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Ok- It's time for another "who hasn't been fairied-ever" thread...8/19 - Page 3

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We could use a pail liner for a diaper pail that I haven't bought yet and some small AIO and pocket dipes with inserts for baby Jackson who is due to arrive here in a few weeks. Anything for wipe solution would be good too, like TTO, apricot oil, baby bits, whatever (I don't have any of it). I've been considering trying a small soaker or longies, but that certainly isn't a need.

Thank you diaper fairy!
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We just joined the fairy list recently, so no we have not!

DS is two and really needs some fitted dipes, think mediums or any brand thats got a short rise...we have a hard time getting a good fit on him : LOL
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We just joined the list the other day too .. We really need fitteds (m/l - DD is 22lb w/chubby thighs and butt just like mama!) and wipes, since our dogs have taken to EATING our wipes. *grumble*
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We are not eligible for the fairy list yet (in 6 days we will be!). But Keller is in need of some fitteds and prefolds.
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We just signed up too. We really need newborn diapers and covers, so far we don't have any and baby will be here is 2 months. We also need sz lg side snapping diaper covers, because dd barely fits in her mediums anymore, and some more premium prefolds. Okay, so really we could use just about anything in a sz nb or lg, I think we have sz med covered though.
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we just emailed to get on the list earlier this week (hope it went through) so obviously haven't been fairied yet.

winter is on it's way to Vermont, so we could really use fleece/wool pants or longies or dipes like wonderoos that i can get under his pants. oh, and Keiran has a good attitude and doesn't care if things are used.

a wetbag might be nice too, but plastic bags work just fine.

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We have not been fairied. We've been especially good too. (My info hasn't been put up on the DF website yet, but hopefully Shandelle is working on it).

DS has pretty much outgrown his wool covers and he would love a new one! He's really only tried SP's so anything else would be quite exciting for him
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I *think* we're on the list (still haven't heard back for sure), but haven't been fairied. We're expecting a little one in about 3 weeks (YAY!) and could use pretty much anything!
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We haven't been fairied yet.
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We havn't been yet... I'm due NOW with a little girl in need of anything size small or med. And my dd who is night time diapering would take any stuffers (would love to try hemp) and any pocket diapers in a med/large. We use wonderoos with three infant prefold right now at night time talk about a jolo butt! LOL
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We haven't. dd needs fitteds in sz large (she only has 9) and soakers to fit over sz large (she has an 18 inch waist), she only has two soakers. We would some longies or fleece pants. She gets rashy in PUL and I have 7 BSW SIO's I would love to fairy after we get some more fitteds (we still have to use them from time to time).
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We haven't been fairied here either
Both boys in dipes could use wool longies for this fall/winter.
Thank you so much diaper fairies!!
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we haven't, but we are well stocked on diapers and covers for a while. a new change pad and a wet bag would be good though, for when we are on the go!
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We haven't yet either.I am pregnant though and needing newborn and small diapering things.We are having major financial problems so i have bought a few things but are in need of an actual stash.Blessings~
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We haven't been fairied. We're pretty goood om dipes and even covers. Fleece pants would be a treat. I'm still iso some yummy wipes
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My guy Branden hasn't been fairied yet...
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Never been fairied, been on the list awhile. I would love a couple of nighty newts or other overnight type diapers, as we have been using sposies at night, due to ds being a heavy wetter and a light sleeper, thus impossible to change in the middle of the night.
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We just email our info to the list, but haven't heard back yet. So haven't been fairied yet. We could really use some medium fitteds, since we just realized that aplix is not working for us anymore that leaves us with 9 dipes(Ok, 4 more on the way...). Would really like to try Little Lovies, but anything trim and absorbant would work for miss super-wetter. Something for nighttime too. Thanks!
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