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Do you think public schools are anti Christian?

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I have been hearing this statement from conervative Christians for many years. They state that schools are trying to ban any Christian talk in schools, but they will talk about Hinduism, Wicca, etc. I have even herd that teachers will teach the kids prayers of other cultures.
I have never been in apublic school with my kids, and I have never heard anything about it from anyone BESIDES the cnservatives, so I wonder what the other side of the story is.
What do you think?
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Honestly, I think that Americans are so used to a Christo-centric worldview, that anything outside of that is noticed (and dwelled upon) much more than the actual attention given to it would suggest it should be.

So much of our lives in the US come from a Christian background, you don't even think about them. I mean, it says right on our money "in God we trust" etc... there are sooooo many exposures to Christian mythology & beliefs, most people don't even identify them as distinctly Christian (but, rather, part of American mythology).

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I've heard that too. Funny thing is, I've never experienced it myself. My first hand experience is that all religions are banned from public schools. Not "banned" but you know what I mean. You should check out the schools in your area, though. I'm sure that they wouldnt' have an issue with you checking out their curriculum and even talking to some teachers and admins.
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Not in my school district. When ds was in ps, his teacher emailed me Christian poems and stories. She put Christian sayings on the weekly newsletter. They sang Christian songs at Christmas and Easter with no effort to include other religions. They prayed at PTA meetings. I could go on and on.
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I think it really depends on where you live. Here in Virginia, I'd say no. Ds's second grade teacher always had the class begin the day by singing "Simple Gifts," a shaker hymn. The music teacher included spirituals in her music programs, etc. There is a mandated "moment of silence" in Virginia public schools. Of course, I'm sure you could easily find people who have examples of an anti-Christian bias in their public schools.
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I live in the Northeast. I happen to be a Christian who believes in the separation of church and state, and I think our schools are too pro-Christian.

The kids have endless projects that are Christmas and Easter related. While not blatantly religious, for example, around Easter the projects will involve decorating eggs, baskets, bunnies, chicks, etc. If the teacher knows for a fact that there are children in the class that aren't Christian, he or she usually comes up with an alternate activity that manages to single out the non-Christian child and I'm sure make them uncomfortable. They make a token effort to do a Chanukah-related activity or read a story about it, but that's about it.

I complain about it when I get the opportunity.
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Not in my experience.

My son's public school was celebrating Christian holidays. There is a big distinction between celebrating and educating. They are allowed to educate about holidays, but not celebrate them.

I felt so bad for children of non-Christian faiths.
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In my experience it's just the opposite - as many of these other posters have confirmed.
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I think it depends upon the teacher.

My youngest dd's kindergarten class celebrated the major Christian, Muslim and Jewish holidays, and Kwanza as well. They just learned a few songs, the history of the holiday, and how it is celebrated in the US today.

In dd's classes, typically there has been either no religious instruction, or just every once in a while, with a major holiday. Typically Christmas, Chanuka (spelling, sorry..), Ramadan, and Kwanza. The history of the holiday and the way it is celebrated today is typially how it is presented.

We are in a comparatively liberal town in an otherwise EXTREMELY conservative state on the edge of the bible belt.

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as a person that grew up as a jehovah's witness, I can assure you that schools spend plenty of time on activities that are christian centered. It was horrible to spend so much time in the library.
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I think schools have changed drastically since our generation was in school. I learned lots of christian songs, etc in school, and we celebrated Christmas and Easter.

That is definately not how it is at our kids' school now. But (and it's a big one), we live in a larger, liberal town. I grew up in a small, homogenous town; they probably *still* celebrate those things. In the town that we now live in, there are so many different cultures, there is no way that they could exclusively celebrate one religion.

It also seems to me that any religious holiday is treated more as an academic opportunity, rather than a spiritual one (for better or worse). Kind of like when we took "The Bible as Literature" classes.

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