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So, is ANYBODY in a good mood?

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Not me!

I couldn't fall asleep for anything last night, despite being thoroughly exhausted. finally got to sleep at 12:30 (and 10pm is my usual bedtime these days), had a dream that I was in labor, and was trying to push the baby out, but somebody told me my bladder was full, so I had to pee before the baby would come out. Yeah. Guess who woke with WET PANTIES?! ugh. Thankfully, not a lot. Just enough to necessitate a panty change, not a sheet change, thank god. This was at 2:30. Was up for the day at 5:30.

I am both thoroughly sick of being huge at this point, with discomfort from cervix to solar plexis, and freaked that I don't feel quite ready for the baby yet. Mostly because dh hasn't completed even half of HIS to do list which was supposed to be done by 8/15.

I'm also in a fit because I had completely planned for the birth tub to go out on the deck, but it's been so rainy here and cool (last night in the mid-50's) that I'm afraid if I do set it up out there, we'll need to move the darn thing while I'm in labor.

Also, Belle's 4th is this Sunday, and I have favor bags to fill, prezzies to wrap, and do not want to give birth before her birthday, but school starts on the 31st and I REALLY wanted a few days of having the kids home with the new baby.

So, please, ladies, send me birth vibes between the 23rd and 29th! But it's such a short window of "good time" for the birth.

usually quite calm and together but NOT TODAY!
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Seems like you took my negative energy from yesterday morning, because today I'm in a fine mood and you're not!!

One day at a time, as best as you can! Sending you soothing and calming vibes! Anna would say to make a list of what you need to do for the birthday party, I second that! And if I were there, I'd help you wrap. I love to wrap prezzies!

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I think my problem was mostly lack of sleep. I napped from 4:30 to 6:30, and have, I am sure, shot tonight's sleep to hell, but I'm in a better mood, now. somewhat. I'm having a ton of BH.

One good thing is that while I napped, dh let in the washing machine repair guy and fixed my washer, so one less thing to stress about, and I got almost all of Belle's prezzies wrapped. So, just favor bags to fill and a cake to bake on saturday.

3under3: LOL!!! I'm glad to have company, anyway!

the problem is... I'm already getting those "are you still pregnant?" emails, and I technically still have 18 days to go! Dammit, people, leemee lone!
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Yeah, my mood has definitely been better...

I think I'm mainly tired. And "tired" of being internally kicked CONSTANTLY!!!

: : :

I know I know, it's good he's active but it would be nice to go at least an hour without a kick YK?

And heaven forbid I drink anything remotely cool... time in there.
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NO!! I need to get this whole house packed and get to Va. before this baby comes! I got stranded there(Va.) for 3 weeks (long story) and couldn't be here(NJ) to pack. Everytime I bend over 3 times I start having contractions - this is so not working! My 'friends' aren't calling me back to schedule times to do the things they said they would do - cook, watch the girls, help pack.

Totally stressed, and not in a good mood.

Could someone please send Merlin (Sword In the Stone) over to pack my apartment, thanks!
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Moving magic!
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Thank you!!!
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Originally Posted by plantmommy
the problem is... I'm already getting those "are you still pregnant?" emails, and I technically still have 18 days to go! Dammit, people, leemee lone!
YES! A friend of mine called on a weekday morning at 8:15 to ask if we had a baby yet. Uh?!

First of all, I've still got at least 2 and a half weeks to go! Secondly, we're not up and at 'em at that hour, especially not me!!

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Um, sorry to say... : I DO feel good today! Nicolas has been good; we had a blast at the children's museum with my first outing of Atlanta MDC mamas; then met with another twin mom tonight... Our kids hit it off; she GAVE me some older medium size AIO diapers; loaned me her birth ball and some anti-Vax books; and I got to see her adorable 2 y.o. identical twin daughters. She is the local LLL leader, and she also demonstrated a couple slings for me (I'm still afraid, very afraid... haha!).

A super day! And I keep seeing pink mucous now and then, which is exciting, too!
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Yay! Excellent, Savannah! I'm glad to hear it.
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My mood pretty much sucks....

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Well, vent here, Caroline!
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Nothing you all don't already know!! Big and pregnant and uncomfortable and have too much to do. :

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big sloppy happy banana split

Sorry all you grumpy mamas... I feel like 3 million bucks today!

There is a baby shower for me today at work, I'm wearing the cutest dang dress I own, and I'm buzzed on caffeine.

Oh and to add insult to injury... I got a ton of sleep last night.

however, I'm sure I'm overdoing it and will crash hardcore by mid afternoon at which point the constant drone of copiers, the smell of wet paint, and the stupid questions of students newly arrived on campus will be making me... decidedly... and assuredly... GRUMPY
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Anna, I like that you have determined your path to grumpiness ahead of time.

I am in a good mood. I have been most of the time. Should I apologize?

Really except for the 'moments' of disaster and tears things have been good. I hope I'm not jinxing myself by saying that.

I spread my happy, fairy dust to you all....
Funny thing is IRL I'm way more than but I'll share the love with the MDCers.
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