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Anyone diagnosed with GD?

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Hi all. A couple of weeks ago I failed my 3-hour GTT and was diagnosed with GD. I've been monitoring myself and eating well, but my fasting number in the morning has been between 91-94. I happen to have a conservative doctor, and now she wants me on insulin. Everything I have read states that moms who are on insulin need to be induced at 38-39 weeks. I am a VBAC mom so she probably wouldn't induce me, just section me. I am very, very depressed about this, I worked SO hard for my first VBAC and am unwilling to just submit to a C-section unless someone can prove to me that my baby is not doing well.

Anyone else dealing with this?
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Thankfully I'm not dealing with this myself, but I just wanted to send a Wish I could offer more help than this. I bet if you post this in the I'm Pregnant forum you'll get lots of great advice from midwives and nurses. Good luck to you.
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Thanks. I did post it under I'm Pregnant, so we'll see if I get any input. I am trying not to stress out because that makes my sugars go up (the LAST thing I need!).
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I just took my 3 hr GTT on Wed., and will find out what the results are tomorrow.
I was diagnosed with GD when preg w/ Hannah, and my OB at that time was pretty conservative, as well. He was itching to induce me from 38 weeks on, and I really had to fight him to leave me alone until 40 wks, 1 day. But my sugars were terrific, never above 125, and I never actually felt like I had GD. But I followed the diet plan and monitored my sugars just like instructed. Hannah, who was predicted by OB and the u/s to be this huge baby, was only 7 lbs 12 oz...at 40w1d. Hmmm...
Anyway, I'm more nervous about being labeled "high risk" and all the crap that goes along w/ that, then about actually having GD.
Hope you can keep your sugars under control w/o insulin. That does make it tough. I hope you can talk to your OB and avoid an unnecessary c-section.
I know I found some great info on living w/ GD last pregnancy. I'll poke around online and post the links when I find them.
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i'm new here i was diagnosed with GD at about 20 weeks. one OB in my group spoke of induction at 39 weeks, i said all along let's just see how the ultrasounds go. last week she measured 4lbs 11oz with a margin of error of 1.2lbs, so no problem! tight control of diet is the key, i think. i take insulin but have been able to keep the doses low. i had been on a low-carb diet before i got pregnant, so it wasn't much of a transition to the diabetic diet, and there are such great sugar-free and low-carb foods out there now.

they did check the baby's heart fairly early on in a very detailed ultrasound, not sure if they do that with GD later in pregnancy. that was the only other worry besides her size.

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