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I need flybaby support !

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These past three weeks the cling on the credit card hasn't helped much ( it was all stuff we needed though not any fluff and we pay them off in full each month)
I did my routines etc last night I need to go do my 15 mins in the zone but haven't
I am flummoxed by my lab report and didn't even use something I froze like I was going to -I put it back in the freezer and ordered the kids pizza and I have a house FULL of FOOD....
ARGH what is wrong with me??? It is time to start watching/facing seriously I have all my curricula and what not now...

and I go spend $$ on junk food..I know better and that could have stayed in my account...
my hotspots are messed up again -well ok they ARE the school desks and it is just textbooks...
The dishes need to be washed...

I did make and bake my neighbor brownies for her 80th birthday. I am waiting to call her to come up because her dying hubby had his chemo/radiation today to shrink the tumors in his throat so he can swallow better....

I am surfing when I should be making up lessons missed from earlier and yesterday ...

I did get up this morning and say to myself 'where are your shoes" and died laughing that I said it out loud to myself..
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I am here for ya! Goodness knows I fall off the wagon more than stay on but hey, look at me as the person you know you are doing better than
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I will just look at you as someone to accompany me off the wagon!
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Hang in there! Decide on one babystep to do this afternoon and go do it. Just one. Remember, you can do ANYTHING for 15 minutes!

Having said that, I left this morning without making the beds and without packing anyone their lunch. So I'm going to take my own advice when I get home. I haven't cleaned a bathroom all week either, so maybe that will be my 15 minute task for this evening -- cleaning the master bathroom. Now that I've written it down, maybe I'll actually do it!
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I haven't done my 15 mins in the zone yesterday or today
Last night I made the kids do the kitchen routine while I dealt with some other personal stuff
The hotspots were already done so I didn't have to do those..
I really need to go do the 15 mins in the zone or I will end up doing 45 tomorrow to make up for it lol
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ya know one of my biggest challenges is to clean something I don't think is dirty *enough*. I think some of the reasons include I like that feeling of satisfaction I get when I tackle a mess and look back and its all shining, plus when I wait until everything is a disaster to clean so I can get that wow! feeling then I am dead tired the next day and don't even want to think about lifting a finger.

Anyone else struggle with that?
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