felt a pop and it came out painlessly while peeing today. And yes I always do everything right, drink tons of water, etc - they just run in my family. I get them during pregancy I guess cause everything slows down a bit. Okay and I ate too much ice cream. That'll teach me. No it wont.

Stanleymama- Oh man I have totally been thinking about shopping lately. I think it's probably the slim selection that makes ya want to shop. I'm even excited about wearing my "bigger" postpartum clothes that I bought last time. Anything but a big tent shirt.

So Letia, you're considering a homebirth? That's so exciting. From everything I've read from you, it sounds like it would be a great experience for you. You could have control over your entire birth and be in the water as long as you want. If you get a licensed midwife you know, they have everything there for emergencies like oxygen, anti-hemmoraging meds, suturing stuff, etc. And if you have an emergency, you could always just transfer. I'm biased though I hope you figure everything out to your liking.

Congrats on your last week of work Piglet! What a relief that must be.

OakEmber - Sounds like your husband made the right decision. I'm a strong believer in intuition too. I don't think any job is worth possible getting cancer, yikes. That's good that he's got plenty of time to find another one.
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29 weeks 2 days

hi mamas!

gosh, i don't know where to start this week. last week i was on a business trip and didn't have easy web access so i couldn't post so i have way more catching up to do than i possibly can...

let's see... i wanted to send my best to lucysmama and lucy, i hope things really do get better with the therapy. also hoping those who are feeling crappy are able to get comfortable here and there before the babies come (hopefully not too soon!)

i love the picture gallery! whoever asked about the first picture of me climbing, i am definitely *not* pregnant in that shot! hahahhah! i put up a belly pic and a recent but blurry climbing pic for comparison.

so to chime in on last weeks discussion about discharge, in my dh's words, i'm much more shmutzy than when not pregnant. i just change my panties once during the day and it's ok, but what really gets me is the night time oozing. sheets need to be changed more frequently!!! i may have a minor yeast infection but if so it's very, very mild and washing is treatment enough. i don't have normal symptoms, but my discharge is definitely weirder than usual so...

qotw: my favorite baby movements are when a big baby part brushes across my whole tummy. i'm not sure if it's feet or arms or what, but i like it! i don't have annoying baby movements yet... though i'm pretty sure my baby hasn't settled head down yet so i get kind of concerned sometimes when there is a baseball like head poking me in the side that it won't go vertex (even though it's early).

i missed you all last week! i'm SOOOOO happy to be home with dh again and it's nice to be back online too!

also, i have a question: most likely TMI so stop here if you don't want to hear details about my and dh's intimate life. so... saturday dh and i were in bed. he was lying on his back, propped up a bit with pillows and i was lying face down. errrr, face down low... with my head in his lap i suppose... bobbing up and down. ok, i suspect you get the picture. i was really very well supported with pillows on all sides so there wasn't pressure on my tummy. so after a couple minutes of this all of a sudden, i am stuck. i stop and pull my head up, dh looks confused, and i'm still stuck. i can't move my body. my head and arms were fine and my legs from the knees down were also ok, but i couldn't roll or get up or anything. any attempt to move was excruciatingly painful on both sides of my waist. it was like they had completely seized and any movement felt like it would rip me. i waited a bit and it still didn't go away so i had dh help lift me up since i figured if i turned over maybe it would ease. so he helped me move which hurt badly but i think was good in the long run and then i just lay there. it was kind of funny so we were laughing a bit too which really hurt. after a couple minutes it eventually loosened up so i could move again.

so what was that?????? i read someone else's post that her contractions made her feel stuck. does that sound like a contraction? i've had some which are not at all painful but make my uterus ball up hard and it didn't feel at all like that. it was just tight on either side and kind of felt like my ligaments had seized... can they do that? has anyone experienced this? it was REALLY weird and REALLY painful (tolerable certainly, but it hurt a lot) and i was REALLY stuck. anyone have any idea?


ok, i need to get back to work.

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Ok, Flitters, I'll give it a shot. It sounds like what happens to my calves when I suddenly stretch out my legs or have been exercising too much. They seize up (charliehorse) and it's excruciating to move until it gradually goes away. So maybe this is what happened to your round ligaments with all that, um, bobbing? :LOL

Maybe you just need a little extra calcium? I find if I drink one extra glass of milk a day I don't get muscle cramps...

BTW, maybe you two should try that particular activity in a different position next time. Like, you stay still (and comfortable) and he does the moving, kwim?
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hahhaha, thanks gottaknit!

when activities resumed (much later) i took a comfy seat and made him stand. no more bobbing for me during pregnancy!

i wonder if it was a muscle cramp. now that you mention it, i forgot that i simulaneously had a foot cramp (since my sides hurt so much i forgot about that)... maybe i was a bit low on some sort of electrolytes. i wonder if that is anything like a real contraction... i kind of doubt it and sort of hope not too - i really hope to be able to move during labor, even if it hurts more!
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OMG, flitters I'm so sorry, but I"m going to have to wait to answer your question until I'm done rotflmao...

: : :

I'm saying this with all the love and sympathy I can, it's just the way you described what you were doing....it was so funny...i'm sorry...I just can't help giggling at your term "bobbing"....

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Approx. 32 weeks here.

I am so proud of myself For the past 7 years I have had the contract for fixing the school bus windows. I kept wondering how I was going to do them this summer. Well no problems I climb up on each bus did the break and climbed back down. I think the poor guy who manages the buses wondered how I was going to do them (he said he had a step ladder should I need it). Not that I am at all big, I hide prgancies well. What makes me even happier is I started at 6 am and was done by 10:30, with an hour break. Usually it takes me a few days to do all buses and rigs for this district. We are waiting for one bus to get back from some warrenty work to see if it need and windshield attention, other than that I am done!

Flitters, I got stuck on the floor once with my legs up on the bed ( I was trying to help the blood go somewhere else but my legs) took me over 30 minutes to get moved and standing (the whole process was very painful). Dh was at work and there was nothing my girls could do to help me. For me its just my hips and lower back are really loosing up for birth and everything goes out of place very easily.

I dont really know which movement is my favorite I think all movement is fun except for the one where it feels like it coming through cervix : That really is a painful move.

Dh is on vacation for the next 10 days so we are painting our room and cleaning the carpets after that, so our room will be the first done Then we are hoping to go on a camping trip. We have a 24 foot camp trailer and the place we chose to go is really bad road (Magruder Corridor) so we will be tent camping with me at 32 weeks :LOL But the girls are really looking forward to going and the cheese factory at the end, Darby Montana. Hopefully theres still a cheese factory there
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It wasn't me but dh.....a few years ago he was on top and he got a cramp in the back of his thigh. : It really destroyed the mood b/c I tend to bust out laughin if u bump into something or trip, much less a cramp during sex!

Nancy? was that u? I got this tip from I'm

flex your feet when you stretch! I haven't gotten a charley horse since June!

Just did a custom order at Baby Bloomrs and she has free shipping for MDC mamas with the code of exactly that in all caps.

http://www.babybloomrs.com/fpdb/images/fab3.jpg (also got a blanket to match)

http://www.babybloomrs.com/Store/res...asp?curpage=2# (mil asked if I found one...and since she's buyin...)

That makes....a dozen...:

I'm working on some others.....tho.

Got a custom from Seventh Heaven babies....its another Noah's Ark. I couldn't pass up. She emailed me the fabric swatches a friend of hers had the material, so I can't show u til I get.

Gotta plan what I'm gonna do next....I've got a lot of prints now...maybe I'll concentrate on some more handdyed....:nana
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33w 1d

I can not believe that it is the middle of August already! September is just a couple of weeks away... and then before we know it our Oct. babes will be here!

It has been a chaotic couple of weeks here with school, and a sick grandpa, and parenting a toddler, and being 8 months pregnant. But I'm just finnishing up my last week of class and then I'll be all done (insert pregnant lady happy dance smilie here). I'll only have 2 more classes to go 'till I get my degree and I can do both of them by correspondence. Can't wait for my university days to be behind me.

QOTW: I love the rolls and the big arms and leg movements when my whole stomach moves. It makes me so happy to think of my little guy getting biger and stronger and staying healthy. I could really do without the rib kicks, cervix jabs and bladder pummerlings though.

Oh, Alias just woke up from his nap so that's my cue to get off the computer.
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