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cd 25, dpo 14

well, tomorrow i'll know, one way or the other.

bbs still sore, some discharge. same as last month, but oddly, never had these symptoms for the past 19 years, so why the last 2 months?


hope everyone else is doing well
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Well Moma, I hope this is your month!!
I'm 11 dpo and getting close to knowing. My hope goes up and down with the day. Yesterday I thought I was, today I think I'm not
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That's funny. yesterday I thought for sure I wasn't. Thought I was having the worst PMS of my life. Today - not so sure. No symptoms today other than sensitive bbs.
Weird. And this game really plays heavy on my heart.
I know I'm not. That's just what I have to think or it hurts too much.
Only four days to go until the dreaded af. I'm sure she'll come.
How do you ladies feel today? Since we are all in the same boat at the same time.
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cd 26 dpo 15

well, i haven't started yet. usually i start first thing in the morning.

but i have a terrible headache, bbs are still kinda sore, but not as much as yesterday.

yeah, yesterday while working, this incredible calm came over me and i just "knew" that i was pregnant. but then i caught myself, and said, ok, let's just wait and see.

my cycles are regularly 26 days, sometimes 27. so if i get through today and don't start, then we'll see about tomorrow.

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13 dpo

I'm starting to get that distinctly NOT pregnant feeling

A few days ago I was full of hope, and now this again. I should start tomorrow....
And all that good wine I passed up! And the sauna, too.
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well, it's the end of the day, and i still haven't started...... i don't feel any symptoms either way. don't feel like i'm about to start either.

i'm usually very regular, every 26 days.

anyway, my dh said hey, why don't you get a hpt. so i did and it was negative

but i still haven't started.

so i guess i'll see what happens tomorrow.
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Hopeful, this game plays pretty heavy on my heart too, I hear you.
I expect to start tomorrow, I just don't feel pg. It is so painful to think about.
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CD 27 here. I am usually between 26 and 31 days, so I have to wait it out. I don't have any symptoms, except I am MOODY.

's all around. This is hard. Especially this time of year.

Good luck everyone
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cd 27 dpo 16

still no AF, but man is my stomach upset. bleh.

in the last 6 months my cycles haven't been longer than 27 days, so i guess by the end of today, i'll see how i feel.
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momamusekin~ my cycles started doing that about a year ago, being consistently 28 to 30 days, and then changing to 26 days some months.

I also don't test positive right away...usually takes me several days of no AF to test positive. I hope you feel better
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Yeah Velveteen: I too, have the distinct "non pregnant" feeling today. After playing the game all month. And like you moma, I have more symptoms than ever. Sore bbs like crazy this month. Not usual for me so far ahead of time. Why do our bodies do this to us.
I could sort of tell she was coming yesterday at work when I wanted to kill anyone who crossed my path and I told dh how sad I felt. I wanted to surprise him with the news at Xmas, although I'm sure all of you have that fantasy too. Well, I hope it's a reality for you.
I'm due on Sunday. Feels like it should arrive in two minutes though. Yuk and double yuk.
On a lighter note. I don't have to work today. Perhaps I can get a grip on the laundry that right now, is rising taller than me in the pile in the basement. Or the floors which seem to have more dirt on them than outside. LOL. Oh to be a mom - and to think - I want more. That's funny.
Have a great day gals. I'm hoping for your BFP's. Thanks for the vent.
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cd 14 & maybe 1 dpo

to everyone.
It does get tough to play that waiting game.
Maybe we'll all relax around the holiday time & get presents.
When I got pg with DS, we had decided a few mos. prior to X-mas just to forget about it all & have a good holiday.
I did get pg with DS right around X-mas.
Now Ladies, I had really bad Endo in the past & I'm past 40 & only have 1 tube/ovary as a result of the bad endo.
So there is hope.
I wish nothing but good luck for all of us.
Babes are also conceived @ New Yr's too
my point? :LOL , maybe some inspiration.
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oh well, i started this afternoon

i just don't understand why it didn't happen.
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I'm sorry

Ever since I posted this morning, I am feeling crampy (off and on) and eating chocolate :

I don't understand either.

Have any suggestions for a calcium supplement?
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for a calcium supplement, i use cal-mag from www.vitaminsthatwork.com

ok, i'm really confused now.

so i took that hpt last night and it was negative. then this afternoon i went to the bathroom, wiped and there was blood. so i put in a tampon. then just now i went to the bathroom to change it, and i pull it out, with some difficulty, because there was a little bit of brown blood on it and that was all.

so now no blood. wow, i'm so confused.

my daughter thinks i should go to the midwife and get a blood test to determine for sure.

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I'm sorry moma . Keep in mind that even the most fertile of couples can take 6 or 7 months to conceive. Believe you can and you will. Really you will, I can feel it. You're just getting started. You're healthy. You've been pg before and you will be again.

I'm seriously considering ovulation tests kits for next month. And with the doc's appt. you know, maybe that will make me feel more positive. I'm scared to death about my FSH levels and my progesterone.
I went to the health food store today to get some PMS blend with Vitex. The lady that was helping me asked how old I was, I said I was forty two and she said, well that explains it then - you're menopausal. I said I wasn't and walked away. Fists clenched and all.

Velveteen - how you doin?????
Let's just think that Christmas is coming and forget about TTC for a bit.
Hugs to all of you and tons of baby dust!!!!!!!
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thanks for asking. It's CD 1 for me today, and I feel sad.
Hopeful; I would have walked out too!
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's Velveteen.
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cd ? dpo ?

Well hello girls! And look at all the new ttc-ers! Welcome ladies.
Velveteen I'm sorry to see you still here! And sorry about the *reboot*.
Polka, I know lots of babes are conceived over the holidays; 2 of mine were and the rates of births at the birth center where I work go way up in Sept and October! So keep on going ladies.
If you noticed my note heading, I'm not tracking anything right now. There is too much else to do with holidays, partys, my 4-year-old who's finally potty trained (!!) over the thanksgiving holiday (but I don't think he'll ever give up the boobie!!) so we're chillin out and letting nature take its course.
Mom4: I'm crossing fingers that your cramps are all about a burrowing egg!
momamuseskim (whata mouthful!) and hopeful: I think I'm the oldest ttc mom out here (46) and all I can tell you is as time goes by you shouldn't be surprised by anything your body does. Changes start happening wayyyy before the dreaded "M"-word happens. nothing about my cycle is reliable right now and ds isn't nursing enough to be making that much of a difference. It's all in the numbers working against us. It's why we're taking the holidays off because if nothing happens in the first six months of 05, we're throwing in the towel. And I'm ok with that.
Having said that: I conceived ds at 41; it took some extra work but don't let people tell you that you (or your eggs!) are too old!!

Has napless stopped in lately? How about the Joan's? Or Shakti? It's hard to stay up to date on the boards. Well everyone much love and baby dust to you all!
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Hi Nancy I'm sorry to say, but I am CD 1 today

You sound very positive, and I have to believe it will happen for us, all of us. I am nursing also, and trying to take it easy and all. Nice to hear from you.

I wonder how Shatki is?
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