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Hope you have fun camping Kathy!

Amelia Super Congrats! Your new home sounds just awesome and congrats on yoru DH's job too! It sounds like you guys will really be happy there and it's nice that you are close(r) to your family!

I forgot to mention in my post...Oakley is definately transverse and now that I know where he is I am sure that he has been in this position for awhile. His head is on my left and the bum on the right with his feet hanging down at my cervix (time to start telling him to move I guess :LOL). So it's actually his arms that I feel the most movement from then.

BeansMomma-anxiety dreams are the worst aren't they?! It must be more of a first time mom thing as I haven't had any this time. Don't worry, once I had a dream that I couldn't BF and in the dream I was totally indifferent to it, I was like Oh, well I tried at least, no big deal...well in reality I extended BF so my dream really had no bearing on how I felt about BF IRL.

About the summer pregnancy...just one more thing to add...since summer is the time of year that seems to fly by the quickest it is especially nice to watch your third trimester fly by with it. Where I live esp. the winter drags on so I am glad that during that season I will be all cozy inside snuggling with my babies.

Court...I like the name change, much easier! Thanks for the feedback earlier re: Dh declining the job. Last night he told me of the dreams that he had had over the few days, both about being physically harmed (and he doesn't ever have dreams like that, or really believe in the power of dreams really, so it surprised me).

Welcome MamaEmerald!

Oh and Flitters, you should be awarded wife of the year for even going there in this condition! :LOL
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Wanted to respond to a couple more that I misssed.

Guinessinu- Sorry to hear that you've been put on bedrest! Hoping that your little boys stay put for another 5 or 6 weeks! Good to hear from you again!

MomtoL&A- that's great that you were still able to do your contract...that must have been quite a site :LOL Hope that you enjoy your camping trip!
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OakEmber, I too think you and DH made the right decision!

Katie: oh yes, those parts of the session were hard. but you know, it so helped to see each other as vulnerable and hurting inside..it's hard to be mean and defensive in that case! I cried in a couple of our sessions and I wasn't pregnant, so I'm sure she is used to seeing that!

Amelia, I am SOOOO excited for you!! Geez, are we living parallel lives right now or WHAT? Your new place sounds fabulous. I *so* know what you mean about wanting to just settle down and be permanent. I am so craving that. DH still doesn't have a job, and until then I'm not going to feel "permanent". Congratulations on getting it all worked out!!

Not much to report today. Hope everybody is doing well!
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Amelia -- I bet your baby is head down...I feel most movements at belly button or lower, since the legs kind of curl around in the fetal position...so knees and feet are low, as are the hands down by the face. Is this what you feel?
Yep, that is exactly what I feel. Most of the movements are right at the level of my belly button or just slightly lower or higher. I was really suprised at my last midwife appt when she showed me how high my uterus was, since I never felt movement that high. I really hope baby is head down. I know there is lots of room to move yet, but I just want her used to the head down position and to stay in that!

Thanks Pig and OakEmber. Piglet, I am sure your dh will get a job soon. My dh is a teacher so her HAD to get a job around now, school starts really soon! The schools are all in a crunch to hire their teachers now.

I hope all you camping mamas had/have fun. Camping sound so ambitious now, I don't know how you handle it.
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31.5 weeks!

Hello mama's and welcome to the newbies!

I've missed you all soooooooo much! What a hectic time! We got back from a wild wedding week in NY, and are nicely settled in the new house Looking forward to hopping in the jacuzzi after tucking little Miles in. He was the ring bearer in the wedding, and today he started gymnastics, where I sit on the side lines. He's like a little man! So bitter sweet to see them grow up!

QOTW: I DO NOT like the rolling around. He's been head down for a couple weeks (i can feel his head) I'm also not too crazy about the pushing on my pelvic floor, I feel like he's going to fall out!

Has anyone ordered their birth kits yet? or gotten their pools? I'm feeling like I need to get on the ball. I unpacked all the newborn clothes and dipes today!

Anyone reading any preg. books? my nose is in imaculate deception 2. Just finished up spiritual midwifery. Met a mom yesterday who used my CPM, but couldn't do a hb. Pre-eclampsia set in at 34 wks. Yikes, makes me feel like a jerk for every moaning about feeling sluggish.

Lucysmama: I have noticed myself feeling a litte anemic. I invest in lean roast beef from the deli, and grab a slice when I need a pick me up or snack.
Flitters you go! I'm still sex free from the 1st tri!

Well,hopefully I'll be up and running on the web from home next time I post! Broadcasting live from the library now. Just not the same!

Much love mama's!!!! :group hug
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Amelia - Your new home sounds wonderful! And congratulations to your Dh on the new job! It must be such a relief to have everything fall into place so soon before the baby.

I just don't seem to be able to find the time/energy to read and post much lately. But I am still loving checking in with you all at least once a day to see how everyone's doing, even if I'm not as chatty as usual.

As for the positives of summer pregnancy... well I am glad that some of you have managed to find your silver lining. I am so hot and uncomfortable, not to mention crabby, that it's been getting hard for me to keep a positive attitude. By mid-afternoon I am so done with the heat and summer that I don't care if I never see another juicy plum or sweet nectarine again. I just want summer to be over! Is it horribly obvious that I am super hormonal ?

I've got to get our apartment cleaned up. My in-laws are landing in a few hours. Then we are off to my Dh's cousin's wedding on Friday. The wedding's in Washington state, a place called Mazama, it's in the mountains. I've never heard of it but the pictures I've seen are beautiful! I am so looking forward to getting out of the city and having break.
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Mirthfulmom..have a wonderful time at the wedding. Sounds like it is at a beautiful location.

Last night dh and I went out with some friends for dinner and a movie. Their dr. and his wife came along and they were so cool. The dr.s' wife uses cloth diapers and wants to get togethr sometime to talk about our stashes. I was so impressed. They were so cool and down to earth.

This weekend we are heading to Milwaukee for Irish Fest. I can hardly wait to hear some good Irish music. A friend of ours is doing a show with her daughter. She is a folk musician and her daughter does Irish dancing. Should be a good time.

I had my dr. appt today and baby is doing well. I am getting more sore though in my pelvic area and vagina, which dr. says is because I am carrying this one low. I asked him then does that mean he will just slip right out. He laughed and said, possibly. My appts. are now moved to two weeks apart. Its getting close mamas!!!
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Finally got around to putting up a couple of pictures on the Yahoo group. No belly shot yet though. Maybe we'll get some good pictures over the weekend.
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YES, I have survived the move and am still sane I'm at the library now since we still don't have internet so haven't had time to catch up on everyone but hope everyone is well and no preterm labor or anything for anyone!!
I LOVE Washington! The weather is great, the farmer's markets are plentiful and the beaches are so fun and close by. I just love seeing the mountains and ocean each day!
I found my midwife-the orginal one I wanted Cascade Midwifery and Birth Center and I'm so pleased. She's great and has a student that is nice too. Love the rooms with the giant tubs!!
Will catch up more later!
Take care
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Ok! Checkin in! *why* am I sitting here with a full bladder when it burned the last time I went! :

Can't remember last thing I said...called a hb mw she was nice....she suggested I call a CPM who acutally lives in my county. A girl I know was looking into a hosp wb and I want to know her findings too.....

I may call the CPM to check her availability.

dh actually knows the dh who was one of her clients--his coworker.

he even talked to a dh who's dw was delivered by a mw. he was gonna follow up and see where they took place.

meeting with a doula Sunday. She's in training and needs to attend births and she attended the birth of my fitness instructor and she was pleased. Which btw, is a tip a girl from LLL gave me--contact DONA and there are doulas who need to attend births for experience and they don't charge!

She seems nice....

ugh! its so late! I need to got to bed! I get to sleep in until 8 at least since bodyflex (strength training) is at 9! Tomorrow ends my workout week. I'm only doing 2 cycle classses, skipped kickbox and doing this bodyflex this week. I think it would be prudent after the two day bedrest deal.

Got a ped tomorrow! She was booked last weekend and this but had availability tomorrow afternoon! I've *so* over my birthday ped!

I'm kinda up! Saw the *cutest hat!

I've checked the tp and the diapering board and ebay can wait til tomorrow I guess I better get off the baby high and go to bed....guess I'll dream about that hat...I've been dreaming about dipes and strollers on Saturday night when we were looking Saturday pm.

K, I need to get up in the am...Nite!
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30 weeks 2 day :)

You know what I just realized? Babies in this group are closer than we even think!! Some of us will be 37 weeks -- full term -- in just 3 weeks!!! That means we can start seeing babies in 3 weeks!!!

Let's see...so much is going on with everyone!! Congrats on moves, new jobs, great places to live....I am so glad I am not dealing with such major transition right now, we could not do it. I'm trying to lay low to keep baby IN for 7 more weeks. But I'm not good at sitting around doing nothing right now!!!! I taught myself to knit this weekend (did I mention that yet? I don't remember) and made DS a hat. Now I'm working on a newborn soaker, it's so fun!!! And, it will save me tons of money if I can make lots of homemade wool!! Granted, I have covers galore for a newborn leftover from DS, but no wool. I'll have to post it when I finish.

There are no positives to a summer in pregnancy in Florida. Period.

I'm not really reading any baby books at the moment, just keep flipping through Ina May's book and Birthing from Within again. I need to practice some of the techniques in there though. I ordered Hypnobabies the other day though so that should be here soon. I'm kinda excited about that one!

Oh and I thought of another movement I don't like. Do you ever feel like the baby is scraping its finger nails across your uterus? I know that's not what's happening but it's the best way to describe it.....
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Mirthfulmum! So cool to finally see a picture of you and Alias...I can't believe how far off I was (even Alias surprised me, for some reason I was thinking dark hair on both of you)! What a nice picture of you guys, you're both cuties! Sorry you have been feeling the way you are, hopefully getting away will help alot...maybe it will be cooler in the mountains. It will be nice for you to have a break after your busy summer.

Amy- I know it's crazy, if I am right with my prediction there are only 7 weeks left! Makes me feel like I have nothing done! Time to start washing clothes and diapers soon I guess! That's awesome that you taught yourself to knit! And I agree with the scraping across the uterus feeling, ouch!

Letia- sounds like you are making lots of progress, I am glad the midwife was nice. Keep us posted!

Ann- Yeah! I am glad that you are enjoying your new home in Washington! Sounds like you have found a great place to give birth too!

Stanleyma- have a great weekend, the festival sounds like lots of fun.

Momadance- glad that you are settling in nicely too, funny to see two of our moms checking in from a library (my RLF just wouldn't understand the need to do that, hehe). I am so jealous that you have a jacuzzi to jump into! I have been reading some pregnancy books throughout, the latest being Birth Without Violence but I am not currently reading any. I enjoyed Ina May's Guide the most and started Spiritual Midwifery but had to return it to the library before I had time to finish it.
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Hi Everyone! Hope all is well. Congratulations on all the successful moves, job searches, etc.

Amy - You just scared me to death with that "we could be seeing babies in 3 weeks" business! It's too soon!! Does anyone else occilate between "I am so ready to be done being pregnant" and "Oh my God I'm running out of time and still have so much to do!"?

Letia - I can't believe how much you work out! I must be the laziest pregnant woman out there. I used to bike commute 12 miles every day, but as soon as I outgrew my bike shorts (first trimester!) that was it. I get out of breath just trying to buckle my sandals now. :LOL

We met our new nameless midwife and her apprentice last night. They are so nice! DH and I are both excited about the switch. This is a much better fit. Now I just have to let her know we've decided and then fire the old midwife. Eek. I hate doing stuff like this! Send me strength! I'll probably end up apologizing up and down like I always do...

Have a good day everyone!
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Nancy - You shouldn't feel bad about firing your mw!!! It sounds like she just was not there for you guys, and is in way over her head. Maybe if she hears she could lose clients over this, she will change her ways a bit. You're probably not the first one to leave her over this! Sending you lots of strength.

Speaking of exercise, is anyone actually "working out" besides Letia??? I just can't do it. When I even walk a lot, I get a lot of very uncomfortable BHs contractions. When I do ANYTHING strenuous, I get them. I'm not too worried, but it is very uncomfortable to take walks while contracting so often. I have to take breaks from packing boxes because even that is making me contract...all the squatting, bending over, etc. Is this normal, do you think?
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Katie - I'm having the same issue with contractions. Bending over and squatting are definite triggers for me. As is lifting anything heavy. I wonder if I'd worked out more through the pregnancy, that this might not be an issue? I cannot imagine lasting through a kickboxing class at this point! :LOL
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Letia, allow me to pay homage to you . I can't believe you are still exercising - way to go, mama!! I just walked to the cafeteria and back and that was enough for me! Sasha doesn't seem to like it when I walk too fast (which is still very slow compared to normal), and starts wriggling and pushing me uncomfortably. So I have to walk super slow and I feel so lazy and disabled or something. The hospital patients pushing their IV's are passing me! oh...and i hope it goes well with the mw/hb issue. great that your DH is coming on board!

amelia: your post got me thinking, I feel almost all the movements around my belly button, and I too was surprised when the doc took my fundal measurement and the tape measure was way up high! So I guess he must be head-down now, too. I still feel things on my extreme sides though - maybe he's stretching!

momadance: glad the wedding went well, envying your jacuzzi right now!!!! that must feel so good for all those stiff, sore ligaments, etc.

stanleymama: I've been so sore in my crotch, too...it feels all swollen, and I'm sure it's b/c I'm carrying low. i don't recall feeling this way with DD until the very end.

Ann: it makes me so happy hearing about WA...in less than a week, I'll be in Vancouver, enjoying the same mountains and ocean views!

gottaknit: i'm so happy you hit it off with the nameless midwife! And I can totally relate to your fear of "firing" the other one. I'm liable to apologize, too. Or worse, be tempted to just lie 'yeah, we're moving to alaska tomorrow" and then hope I don't run into her at the local coop, LOL.

Okay, so my little bit of happy news: DD has slept through the night twice in a row. She HAS been waking/stirring at night, but has gone right back to sleep. AND....this is the second morning in a row that we haven't nursed before she gets up. Distracting her has worked so well, and today she didn't even ask!!. I feel kind of bad being happy that she's weaning so well but...man my breasts just hurt SO much, and the nursing aversion thing I have heard about seems to have shown up...it makes my skin crawl when she nurses, I can't explain it any other way. I'm sure she won't be fully weaned before Sasha arrives, or if she does, she may start up again when she sees him getting it all...but for now, the less the better!!

Hope everybody is doing well, and hanging in there. I can't believe we'll soon be seeing birth announcements!!!!
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Quickie post from me...but since the qotw had to deal with fetal movement, I figured I'd post while I had a free moment. Baby gave us a huge scare Tuesday and yesterday. I didn't feel much movement on Tuesday, but I was really busy and just attributed it to not paying attention. At bedtime, when the babe's most active uterine acrobatics begin, there was only slight movement. little nudges. Then yesterday, again, all day...no movement. Finally, at 4 pm, i called my mw all panicky. She told me to drink a large glass of orange juice and go lie down and to call her back in an hour and let her know if the baby had moved or not. So I did, and nothing. I was poking and prodding, hoping to jostle the bean, but I wasn't getting any response. So she had me come to her house to listen to heartones. I get there, and as soon as she puts the doppler on me...swish, swish, swish...baby sounded fine. He/She had decided to take a very looong nap and scare the bejeezus out of mommy in the process! She listened for about 5 minutes just to be sure, and then finally babe gave Beth, my mw, a hard thump on her hand. phew. Beth said she had her worried, because on Tuesday she had another client experience fetal demise at 26 weeks.

So, for the qotw, I like ALL and ANY movement this baby makes, even the ones that jab my ribs, take my breath away, give me stabbing pains in my vagina, and make my bladder want to release on impact! Babe is back to it's active self....and mommy is much happier!
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Soogie..glad your little one is ok. That would have given me a scare as well. When I haven't felt my little one for awhile I will wake him up by poking and prodding.

Piglet...swelling is exactly what I feel, so I bet you are carrying lowas well. Sometimes its not so bad, but then I have days where I feel like I need to sit down or this baby will just come right out.

I just got done putting away the baby's clothes---ooohhh I can hardly wait. I too jump back and forth between "i can't wait for this to be over, and ahh I am running out of time." Putting the clothes away makes me feel like I am getting something done. I am going to get all my diapers together next and get those organised around Sammy's dipes. I am really getting ready for my baby. I can hardly wait to get to hold and nurse this little one. I nursing!

Anyways, we head out tomorrow so i will chat with you all again on Monday. Hope you all have a great weekend!
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31 wks

Soogie - I'm so glad everything turned out okay, my heart was skipping just reading that. I would be freaking out. I agree, all movement is great! Everytime I feel this little one move I always think, "good he's okay."

Ann- I was just thinking about you and wondering how you were settling in. I'm so glad things are going well and you like Washington. I felt the same way about Oregon when we moved here.

I was pretty surprised to when I saw that Letia's still working out so much. I'll pay homage to you as well! I'm lucky if I take 1 walk a week. I always feel better after I walk though, I really need to do it more often.

Congrats on Emily doing a little weaning Piglet! Logan has cut out morning nursings too, and I'm also wondering how he'll react to the baby nursing. I wonder if he'll shun me completely or want to start nursing a lot more. I really would like it if he weaned completely. This is bad, but I'm kinda worried about certain family members who'll be visiting who don't know that he still nurses some. What if he asks in front of them cause he sees the baby latched on? I know they would think we were crazy, and I don't think I have the energy to defend myself and "educate" other people. And I want Logan to be able to nurse occasionally if he still needs it. Okay I went off on a tangent. I worry too much.

Nancy - I'm so glad you like the new midwife! I hope the firing goes well, just get it over w/ quick so you don't have to think about it. Oh and I keep forgetting to say that I share your love of flip-flops, that's literally all I wear. And I agree about with all your points on being pregnant during the summer. I think the summers here are a lot more forgiving then elsewhere though.

Oh - Mirthfulmum- you guys are adorable! I was thinking you guys would have dark hair too, but I don't know why.

Gotta go find something for us to do today, but I don't want to move.
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Originally Posted by Lucysmama
Speaking of exercise... I just can't do it. When I even walk a lot, I get a lot of very uncomfortable BHs contractions. When I do ANYTHING strenuous, I get them. I have to take breaks from packing boxes because even that is making me contract...all the squatting, bending over, etc.
Me, too! I've been kinda worried about this, as it is happening more and more frequently lately...and I am definitely NOT ready for this baby to arrive yet. I need more time, as uncomfortable as I may be at times, I'm not ready for "baby day" yet. Eeek!
I'm only to week 2 of my Hypnobabies course, and although I'm loving it, I'm worried that I'm running out of time. It's supposed to be like a 12 wk course, and I (we) don't have 12 weeks left. Yikes!

Letitia, don't go spending money on that super cute little strawberry hat!! My mom is in a knitting frenzy and has been making those strawberry (and blueberry and blackberry, etc..) hats like crazy. Not out of wool, mind you, but cute and soft cotton. PM me if you are interested in one, I'll send one your way. Goes for anyone else, as well, who would like a cute baby hat. LMK.
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