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Favorite Historical/Period set Movie??

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What's yours???
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A&E's version of Pride and Prejeduce. (it's not historical but is a period piece!)
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Hard to pick just one....but off the top of my head here goes:


Room with a View

Enchanted April

Out of Africa

there's more....just have to think about it!
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I thought Anna and the King was well done

The Piano

I hate to say it, but from a period standpoint with sets/costumes I liked Titanic

one of my all time favorites- Paper Moon with Ryan and Tatum O'Neil

Another al time favorite- The Lover
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Loved Dangerous Liasons with Glenn Close & John Malkevich.
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Room With A View
Persuasion (another J.A., done cooperatively by the BBC and WGBH out of Boston, it's simply lovely)
P&P was SO well done, I treasure my videos, recorded painstakingly without commercials over several late nights (when they aired it at 11 pm)
Much Ado About Nothing, the version "Ken and Em" did, kind of an indeterminate time, but just beautiful
Gone With the Wind!
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I can't limit myself to one.

Pride & Prejudice with Colin Firth

Room With a View

Lady Jane

Persuasion--the one with Amanda Root

Emma--Gwyneth Paltrow as Emma

The Way We Live Now (it was on Masterpiece Theater a few months ago and my friend taped it for me. I've watched it so many times that 3 year old ds walked in on me watching it and said, "Did this movie come with the house?") Anyway, if you missed it on TV, look for the video when it comes out and be prepared for 6 hours of excellent entertainment.

The Lion in Winter--Peter O'Toole and Katherine Hepburn

Enchanted April

Dangerous Liasions

Edited to say "Gaah! How could I forget 'Howard's End'"?
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I vote for

Shakespeare in Love
Enchanted April
Princess Caraboo
Anne of Green Gables
Anne of Avonlea (but NOT that horrid Anne III, BLECH!)
Rob Roy
The Three Muskateers & the Four Muskateers (the ones with Michael York)

I love historical movies.
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Some are:

Queen Margot
Michael Collins
Rojo Amanecer (killing of students in Mexico 1968)

mmm, and theres more!
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I LOVE period movies......especially the costumes. Here's some of my faves:

The Last of the Mochicans
Rob Roy
The Crucible

Yammer, I saw The Claim and Ravenous and really liked them!
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Much Ado about Nothing (love it)

The first two Anne's (never had characters in the book cast so well the main characters looked just like my imaginative characters love it)

Oh a few others I can't pick one I really loved much ado about nothing because it, well, didn't take itself seriously but the setting and costumes were georgous.

Debra Baker
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You must go out and buy a DVD player if only for the pleasure of watching A&E's Pride and Prejudice on DVD. Please... go do it today!

The DVD version really makes the picture quality so much better than the televised version... the costumes and scenery really pop and are so lush and gorgeous.

Speaking of gorgeous... Colin Firth! Colin Firth!!! ag

Okay... calming down now....
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boy, i too love historical movies... will probably be adding to this as i think of more

ann of a thousand days
romeo & juliet
brother son & sister moon
little women (w/susan sarandon, winona rider, et. al)
the last emporer (one of my all time favs!)

hmm... brain not wrking, more later...
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I also enjoyed all of the Horatio Hornblower movies on A&E. I had no intention of watching them, but my DH remembered reading them as a child and really wanted me to watch them with him. I was surprised at how much I liked them.
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Did any one mention An Ideal Husband?

Great film!
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Dances with Wolves
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Mrs. Parker & the Vicious Circle (about Dorothy Parker & other famous writers during the 1920's. Excellent and little-seen movie)


The Importance of Being Earnest
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Love so many of these already mentioned.

Wings of the Dove


The End of the Affair

Two snaps to Boogie Nights!
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Etoile, I just watched that movie (Dorothy Parker and the Vicious Circle) again the other night. Jennifer Jason Leigh does her so well. A great period movie & one of my favs!
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Most of mine have already been mentioned. Room With a View tops my list, also Enchanted April, Howard's End. I went on a real Merchant-Ivory/ Helena Bonham-Carter kick several yrs ago. Too bad she had to go and star in the awful Fight Club and then the even lousier Planet of the Apes remake. Tom and Viv has not been mentioned. Might fit in a little better in the depressing movie thread. Apparently, old T.S. was not too nice to his wife. Maybe we should go talk about that in the Eminem thread.

And Yammer, I have seen Ginger Snaps. Believe it or not, it's not as good as it sounds.
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