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Refined sugar substitute ??

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Okay, I'm full of questions today. Based on something I've read on the b/f board, I'm thinking of elminating all refined sugars from my diet as a test run

oh, I do love my sugar but I'm wondering if I'll feel better overall and dd too for that matter if I don't consume so much sugar.

So, my question is, what's a good substitute? Especially for like a cup of tea or baking? Or is it better to just avoid all sugars? But then I could only drink water and while I like water the plainness of it gets old rather quickly. I also want to try my ds on a sugar-free diet and see if his behavior improves a bit not that it's really a problem.

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You could try honey in your tea, though some say it's still sugar anyway!! What about stevia powder? It's an herbal sweeterner. I have not tried it, but read about it as a sweetener in the book "Not Milk... Nut Milk", and it seems it is also safe enough for use for children. For baking, I have been using maple syrup, or Sucanat (evaporated cane sugar).
In general, I try to avoid sugars, sugary foods, as it inhibits the absorption of nutrients, and also it's just empty calories.
Hope this helps, good luck!!
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Re: Refined sugar substitute ??

I also use maple syrup and sucanat, as well as brown rice syrup to sweeten food and drinks. However, we do this because refined sugar has no nutritional value and the bleaching is unhealthy, not because we want to lower our sugar intake, which is pretty low simply because we don't eat many sweets, or add sugar to many drinks. I think your best bet is to stay away from canned, frozen, processed, and prepared foods, since they often have sugar added, and when drinking juice, water it down to a half or a quarter. You will probably find you like it just as well, and will avoid a lot of sugar that way. Children should always have their juice watered down to a half or quarter. You may also just get used to tea without (or less) sugar, my husband used to put a ton of honey or sugar in his tea, now he won't drink it anything but plain. Good luck!
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Organic cane sugar
Maple Syrup
Turbinado Sugar
Brown Rice Syrup
Barley Malt
Date Sugar
Maple Crystals

Lots of options, but none of them are really all that healthy. But, at least you have options to choose from.
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Everyone has good suggestions. I really like maple syrup in baking. I just want to add a note about honey. Do not give it to your baby because it often contains small amounts of botchulism which is not enough to bother you, but my be deadly to a small child. The other thing is, it's made when bees eat nectar and barf it up, re-eat it, bar fit up etc., over and over and then cool it with their wings. I dunno, it's kinda grosses me out. Many people consider themselves vegan and still eat honey, it's all a matter of degree. For me, I'm sorry to say it wan't compassion, but bee barf seems like a yucky sweetner. Even if you're not vean or vegetarian, I would reccomend the voluptous vegan for baking recipes without refined sugar.

Don't forget to add unsweetened applesauce and applejuice. Those darn apples are sweet!!
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Well, I was checking out veganmama's reply and realized I hadn't even replied myself So sorry, mamas!

Just want to say thanks for all the great info. And what a timely reminder about the apple sweeteners now that fall is here!

BTW, I never knew that about honey and not sure if I can ever eat THAT again! Just sounds yuck! LOL.

I'm not doing very well at avoiding sugar but now I'm actually trying to lose weight and eat healthier so every once in a while I have plain cereal with fruit. What a concept Although, I know most plain cereals have sugar in them as well, but that's a big step for me LOL.

Thanks again
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triple posting
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sorry triple post :
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