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I'm doing it all wrong.
I wash my dipes, and hemp, with vinegar in the wash and baking soda in the rinse. Whoops. What does this mean :yawning: ? I swore that was what I read to do, but this is what I pulled up:

No Soak Method

If you prefer not to soak your diapers or if you only have access to a coin operated machine follow this method:
Cold Wash. Place all your soiled cloth diapers in the machine with baking soda for a cold water wash.
Hot Wash. Add your wet cloth diapers to load, add detergent and baking soda and wash in hot water.
Rinse. Rinse cloth diapers with cold water and vinegar.
2nd Rinse. Rinse cloth diapers with cold water.

But on second thought, my stash is mostly hemp, and it never stinks. ?????????????????
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Here's more: (THis is from Diaperpin, BTW)

Include baking soda when washing or soaking your cloth diapers.

If you use baking soda in the wash or soak, make sure to use vinegar in the rinse, This will help restore the pH of the cloth diapers. Otherwise your baby may end up with diaper rash.

According to Vicki Lansky author of Baking Soda : Over 500 Fabulous, Fun and Frugal Uses You've Probably Never Thought of, baking soda works with liquid detergents to whiten and brighten laundry. It does not boost powder detergents.

Related Article: Baking Soda or Washing Soda?

Many parents have complained that using vinegar in the wash leaves their diapers remaining smelly. Actually it is more effective to use baking soda in the wash and add vinegar to the rinse. See our washing recommendations for more information.

Hint: Consider using vinegar in the rinse cycle of all your laundry, not just the diapers load. Also consider buying distilled white vinegar by the gallon for general household cleaning. Melodie Moore's book, Vim & Vinegar, is a wonderful resource for learning how to use vinegar to replace expensive cleaners for floors, refrigerators, furniture, laundry, copper and stubborn stains.

Related Article: Vinegar in your cloth diaper wash. Two sides of the Coin
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TTO would kill the bacteria in the diapers, thereby eliminating the smell caused by the ammonia. Not sure on the oil causing build up but I def think its strong enough to kill bacteria and other nasties that are in urine.

Baking soda is a water softener, so I wouldn't think you'd need to nor want to use it when you already have a water softener. Just like Calgon. http://www.worldwise.com/watersofteners.html So BS would get rid of soap residue.

And on Urine ph from: http://www.nlm.nih.gov/medlineplus/e...cle/003583.htm

"A diet high in citrus fruits, vegetables, or dairy products can increase your urine pH. Some drugs also can increase urine pH, including acetazolamide, potassium citrate, and sodium bicarbonate." So diet is something to consider.


So vinegar also would get rid of build up.

So I would think using vingear and baking soda if you have build up and/or hard water would do the trick. If you have soft water I wouldn't use the baking soda. Obviously hemps composition would contribute to smell just as poly retains smells more than cotton. Wool smells when wet as well.

I am sleepy and my brain is overloaded now so I will think about this more in my sleep and get back to you all in the am

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Jumpng in here sorta late....

So, bottom line.....

What is the answer for regualr water and stinky (only after he pee pees) hemp that when stripped shows NO bubbles?

And is there a easy non-complicated system without lots of washes and rinses?

I have read this thread from begining to end again and now I am confused. Sorry, maybe it is because it is 5:30 a.m. and I am tired!

I appreciate your assistance here, our dipe smell is getting overpowering!!!!!! :
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Have you tried an essantial oil like TTO or lavendar? Perhaps its the bacteria. Or like I said, just the hemp and you'll have to deal.

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Another thought (just to add to the chaos of this thread) -- A vegetarian person will have urine that is more 'base' than someone who regularly eats meat. The vegetarian will have urine with a pH in the 6-7 range while a person who eats meat will have urine in the 7-8 range.

Due to chemistry differences in urine and water, I honestly don't think there is one easy solution that will apply to everyone.
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So, I have a lot of hemp in my stash. And, after about a month some of it started to get a little stinky. Not too bad, but I would notice if ds peed. Anyway, we also are prone to yeast issues so, I came up with a system for us that seems to be taking care of both problems, but now I am so confused as to whether I'm doing the right thing. All the dipes go in the washer with a 1/2 scoop of bio-kleen, 10 drops tto, and 10 drops grapefruit seed extract on a hot water wash/cold rinse cycle. I pour vinegar into the fabric dispenser built into the machine. I don't know how much, I just fill it up. So, the vinegar should be getting released into the cold rinse. I have no idea what this means chemically, and now I think maybe I should do something differently. I hate always second-guessing myself.
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