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I'm begining to seriously HATE false labour !!!

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I've been having a LOT of Braxton-Hicks contractions over the last few days.
Nothing painful, but getting more and more frequent and intense.

We were out yesterday afternoon - I had an appointment with my midwife (everything is great BTW), we had a quick fast-food dinner, and walked around a few stores before coming home.

By about 8 pm, my back was hurting pretty bad, and DH gave me a back rub, which felt great, until the moment he stopped. On top of the back-ache, my tummy was upset and I was having strong, but irregular contractions.

We went to bed at 9, but between the back ache and the contractions, I simply could not get comfortable.

About 10-ish, I gave up and went and got in the bath, hoping it would relax me enough to sleep.

Didn't help much, but I sat in the water for almost an hour before coming out to the living room to get a drink and sit on my excersice ball for a while. I noticed that my doula was online and let her know what was going on. I think we both aimed for bed around 11:30.

By 1-ish, I'd started dozing off for longer periods, and think I actually fell asleep - only to be woken up at 1:30 by Boo waking up ! 30 minutes sleep is not good for anything, really.

Dozed off and on from then until about 4-ish when DH got up with Boo, then pretty much through until 5:30 when I got up so DH could go to work.


WHY can't my body just WORK ?!?!?!?!?!
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If it is at all comforting, I am right there with you.

This is a real issue with me. I feel like my body doesn't know how to work. This is my fourth child. My first two were induced (10 and 7 days past due) and my last labor was brought on by stripping of the membranes at 2 days past due. But at the time, I was 3 cms. Now I am 6 days away from my due date and my midwife said my cervix is still so far back, she didn't even bother to check for dilation. I am having some braxton hicks but they aren't regular at all. I wish my body would just work like it should!

And I've decided I'm not telling anyone about any false contractions I'm having. I made the mistake of telling DH.. so everytime I groan about something he's like "is it a contraction?"... he's really really getting to be annoying!

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My hubby's an over-reactor as well, jumping at every little moan or groan !

Our first was a very fast, surprise labour - woke up at 38w+1d to my water breaking, and things literally just took off from there. This time is so different.
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I'm right there with y'all, today is my second day "past due" and my mother and dh are driving me insane. My MIL, who is usually most annoying, has actually been really great about not calling and bugging me. I'm sure all of my online friends are sick of hearing about my contractions, not being able to find my cervix, etc. I have that public bone separation and the weight of the baby is horribly painful. I have been taking a Tylenol 3 at night to get to sleep. I did wake up to mucous this morning so there is always hope! Maybe all 3 of us will have our babies today!
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All of you overdue mamas, I'm so so sorry If it's ANY consolation at all, I wasn't *really* ready for Indigo to come out, but that surely didn't stop her. Trish, I am ready to listen to all of your aches and pains; I miss being pg already.
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I feel bad now - I'm NOT over-due. I'm not even at my "due" date yet.
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I'm with you all, too. So many false starts and pre-labor. Its seriously getting old. I lost my mucous plug over a week ago, I was 3cm dialated and 50% effaced as of last thurs. How much longer can I just barely hang onto not being in labor?! And Liza, it does always seem to be worse at night, what's that about? Hope you get some good sleep before the big day!

I was induced with ds at 10 days past due and I am now four days past. Mat4Mel I know exactly how you feel. Sometimes I wonder if I can even go into labor on my own. I have been really trying hard to trust my body and just let things happen on their own, even though I am miserable! Remember, our bodies were made to do this and some women just gestate longer than others!

Hopefully we'll all go soon!
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Originally Posted by LizaBear
I feel bad now - I'm NOT over-due. I'm not even at my "due" date yet.

Oh crap Lizabear that wasn't meant to make you feel bad at all!!!!! I so didn't mean that at all!!!
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Do you all remember what my midwife told me, when Katje was overdue and was fretting? She told me that the *normal* gestation for human babies is 41 weeks! The medical community just doesn't tell you this b/c then there'd be too many BIG babies and Lord KNOWS we can't have women putting out big babies and causing any kind of medical stir. I know that's not what you want to hear, you just want those critters out of you. BUT, your body was made for making and delivering babies yk?
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I am not "overdue" yet... my due date is friday... this is baby #3 and my first two were 5 days late. I bought myself some rasberry leaf tea... maybe it will help one of my book mentioned it but the lady at the herb store said it was mainly for strenghting the uterus for labor and getting the muscles ready but it's worth a try... dh is off tonight so i'm going to try the intercourse rought of inducing... ( which didn't work with the first two). I've been trying to walk around and stay active as much as i can but it's really hard when i have such a sore sciatic nerve in my lower back!!! OUCHIE! I got back to see my dr on Friday when i will be officially 40 weeks and he said he will set me a date from there to be induced at the hospital... i really really dont' want to do that since i did with the first two but it seem like this baby is going to be just as stubern and big as the last two and my biggest fear is that she will get bigger then the first two and they were 9lbs i refuse to have a c-section (one of my biggest fears!!!) so we'll see how my night goes of intercourse and tea drinking!!! LOL Wish me luck ladies!!!
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