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My sweet baby girls are here!!!

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Hi All!!!

I've been away from the boards for awhile but I have internet access now again. Want to share my news that my MZ twins were born 6-21-04. They are 8 weeks old already!! Josephine Louise (Josie) 5lbs7oz 19inches and Angelena Simone (Lena) 5lbs12oz 19.25inches. They are just WONDERFUL!!!

I think my last postings were regarding fears of having a birth in the OR. Well I certainly got the exact opposite of the birth I planned. At 38w1d I was feeling good and hoping to go till my due date or as long as my girls wanted to cook. I had my weekly appt for u/s and NST to check on my peas. In the past these have had great results and my doc said I was having a perfect pregnancy and I had her on board with most everything I wanted in my birth plan. Had u/s first and it went great. Then on the bed to do NST. Josie's hr was down for 3 minutes immediately but finally came back up. The tech called the perinatal specialist (who I never met) and she said we should take the babies sometime today and c sec was necessary because Josie (Baby A) flipped again just in the last few days to breech. Of course I was not about that so I got my doc on the phone who was in the office building over. As we were discussing options little Josie's hr kept dropping lower and lower. Suddenly I didn't have any options and tons of people were around me running my bed to labor and delivery. I call Chris immediately , my husband, and tell him to get here asap. They put me on different monitors there and the results were the same, then worse. Now lots more people asking me tons of questions and taking my clothes off and rushing me to OR. No time for epidural they said and gave me a general. Short story even shorter...Chris got to the hospital within 10 minutes of me calling him and the babies were already out. I was knocked out for the birth of my babes, nobody was there with me, no taping of their birth, no bf immediately after, no pulling my babies out and holding immediately, no experience of laboring and pushing, nothing!! I am still resentful but on the other hand I have 2 healthy girls. The doc said Josephine came out kicking and crying (not a sign of distress!) which is wonderful but makes me wonder if the emergency c sec was neccessary afterall. But a risk nobody was willing to take. She did take a big gulp on the way out so was in NICU for 2 days but that's all. And Angelena was healthy as could be. It's becoming such a blur as it all happened within minutes.

Maya - twopeasinpod - I got your emails just yesterday. Thank you so much for checking on me and offering twinmama support. I have access to a computer now so I will email you back!

Nursing is going really well. Still need to work on finding more comfortable positions for nursing both at same time. I probably nurse simutaneaously more often than individually. Not an ounce of formula for them though! Only liqiud gold! I got through the tough part in the beginning of having to recover from c sec and adjusting to life with 3 babies within 1 1/2 yrs. I love bf'ing them!!

Life is crazier now but great fun too. My little peas crack me up with their cute little selfs. I'm soooo lucky to have my 3 babes and feel like supermama! :tandem

Thanks to everyone for all the support during my pregnancy!

MZ sweet baby girls 6-21-04 (38w1d)
Josephine Louise and Angelena Simone : 8 weeks
Dominic (The Dom) 12-29-02 (41w1d) 19 mos
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:girlpin how exciting!!!!! congratulations!!!! :girlpin
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i'm glad the nursing is going so well
and i understand about the guilt
(i read your other post just before this one)
combined w/ feelings of being supermama
i also have another kid who is 17 mos. older than my twins
they are just almost 16 mos. old, she will be 3 in nov.
(and i also have an 8.5 year old)
my house is still a wreck
but i'm getting more sleep these days
and i can have 3 children climbing on me/attached to me
for much longer periods of time before my skin begins to crawl

don't mean to make this into a post about me
but to introduce myself
and peace,

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Oh big congratulations to you mama!!!!!!!!! I'm so excited for you and your babies. I'm sorry you didn't get the birth you wanted, but I'm happy you have healthy punkins!!! My girls are just over 4 months now and I'm loving them so much everyday. It is overwhelming in the beginning and I had lots of guilt too, but I'm easing up on that understanding that I'm doing such a good job to have twins and a three year old and that all of us multiple mamas have to give ourselves a big pat on the back whether we have just twins or five more children!

My second twin took a big gulp on her way out, too and took several minutes to get really started and gave us all a good scare. She hasn't had any problems since because of it. She did have a hard time pooping for the first 3 months then I talked to them both about their birth and my pregnancy and Isabella started pooping normally right away.

Enjoy your babies and don't beat yourself up if you can't do it all. It really is okay!
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Thanks guys for the congrats and support!
mum2lillie and Elyssia I love your babies names. mum2lillie - I can't believe your 2 are 6 hours and 40 minutes apart!! What a story that birth must be!!

and i can have 3 children climbing on me/attached to me
for much longer periods of time before my skin begins to crawl

Yes I have alot of contact these days...except for with dh. He tries to touch me and I'm all touched out with my 3 monkeys.

Nice to hear from other twin mamas with other babies close in age. Love hearing others experiences.
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i had a c-sect too, lots of drugs i didn't want, etc. and i'm still not happy about it, but now i look at my little guys and it doesn't matter much to me at all anymore. i'm just glad they got here safe and sound. glad to hear that everyone's doing well and that nursing is going well. my one bit of advice to find comfy positions is LOTS of pillows, and experiment, experiment, experiment!

i love the names you picked out too... they're beautiful.
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Congratulations!!! Love the names of your girls!
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Congratulations on your two little healthy bundles!

38w1d, now that is something to celebrate. You go, mama. I'm sorry your birth was so scary, but glad it all worked out well in the end, after all, that's the most important thing.

I also read your first post - the guilt is mindnumbing at times. But just imagine if you weren't nursing and were propping their bottles all day long like a lot of moms of twins I know IRL. You are doing the best you can, and you sound like you're off to a wonderful start so far!

Congratulations again!
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Thanks guys so much for the support. It gives me such a pick me up to hear your positive input.

Jamie h. - thanks for the advice on experimenting to find comfy positions. I did alot of experimenting this weekend and found a new way that works for us. Still attempting other positions. Seems as they get bigger and more mobile what once worked doesn't anymore. On with our ever changing nursing relationship. I wouldn't give it up for anything! Not even for more sleep.
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Congratulations!!! What a wild ride your birth experience ended up to be; but I know those little pumpkins make everything OK. I love the old fashioned, classical names with a cute nickname, Josie...
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