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March Mama's Aug 15-21st

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Our March Mamas Arrival Dates for 2005
Rebecca (Ravenmoon) 3/1
Christine (Cholderby) 3/2
Kylie (Luvmy3boyz) 3/2
Ekblad 3/3
LeShea 3/3
Amanda (Doulamommy) 3/4
Alicyn (mommy2b) 3/5
OaklandMama 3/5
JoyfulMomma 3/6
MsDoula 3/8
MamaSpruce 3/8
Eva (Finnsma) 3/8
Fiercelove 3/9
Michelle (Mtm) 3/10
Dawn&Gianna 3/11
Cyndi (CyndiN) 3/11
Kimberly (kimisaur) 3/12
Ang (Crayon) 3/13
Jocmtl 3/13
Serina (Somewhere to grow) 3/13
Melissa (Ladyelmo1) 3/16
Maya (muse) 3/16
Rachel (rad) 3/16
Karen (Karennnnn) 3/17
Shannon (RaisinGirl) 3/17
Jamie (NaturalBeauty) 3/18
Heidi (Weebitty2) 3/20
Rebecca (GeoGirl) 3/20
Joan 3/20
Kash (Patchfire) 3/21
Molly (Mimim) 3/21
puddinnpeanut 3/21
Shannon (Isfahan) 3/22
Jennie (Jenniebug) 3/23
Kim (EllieB) 3/23
Simplehome 3/23
Dee (Morningtillmoonmama) 3/24
Lise (TOmomma) 3/25
Ryann (anazmommy) 3/26
Giggs 3/28
Jenn (JennInSeattle) 3/29

Sometime in March:
Lila (CityGirl)
Pam (EMZ)

Ok,we have been slacking on this thread and i personally really enjoy it so can we try it again?

I will be 12 weeks tomorrow and i am very happy to have made it this far.Nursing is finally bearable again and my nausea is almost totally gone.I think i am going to start going back to the gym.I want to exercise and keep healthy this pregnancy.

My mom is living with us now and that makes things a little crazy.My kids start school next week which will be awesome becasue then i can have a break during the day!

My dd turns 7 next weekend.That is so crazy to me.

Today i have to take her to speech and OT therapy and then register her for school.Fun!

How is everyone else?
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I'm doing okay... so tired I can barely stand it, but I have some kind of upper respiratory thing going on, so I don't think that's helping. Going to the Dr's today to have that looked at; it's only been going on for a month

Nausea seems to be subsiding, though I started taking my vitamin at night instead of in the morning and that helped TREMENDOUSLY! Now, if only the fish oil pills would stop repeating on me!

Appt with the midwife on Weds. and will get to hear the heartbeat then! Really looking forward to that. I am at 9 wks, will be 10 wks on Weds.

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Hi ladies I've been reading here for a while, but haven't introduced myself yet. I'm hoping you'll let me join the group. My situation is a little different......I am a surrogate I will be 12w tomorrow with twins! This is my second time doing a surrogacy and my second time carrying twins. My last set of surro-twins were born 4-25-04. I'm also a sahm to a wonderful 3y/o dd. After this pregnancy we plan to give her a sibling.

Anyway, I was hoping you ladies wouldn't mind me chatting about pregnancy with you all.

Take care,
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Yes,yes to vitamins at night.I learned that with my second pregnancy.

Now for the fish capsules.This is very important.If they do not agree with your tummy then you are taking the wrong kind.The only kind that worked for me was Nordic Naturals Lemon flavored Omega Blend.I would maybe burp upon taking it but that was it.And thank goodness it tasted like lemon!I learned this from my Naturopath that any supplement that makes you have gas in either direction is wrong for your chemistry.Try a few different kinds.
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Welcome Sarah.That is very cool you are a surrogate.
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Hi, I will be 9 weeks tomorrow and I have been feeling less nauseaus all day but still have a few hours of moaning and groaning. Keeping up with my high-energy 3-year old boy has proven hard and we are doing fewer adventure outings than before I was pregnant. That said, he is a happy chap and so am I.

I have my first OB appointment this Friday (20th) and may have a t/v ultrasound to check cervical length (last pregnancy I was on bedrest due to irritable uterus or preterm labor so this time we are going to monitor my cervix from early on and possibly avoid the drama). I am also thinking of switching to a midwife.

I totally second the fish oil suggestion. My naturopath recommended I try Carlson Norwegion cod liver oil (lemon flavor) after the flax oil was making me feel vile. How I loathed that stuff! I just take a tablespoon daily and it is no sweat at all.

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I am 10 weeks today! I am feeling better, still get sick in the car, but not I am so happy it is not like it was with DD. However, I do have major pain when I nurse so I dont know what is worse- DD needs me- must run for now! Hugs and congrats to you all---- and Sarah, you are a strong woman, I could not do that my hat is off to you!
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I was wondering what happened to the weekly thread and have been meaning to ask about it. LOL

Doing pretty good here. Feeling less and less sick every day which is fantastic! Come on second trimester energy! lol I have my first OB appointment with the civilian docs in the city on Friday. Midwives won't take me, the local family practice docs won't take me and I don't want to drive 2 hours 1 way to get to the peris and OBs at the nearest Naval Hospital. This should be interesting. I haven't been to a civi doc since I was a kid. lol I'm very curious to see how different it is from the military... Then I just have to see the peri up at Bethesda 1 more time.

I was able to find the heartbeat last night for the first time! I hadn't tried since they did at my last peri appointment at 8w3d. But thought I'd try last night and there it was! That's just the best sound! Well until s/he cries for the first time! I'm putting the doppler away now. I had rented it during the 5 months of bedrest I had with dd and ended up buying it.

Welcome Sarah!

Shannon- it's so hard keeping up with the toddlers huh! I have a 2 and 3 yr old and they're runnin me ragged! lol

I'm off. Have a great day everyone!
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Hi. How do I add myself to the march due date list? I am due 3/11/05...

Oh my, Sarah! You are a very special person & I wish you an easy pregnancy & easier birth!
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Hi everyone.. I am Rebecca (geogirl) due March 20. I missed the list, could I be added?

I am still icky at nine weeks. Feeling worse than ever over the weekend but a bit better today. I feel best when drinking coke and not taking vitamins. How horrible is that?? My morning sickness is way way way worse than with my first two boys. Does that maybe mean girl? I don't want to get my hopes up. I guess I should really try to take a vitamin a night. ughh.

I have my first midwife appointment on Wednesday. I'll be nine and a half weeks. Is that too early to hear a heartbeat. I'm glad to hear that some are feeling better. I hope to soon too. My little guys need their real mama back!

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Well, I'm hanging in here. Nine weeks today.

I've spotted twice in the last week - once last Tuesday, and it was brown, mixed with discharge (lovely!), and then again early early Saturday morning. Saturday it was pink but v. scant. I don't know what to think. I've also been having horrible gas and cramps from the gas. So I think it's one of two things - either the gas cramps are irritating my uterus that much, and causing the bit of spotting, or there's something wrong and my body's just not taken care of it completely yet. : I have talked to my mw (well, emailed!) and she suggested a couple of things for the gas. Of course there's nothing really to be done either way, and we've decided to not have any u/s exposure, so it really is a waiting game. I'm incredibly jealous of those of you who've actually felt your little one moving - I know if I could feel something I'd feel a lot better!

I still feel horribly sick, though, and gas is something I've never had a problem with before in my life, not even when I was pg with dd. So my intuition says everything is probably fine. Still, it's worrisome, a bit. As Tom Petty says ( ), 'the waiting is the hardest part.'
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Im here

For some reason not on the "list" though...

Feeling better...... Still get horrible icky icky headaches, & occasional nasuea. but I havent puked once yet. I've Started my 11th week now. EDD is March 8th. (My first dd's b-day, she's in Heaven now )
And I had BAD m/s with all 3 girls... Puked 2-3 times a day, regularly. This HAS to be a boy!!!
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I didn't make the list either, but I only posted once so far, my intro in the who's who thread: http://www.mothering.com/discussions...5&page=3&pp=20

I'm 11 weeks with my first. We had our first appointment with our midwife today and it was very exciting. She's really great and was very happy with my nutrition and our attitudes. I'm feeling really good, no morning sickness (I'm so sorry for you who are, I hope it passes soon!). Tired a bit but not too bad.

I figured we wouldn't get to hear the heartbeat, as we are not doing sound exposure, and we didn't. But feeling the fundus at an appropriate size was reassuring and not only that, but she felt the itty baby right up near the surface and I did too!!! Just a hard little spot. She/he swam back in and dad didn't get to feel it though. Wow! I didn't know that could happen this early.

Looking forward to chatting with you all more in the next 7+ months!

Shannon (2 of us mamas named Shannon, huh?)
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Hmmm... I did not make the list either...

I am OK. I am starting to feel like a recluse as I do not want to go anywhere or do anything. Nausea continues to linger but I am hoping in another couple of weeks it will be gone.

I have an appointment tomorrow with my midwife. We will probably hear the heartbeat.

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hi, i'm another one not on the list. we're not holding tight to a particular due date, it'll arrive march or april. we're telling people late spring, just so we don't get all the phone calls when we're in ultra-nesting quiet mode before the birth. so shhhh!

we live in nm. we're planning a homebirth. i'd really like to do a waterbirth, but i've only gotten an image of birthing as i kneel/squat against our bed. we'll see.

been feeling fine, a bit tired in spells, and really picky about food. i have been eating totally differently than usual...the foods i usually would think are really good, are soooo unappealing. that seems to be waning though, bit by bit. yea! i usually love steamed greens or broccoli plain or with flax oil/soy for breakfast, and i can't wait for that to come back. it's such a good feel in my body in the morn.
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Did i get everybody ok?
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~thanks, ravenmoon~
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Hi All,

I'm 9 weeks, 2 days (with my 4th) and have my first midwife appt. today. We're planning a homebirth. I'm sure I'll labor in the tub but probably come out to birth. "Sprinkle pocket," I've always found squatting to be the best position to deliver in!

Not much to report yet--I've gained 2 lbs., nursing is very uncomfortable and I'd be fine with ds stopping now, but he's not so keen on the idea. Other than that, I'm just sitting around, waiting to "show."
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Hey everybody!
I haven't been around much. DH left Fri with my 3yo to Kansas City to pick up my 7yo from dh's parents so I have been running around the house cleaning furiously before they all get back. My lack of energy subsided just long enough to accomplish a few major tasks. Now I am back to being plagued by the fatigue monster. At least my ms for the most part is totally gone. I did have one bout of vomiting but thankfully it passed quikly.

I am getting pickier and pickeir about what foods I eat and how they are cooked. Chicken seems to be at the top of my must have list while all other meats are just blah. And it has to be white meat chicken when normally I am a dark meat kinda of gla.

I will be 9 weeks on Thursday and have my 1st midwife apt at 11 weeks. They want to do that standard every 4 weeks but I will be pushing that to every 6-8 weeks.

Sarah--what an inspiration! I have thought a lot about surrogacy. How is it you got started in becoming a surrogate?
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My life is crap. I should be enjoying being pregnant but I feel horrible and it's probably at least partly stress-related. My partner is talking about leaving me (a trial separation ha ha we all know what that means) - seems he's become part of the "me" generation - MY needs, MY wants, what I want, want's best for ME. Gee, do I sound a bit bitter??? Whatever happened to YOUR responsibilities?

So I feel like dirt and I have no one to talk to because I don't want to tell them about my yucky home life. I can't tell them I'm pregnant because then I'd have to tell them not to say anything to my partner and not to be happy for me etc etc. so they just think I'm ultra tired and cranky (and on a diet ). Can't mention the baby or how yucky I feel at home, of course. Talk about lack of support.

Fortunately I do have a couple of friends who we don't see often who I've told, and they have been simply wonderful and sympathetic and supportive. The sky is not totally black.

Why me? (having a pity party for myself). This is just to make you gals feel better about yourselves .
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