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i just read on someone's website about how much they love scrapbooking. it looks like a lot of fun, and a great way to deal with the mound of photos we have of dd (shes' only 13 mos. old and we have about 4 full photo albums). and i've been looking for a fun crafts project.

my question is: how in the heck do i get started with this? what do i need? and is it gonna cost me a fortune? i know there are soem really crafty and frugal mamas on these boards, can any of y'all help me out??

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www.creatingkeepsakes.com has alot of supplies and ideas.
As far as thrifty ideas go. I just try to get as much of my stuff as possble on sale. Or ask for it for gifts.

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Do you have any friend who are interested also? A few of us went in together and bought some stuff. Now we share. Stuff like scissors, stickers, paper, pens and stuff like that. But really all you need to get started is your own book. I started with Creative Memories stuff (expensive). But now I just get my stuff at Michaels. They have 50% off coupons in every Sundays paper here. Recently I found the best books there, they were exactly like the high quality ones I saw at CM.

Anyway, maybe a scrap booking co-op?
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tripke hughes,
we have michaels here, too. i will look for the coupons (i usually just recycle the ads right off). thanks for the tip.
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http://frugal-moms.com/boards/showth...threadid=63437 I had posted this question on Frugal Moms. This is a link to the thread. They have an entire forum dedicated to scrapbooking frugally and it is very active.

Now if only I could find the time to scrap!
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Hey Boysrus ! You're Here!!!

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Thanks Peggy! What a sweet welcome!
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