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*Newbie here* (posted an intro ealier)
32 and a half weeks

I definately agree that the jabs to the cervix have been the biggest bummers. Every once an awhile I'll get a sharp little poke in the side that ranges from shocking to a little painful. And the big rolls just crack me up. I can't even figure out what he's doing in there!

This week has been a bummer for me because I caught a cold from a co-worker. So every day I've been getting bloody noses because these poor, fragile membranes and all this extra blood just don't work well with constant nose-blowing. I'm so ready to be well again! Sick and pregnant is so lousy!
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Welcome, Kristin!!! We are a little nutty, but we're a fun group. Glad you joined us!

How are you guys doing? I shopped with my dd for a few hours today for a new bra (38 DD, WOWZA!), new shoes for Lucy, etc....I am so pooped now! Plus, my dd was SOOOO whiney and annoying at the mall. She refused to walk, so I had to push the stroller, but she kept standing up in the stroller, and almost fell several times. GRRRRRR.

I think I need to be on a deserted island. Everyone is annoying the crap out of me.

: My mom is driving me so nuts again. She wants to take my dd to the beach tomorrow to a family party. Ok, I say, 2:00pm. Fine, she says.

So, she just called and said, "Um, I need to pick up Lucy at 11:45am instead." Uhh, no. That's when Lucy naps and she knows it. I tell her as much, and she starts giving me all kinds of crap about it...."just let her go without a nap", "she'll be fine" "I HAVE raised kids before." etc etc. So not only does she want my toddler to spend the entire day without a nap, on the beach, going at noon, in the full-sun, totally crabby and with people she barely knows, now she gives me all kinds of guilt trip-crap about me saying no. She thinks I am playing games with her or something...I swear, the woman does not GET the whole "put your kids first" thing. I offered Lucy at 1:00pm, trying to compromise, and she said she'll "think about it and get back to me." Whatever. The woman drives me so nuts.
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Why would your mom want a toddler who hasn't napped? Is she a masochist? This isn't even an "AP" issue, it's just common sense. If my mom said, "I have raised kids before.." to me, I'd say, "Exactly, and now it's my turn."

Flitters - I get stuck in certain positions too. With me, it's my sciatic nerve causing it. But I could see how it would be ligaments and stuff. We've got that relaxin hormone being released now so everything gets real loose, and joints can kinda get out of place. Thanks for the laugh by the way

Welcome MamaEmerald! I've got a cold now too, and it's awful. Like we don't have enough to deal with just being pregnant.

p.s. - I put in a request to change my username to something shorter cause it was bugging me. So, I'll be just "Court" from now on.
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Welcome, MamaEmerald! so what is your edd? do you know what you are having a boy or the reference to "him" just generic? sorry about the cold.

Hey, Court!! i want to change my user name at somepoint too, but can't decide on what to use.

Katie...bummer about your mom...i too don't know why she would want to take an "unnapped" toddler either. hope you can come to a compromise.

i have to see the chiro again...haven't seen him since last Tuesday. it seems to be working...how long does this go on when you see a chiro? i have been going for about three weeks now.

Tonight we are having the family b-day party for ds#3...his b-day was Fri while we were camping. i'm going simple and just making homemade pizzas and then cake and ice cream.

well, need to get in the shower...talk to ya'll later.
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Originally Posted by CourtneyandLogan
Why would your mom want a toddler who hasn't napped? Is she a masochist? This isn't even an "AP" issue, it's just common sense. If my mom said, "I have raised kids before.." to me, I'd say, "Exactly, and now it's my turn."

:LOL I'll have to remember that one! Hee hee. My mom isn't a masochist - she's just one of those rare human beings who truly believe the world revolves around them. She thinks everyone should accomodate her, including her 2 year old granddaughter! Anyway, she's not taking her. Dd NEEDS her nap, she still sleeps 2-3 hours/day. I'm proud I put my foot down, it's hard to do to my mom, she is so controlling.

Sorry about your cold!!!

Anyone else having a problem with anemia at all??? What are you doing to bring your iron up?
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Lucysmama...good for you for standing up to your mom. My mom is also controlling and thinks the world revolves around her. I have to put my foot down with her on occasion, but thankfully we don't see much of her. Which is kinda sad, but then when I think of all the crap we deal with because of her, it becomes a blessing.

Flitters.. I too had quite the laugh. A couple weeks ago dh and I were having a bit o'fun and I got a HORRIBLE leg cramp. I wanted to laugh and cry all at the same time.
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32 weeks

Argh! I just had a post that had taken me the past 30 mintues to write dissapear just as I was about to hit send!

Anyhow, Flitters, I can't comment on getting "stuck" in certain positions since I've never experienced anything quite like that, but I did want to thank you for making me laugh this morning!

I also had to laugh at your husband's description of your discharge as "shmutzy." My husband has also commented on the difference in my discharge lately, but couldn't think of a good word to describe it. Shmutzy is way better than anything we could come up with! The other day he said, "Um, well...its really thick and sticky, kinda like the paste kids use in kindergarten." Maybe this is TMI, but after sex he commented that his penis was coated in something similar to "the sugary, sticky coating on a Krispy Creme donut." I'll certainly never think of donuts the same way again...LOL.

QOTW: I love feeling all of the BIG movements, the ones that make my entire stomach roll and contort. As for the annoying movements, there is one spot that is really tender when he hits/kicks/punches it. The spot is really low and slightly left of center. I've wondered if maybe that is my cervix, but thought that my cervix would be more low and center, not off to the side...?

Bluehalo, I love your photo. The reason I haven't posted one yet is because the only pregnancy pics I have so far are ALL nudes, and DH and I haven't gotten around to taking more yet. Unlike yours, my breasts are not covered in any of the photos. I'm not a particuarly modest person, but didn't want to make other folks uncomfortable by posting them...

OKay mamas, I could also use your input when it comes to naming this kid. We've settled on Miles for a first name, but still aren't sure about a middle name. The main contenders so far:

Miles Henry (no particular reason, I've just always liked the name Henry)

Miles Devlin (my maiden name, but my name was changed to that when my mother got remarried when I was a kid, and never had a very good relationship with him, therefore slightly unsure about using his name, but the rest of the Devlin family are wonderful...)

Miles Rocket (because in a way DH and I like names that are a bit more unusual, but thought maybe we'd reserve a more "out-there" name for a middle rather than a first name...)
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7 weeks to go!

Originally Posted by Lucysmama
Anyone else having a problem with anemia at all??? What are you doing to bring your iron up?
I have been so run down lately. I thought it was due to stress and my intermittent insomnia but I looked under my bottom eye lids 2 days ago and they were bright red. (I read in a book that to check for possible anemia you look under your bottom eye lids and see what colour they are. If it's red than you're low on iron. If it's pinkish than you're fine.) So I've added some Floradix to my daily vitamin routine. Alias needs to take it everyday as he is naturally mildly anemic and we are vegetarians and getting iron through your food is tough (especially when your toddler is a pretty picky eater) so we always have some in the house. I haven't noticed a huge difference yet but I did get a full nights sleep last night so perhaps today will be an easier day.

Katie - Once again I think our moms must've been seperated at birth. I've had very sismilar conversations with my mom when she's here visiting. She thinks that when she comes to visit that Alias' routine should just be thrown out the window... because his "Ama" is only visiting for a few days . She's always winding him up before bed time so that he'll stay up later. Or trying to get him to conform to her schedual. And complaining that I'm too rigid when I step in. And she loves to talk about how she can't wait to take Alias to this remote middle-of-nowhere-Alaska cabin that her friend owns all by herself for a long weekend, and when will I let her do that, soon right? Yeah right! I told her we'll discuss it when he's like 8 or 9 and she gets all pouty and says that I'm too over protective and don't I trust her? Frankly no. I was raised by this woman. I know what she's like. I just keep telling her over and over when ever she brings up what she allowed me to do when I was his age (or a bit older) that it's different. "Different how?" "This time I'm the mommy." It usually shuts her up for a bit.

Flitters - Your post totally cracked me up. I've never had that particular problem but I think that Court is probably right about the relaxin a causing your joints to get all out of place. I'm pleased to read though that the two of you found a solution to your little problem.

to you randy gals! I really really really miss my sex drive (even if they seem to be providing your more comical moments). Oh well.

FutureMama - I hate it when I loose posts. I try desperatly to recreate them but always fail miserably and then usually just end up logging off in frustration. Miles is such a great name, wonerful choice. I like Devlin the best for middle names, but it does seem a little funny to give him a name from a family it dosen't sound you have real strong connections to. So my vote goes with Rocket for the middle name. I think that it sounds really cool.
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Katie - I do all my cooking on a cast iron skillet. You might try that. The iron leaches into the food. Of course, all of the MEAT I've been eating might have something to do with why my iron levels are so good. I've never been much of a meat-eater, but lately when we go out I always order steak. Yum. I have no idea why.

I was thinking of benefits to being pregnant in summer and this is what I came up with:

1. Constant supply of fresh fruit and veggies. I eat sooo much better in the summer than the winter. And this is when the baby is developing taste buds, so hopefully will develop a preference for fruits and veggies!

2. Flip-flops mean no shoe-tying, which is pretty much undoable these days.

3. We get to deal with the post-partum flabbiness during the winter, when we're covered up anyway. Can you imagine having a baby in June and then trying to get into your prebaby shorts, tanks, and swimsuit? Depressing! We get to continue wearing our maternity pants and no one will be the wiser.

See, the hot weather isn't so bad after all....
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uhhhhhhhhhhhh what's going on with me today....

OH! I got an appointment to see my photographer and planned a (clothed :LOL) photo shoot!
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Does anyone know if Raspberry Leaf tea has soporific effects? I just had my first cup and now I'm sooo sleepy. Maybe I'll only drink it in the evening from now on.
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hi mamas!

so happy that my story made you laugh! it made me laugh too, which in turn made things more painful, but it was really quite ridiculous and too hard not to laugh. i think it probably was some sort of muscle cramp.

futuremama, the donut comment cracked me up. i will *always* think of that now when i see a krispy kreme glazed!

gottaknit, i also love the fruits and veggies of summer. we go to the farmers market on weekends and our garden is also starting to provide. i definitely feel better with all the produce and i bet our babies do too.

anyway, i'm sorry to lucysmama and mirthfulmom and all those dealing with pushy overbearing mothers of their own. normally i have a great relationship with my mom - we're very close. however, i've begun to have some problems with how critical she can be of certain things or people. we just spent the week together on a trip (i was attending a big convention for work and she came and saw the exhibits and stuff) which was mostly wonderful.

however, when we got home two nights before she was heading back to her house (about a 2 hour plane flight away), she made a few comments that really crossed a line with me. this is becoming more frequent as on her last visit (in february) she also said something wildly inappropriate. i don't ever yell but i was clearly angered and this time she really thought i was going to kick her out of our house (not the case). she knew i was angry (but that really isn't an accurate description of how i felt, i still can't put a finger on it) and after the incident i basically let it go and was nice as usual for the duration of her visit, although i suspect she knew i was still feeling very cool towards her.

i'm really not sure how this will play out... if a boyfriend had said something like that i would dump him on the spot, but i absolutely will not dump my mom. either she'll stop making comments that are truly wrong (both incorrect and inappropriate) or she's going to put a real dent in our friendship. i love her completely, but this certainly makes being around her much less pleasant.

do your mom's still call you baby names like "little one" or "tootsie" or anything? it doesn't bother me, but i think it is a reflection of how she fails to fully appreciate that i really am a very competent adult.

ah well, i do love her very much. it's just hard to be around her sometimes and it doesn't have to be like that, she just makes it that way.

thanks for letting me vent too. i feel almost silly complaining, my relationship with my mother is really wonderful and i'm very thankful for it.

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Thread Starter 
Okay, I've finally finished the paper I was working on, so now I can answer the QOTW.

gottaknit: great points about being PG in summer. I know I'm glad that I can cover up the post-partum weight in winter, and should be good by spring if I follow the same course as before. I was packing up some of my pre-pregnancy clothes the other day and longing to be that small again, lol.

QOTW: I like the movements that make my belly wriggle like a bowl of jello. or that make one side poke straight up. I don't have any feet in my ribs, but there are some limbs/knees right above my belly button that feel strange. He also seems to spend some time transverse, and I often get a foot poking me in my side...like really far to my side. And then I believe he has some hands or something down by my cervix. As someone else said, it's not in the center, it's off to the side, but very low down, by the hip joint. There isn't much room to move there, and so that sort of poking is uncomfortable. (great question, btw!)

Speaking of sex drives. Mine isn't all that fun anymore. With all the swelling, discomfort, and general "schmutzy-ness" down there, I'm too self-concious to engage in any "fun". I'm also tired all the time, and stiff and sore. Probably if we started anything I'd end up all seized up like flitters! Poor DH, I think it's a safe bet that he ain't getting much before baby comes, and we KNOW he ain't getting any afterwards, lol.

Futuremama: I think Rocket is kinda cool! I have to admit, I do like the name Henry, too. It sounds good with Miles.

MamaEmerald: glad to see you jumping into the conversation. hope your cold goes away! I've been having some post-nasal drip at night - something must be pollenating out there...it's not fun! I've been snoring so bad that DH has been sleeping on the couch (which is actually okay by me b/c he snores bad and my insomnia doesn't deal with that very well!).

Katie: glad you stood up to your mom. the last thing you need to deal with right now is a toddler whose nap cycle is thrown out of whack! I think it's so funny that you are seeing the same counsellor that me and DH saw. She was a bit odd, but she did help us get off to a really good start, so I hope she gets in sync with you two.
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Piglet- I told Lanex, our therapist, today about knowing you. She thought it was so funny! She asked how you are...She said it "made sense" that you and your dh were into AP too, and was happy to hear about Emily and Sasha.

Therapy is ROUGH, man! Today was really difficult and uncomfortable. We're doing a lot of work about our childhoods, and I had a very rough one, so it is very hard for me to discuss. We did this exercise where I talked to dh as if he was my mother, and "confronted her" about her abusive ways. (The idea is that dh and I are repeating patterns from our childhoods with each other, so we are trying to work thru childhood trauma and issues first.) Yikes!!! Very hard for me. But I'm glad we are doing it. It's really hard being pregnant and so emotional, though. I cry at the drop of a hat - I'm not usually like this, it's just hormones. Our therapist must think I'm a real basket case!

Letia- How's the birthing plan going? Still unsure about what to do? Follow your heart, and don't do anything that will make you uncomfortable - it could have a huge impact on your labor and birth. How does your dh feel, is he still very nervous about hb? If YOU want to have a hb, I have heard that interviewing midwives can do wonders for getting reluctant DHs on board. He can ask a lot of questions, relay any fears, and see that the midwife is (usually) a very intelligent and competant care provider.
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QOTW: So far, none of the baby's movements have been painful for me (knock on wood.) I love all the movements I feel! It's just so crazy to me. I'm constantly trying to figure out what's what, and I'm totally clueless. How can I tell what's a head, or a bum? What's a foot, or an elbow? A knee or a shoulder? So mysterious...

Welcome Kristin, I'm relatively new here, too. I soooo wish I could have been here from the start!

Futuremama, I vote for Rocket!

I had a prenatal app't today with my doctor and it was so reassuring. For having a hospital birth (with a male doctor! Shocking, I know - it's a long story, and he's so great,) we're so lucky to live in such a crazy liberal place with a state-of-the art hospital. Our discussion today was about pain management and the doctor was so supportive of our desires for natural, gentle childbirth. He strongly encourages the use of the jacuzzi, birth ball, anything we want (jacuzzis in each room.) The doc said that in the last 85 deliveries, he's only performed 3 episotomies - yes!! This was the conversation I was dreading, and it was great. What a relief. Dh was so relieved, too, but as usual, he wasn't as worried as I was! Oh yeah, he was also so reassuring about us getting to the hospital at the right time, not too late and not too early (we live 40 min. from town.) Let's just hope there's not a snowstorm - ya never know at 8500 feet in October. Anyhoo, I'm just all giddy from that, thanks for "listening!"

Gottaknit and flitters, I'm with ya on the fruits and veggies. In fact, the doctor today gave me a very gentle reminder about taking it easy on the sugar (I've gained 30 lbs...anyone else wanna share? To make me feel OK?) so I went and stocked up on all sorts of healthy yummies...

Spent the day in my classroom, unpacking, organizing, and planning. I'm actually glad school is starting next week - I've been spending far too much time playing with diapers, and baby clothes, and diapers, and baby gear, and diapers...
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31 Weeks!!!

Hello, ladies. Well, you all have me chuckling this afternoon; between visuals of bobbing and doughnuts I think this has to be one of the funniest reading sessions I've had!

QOTW: Similar to many of you - I hate the rib thing. Luckily, it doesn't happen all that often. Little Bean seems to move around quite a bit and I really enjoy the more gentle rolls and thumps.

Anemia: Me too - I was primarily vegetarian prior to this birth and about a month ago I started really craving hamburgers. My test came back anemic so I've started listening to my cravings (sticking to organic, hormone free beef, of course). I've also occasionally added Ferrous Sulfate to my vitamin regimen per Dr. advice (but I think I read you can't take it with Calcium since they nullify one another).

So we've had a huge family in town for a week now and they all leave on Saturday. While it will be sad to see them go, it will be great to get the house back and start really preparing for the baby.

OK - anyone else having anxiety dreams? Last night was the worst... Summary: I dreamt that I had a c-section done to me w/o me knowing; w/o permission and no one else was around. I guess I am so freaked out over having to have a c-section that I'm feeling very unempowered. Hopefully this will change when I put together a birth plan - anyone have any good templates?

Have a wonderful week, everyone!
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Ack! I just lost my post too! Well I had responded to some of you but now I don't have time to do anything but give you my update as DH is already waiting for me to finish up.

Had my u/s today to confirm what we already know happens in 90 someodd % of cases, my placenta is completely out of the way. I am glad to have that peace of mind though. Oakley is estimated to weight 4lbs 11oz!! Of course I know that is a major guestimate and could be off by a lb. But it is cool because I have been telling my family that I am sure he must be 4lbs already judging by how much of a growth spurt it felt like he had. And just to be sure, we double checked...he's still a he!

My family is already out the door so I gotta run, I will have to try to get on again later to finish what I had already said.
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29 weeks

I am so excited. DH got a job AND we found an super nice apartment yesterday. It is the area which we REALLY wanted to live in and the job was the one that he liked the best (of all the interviews he has been on). It is also the job with the best prospects for permancy and stability, so we hopefully won't be moving around any more. We will be living only 2 1/2 hours away from my family, which will be great compared to the 18-20 hours away we have lived for the past 4 years. Our apartment is really nice, we will be living in a small New England town, the town walking/bike path goes right through the complex, there are like 3 playgrounds super close by and the complex also has an indoor heated pool, and outdoor pool and an outdoor kiddie pool we can use. DD will LOVE it, it will be so nice to be able to just take her swimming and to the playground really easily. She loves that stuff. Oh, and we were able to get a unit with a washer and dryer right in the unit. That was the most important thing to me. I will probably have 2 kids in diapers since dd still shows no inclination to potty train and will all this moving and stuff, we haven't done much with it. I am NOT going back to sposies, nor will I do laundry with a co-op machine in the basement. The only problem is DH starts on the 25th of Aug, and we won't be able to move in until Sept 5th, so he will have to stay in one of those extended stay hotels up there for 1 1/2 weeks, and then the weekend we are supposed to move in, we are also supposed to attend a wedding 400 miles away. So, that will be hectic, I don't know how that will work.

QOTW: I love all baby movements. I really have no clue where they are. I tend to feel lots of movement off to the side when I lie down on my left side. I like baby is transverse or maybe breech. I feel most movements down low or very far off to the side. I think she flips around a lot. I never really have any painful movements, I am just so thankful to feel all of them.

Flitters, I had to giggle at your story too, although it probably wasn't fun for you, sounds painful.

OakEmber, I am glad everything is ok with the plancenta, that is great.
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Jenny -- I've gained 33 lbs now, and I'm 30 weeks today. Feel better?

Amelia -- I bet your baby is head down...I feel most movements at belly button or lower, since the legs kind of curl around in the fetal position...so knees and feet are low, as are the hands down by the face. Is this what you feel?
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Hey Mama's,

33 weeks!

My tooth is much better. I didn't need the antibiotics afterall. The echinacea kicked in and cleared the infection. My dentist wants to try to wait (unless I'm in a lot of pain of course) until after the baby is born to work on the tooth since we are getting so close now.

Most of the baby movements are fun, but occasionally those rib kicks and pokes under the belly button get a little ouchie. I'm like BeansMomma and have that short torso thing. The poor baby must be so squished!

Well, we're off to go camping. Talk to you next week!

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