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Okay!Okay! Here I am! What do YOU look like diapering mamas? - Page 2

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Im the brunette when you're looking on the far left, with the shorts on.
This was taken last week
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all of you are sooo beautiful! I love seeing everybodys face !

heres me on sunday from my dd christening!!

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Click on the links in my sig! You will find the buggle and I!
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OK, this is real embarrassing for me, but here's a pic of me and some of the kiddos. In the pic, it's Quentin, me, Kayla, and Ethan. Logan took the pic, and Hannah was sleeping at the time, so they weren't in it.

My pic
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Here I am with the kids at a wedding in April - the only time I've put on makeup since DS was born!!!
Me with the kids
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It's awesome to see all the faces! Shelley, that is so *not* how I pictured you! LOL.

there's one of me (and each of us) in my sig, and here's the most recent family photo from mid-July. We took it with the timer at the end of a very long, very hot day. We are all sweaty and sunbaked rofl

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Originally Posted by thebenjies
Click on my name in my siggy to see me...it's last year, so my hair is shorter now, but I'm pregnant in that picture, just like now I am the Baby Factory. Planning on taking a few belly pics in the near future!
I never noticed your pic in your siggy before! It's so awesome to finally "meet" the mama that's sold me 100% (so far) of my newborn stash!
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Hope this works!


click on *The Family* album and I'm the 2nd picture.
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I just got brave enough last week to put a pic of me in my siggie. In fact, it now has pictures of me, DS, and DH! The pic of me was taken at a christening August 1st, DS slept though the entire thing--you can see by looking at his sweaty little head though how hot it was, and the church wasn't air-conditioned (don't know how many churches are, not many around here!).

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There are a couple of pictures of me in my sig -- a wedding one and one of the three of us when Maxi was about 4 months old and one of Maxi in me from May (pic we got done for DH for Father's day). I look exactly the same. I think I look exactly the same as I did in high school!

I will try to find some better ones and add them.
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Me and my diapered baby girl!

All you mamas and babies are so cute!

And Terri you are gorgeous and Indigo is just perfect, I want to drive to TX and squeeze her and smell her head! Aw, she is a beauty!
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Here's me with Jackson

and Here's me with Kylie

You all are gorgeous! It was fun to see a face with the names!
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I love seeing everyone! You all look so good. here is

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Shelley, that is so *not* how I pictured you! LOL.
:LOL care to elaberate, or do I not wanna know??? :LOL
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I'm in my sig!
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Amberjane I think you ought to post the other picture too :LOL
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This is SO fun! I love seeing everyone.

Joanne! You are so pretty -- no wonder Josh is such a cutie!
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Well, this is not the most recent photo, but I still look the same, LOL! I think this is from last October.....

Photo here!

I have been having some problems with my computer, so I haven't been able load my new photos.

LOVE looking at all of you mamas, this is so fun!
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wow, this thread has been fun!! Kendell, it was great to see that Picture of you and the whole family!! I'd share, but I don't think you all know me well enough, you'd just be like, whos that?? LOL
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