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I am 16W1D today and the last week or so I have been having 3-4 painful contractions each day. I have also noticed for a few months now that when I have a BM and I wipe there is a tiny, tiny amount of stringy mucous that is greenish colored (I noticed this starting the month I conceived). I have no other strange discharge and no unusual or bad odors.

I have an appointment Monday, does this sound to you like something I should be seen sooner for? or just completely normal probably and should mention it at my next appt (Monday)?

Oh, the Dr is a military family practice Dr so I can't call tonight, if it is emergent I would just need to go to the base ER which is more of an urgent care center, and if it is not emergent I would need to wait until tomorrow and still maybe not even talk to the Dr (I am switching to a midwife practice as soon as it is confirmed there is only one baby in here!).

Thanks for your time