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Crochet winter hat patterns for bulky yarn?

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Can anyone help me out here? I am trying to crochet some hats for a charity drive and I bought some bulky yarn. It seemed like a good idea at the time :LOL Now I'm looking online and can't seem to find many hat patterns for thick yarns.

I need some easy patterns because even though I've been crocheting for something like 25 years I've never graduated past beginner :LOL
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What about doing in rounds for a few rows and then going even? Ok...I doubt that made sense to anyone but me..lol..let me explain:

You said thick yarn..like woolease thick and quick or something like that? Here's a quick pattern..I know there are ones out there like this, so I"m not copying or anyting, just pullling it out of my head so to speak...

Ch 2, 4sc in second ch from hook
2sc in each st around. 8 sc
*2sc in firs sc, sc in next* around 12 sc.
*2 sc in first sc, sc in next 2 sts* around.
*sc in first 3 sts, 2sc in next st* around.

Keep increasing by one until it is wide enough then work even until it's long enough or too long then you can roll up the bottom...LMK if any of that makes sense..I'm pretty tired here..LOL

Here's a GREAT site for FREE patterns....I don't have anything to do w/the site, I just love it..and the lady who does it (Martha) is great as well.

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Crochetmama your name is a breath of fresh air in this board full of knitters :LOL (no offence to knitters it's just lonely sometimes being a crocheter here!).

I found a pattern last night after I posted this but I could really use your help with it! I'm really wishing my grandma were still alive. As I said I have been crocheting for forever, but have never progressed past "beginner". This is my first hat ever! I've made tons of blankets but that's it. Blankets are easy

Anyway, here's my problem. Yes, I'm using the woolease thick and quick. Yup, it sure is quick! In just 1/2 an hour (as the children strewed clean laundry all over the back room) I made most of a hat! Wow! But now I got to a point I'm stuck at.

It says "work in single crochet, increasing 9 single crochet evenly spaced - 44 single crochet. Work even in sc for 2" more."

What the heck does that mean? Increase 9 sc in that one round? How? Do I have to divide 44 by 9 or something and do a dc every 4.88888888888888888888 single crochets? :LOL. Ok, I could round it off to doing a dc every 5. But if it's that obvious why don't they just say that? Or is it something else? (or is my math wrong? I am not exactly a math person, :LOL)

Any help would be greatly appreciated

And if it helps here is the pattern I found. Agh! The link isn't working! Double ack! Still not working! It keeps going to the wrong hat Here's the link to the wrong hat :LOL http://www.lionbrand.com/cgi-bin/lio.../cctq-rib.html .On the left click on crochet patterns. Scroll down to crocheted accessories and then to chenille thick and quick and the one that says *new* called crochet hat and scarf set (maybe because it's a new link it's not properly set yet?).

I am not using chenille but it seems to be working fine.
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Hey ShannonCC,

Where are you in that pattern? I'm not seeing the increase by 9 sc...hrm..ok..I did a search..Lionbrand patt links are funny...ugh.
Ok..yes, you need to increase by 9 sts and they have to be worked evenly around (so you don't get a funky looking hat).

I'd do like you said...every 5sts or so...so that'd be you would sc for 3 then inc around (counting). You will end up kind of wierd, but make sure you get to the 44 sts. You could just cheat and go to 45 sts..then it'd work out math wise that is...it doesn't look like the pattern would be hurt any. If you do that, you will have to decrease (next official row) to 40 rather than 39. I dont think the overall look will be damaged.
LMK if that helps at all.

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Yes, that does help, thanks!

That is what I thought it was after I wrote it out but I don't understand why they just didn't SAY that. If you read the pattern, they write out things like that earlier so why leave me to do the math on my own now?

Ok, so when the half sleeping babe unlatches from my lap I will . . . . .uh . . . . . start dinner and then clean up dinner, and then make lunch for dh tomorrow and then I'll get my dh to read my dd the book my dd's been begging for and somehow distract the boy and . . . . . :LOL Ok, well, I'll get to it somehow.


I'll let you know how it turns out!
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Oh, CROCHETERS!!! I found you!!!!

I have been making some winter hats out of Thick and Quick as well. I started with this pattern (link below), but I don't put a brim on them so they look more like beanies. I sometimes add a row of double crochet just to make the hat look more interesting.


I've been trying to make some baby hats but they keep coming out too small. I'm not very good at following patterns.

I'd love to make a purse I could felt if anyone has any ideas.
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Hi! Lisa Yeah, there aren't that many crocheters on this board! Or maybe it's just that we just don't talk about it all the time like knitting? What IS it with knitting that is so addictive? I really have to try again some day and see what the fuss is, :LOL

Tammy, thanks so much for the help! I finished the hat and it's lovely! My first hat I then went on to make one for my son and then one for my dd. My dd's turned out really nice which made me realize what I had done wrong with my son's so I'm going to unravel his and start again. And it takes me less than an hour to make each hat with the thick and quick! I love it I have two more charity hats to make and then I'm using the leftovers from all of them to make a striped scarf for the charity too.

I made a quick dishwashing cloth tonight but I made it too pretty and dd immediately asked to have it for a doll blanket, :LOL I used pink cotton and put a decorative white edge on it (made of string because that's all I had on hand) so I guess it was irresistable to a 5 year old I have the idea I'll be making plenty of doll blankets now that she's seen what I can do

She also asked me to teach her. I really don't think she has the patience right now but I will show her anyway since she asked. She has been enjoying spool weaving lately so you never know. Any tips on teaching a little kid? I was thinking I'd start something and get it going well (so it's easy to hold) and then show her how to do a simple crochet.
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I just thought I would chime in and say that I am a chrocheting mama. I used to knit, but it hurt my hands and took forever to finish anything. I learned how to chrochet and have loved it ever since.
I am not working on anything right now, but I will be sure to post when I do so we can chat it up like the knitters always get to.
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Hey Shannon,

Check out www.crochet.org they have instructions on teaching children. I think they say from age 7, but I'm not sure..I think it all depends on the child.
As for knitting, it is fun. I now do my soaker pattern w/knitting so I can get a little knitting in too.

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Well, she did about 3 stitches and decided she was done, :LOL

I tried knitting when I was a kid but didn't like. I find crochet much easier. I'm sure knitting is just as fun as crochet, I just don't understand the obsession aspect, :LOL I'm on another board and almost all of my friends there are knitting socks, sweaters, shawls, etc. It just struck me as funny that I know so many knitters
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