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Late Joiner - Intro

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Hello! I'm late in finding this forum and thought I'd take a minute and introduce myself.

I'm Kari and am pregnant with my second child. My DS, Zachary, was born in August 1991 via c-section and my DH and I are now pregnant with a daughter due on August 23rd.

We've had quite a long road in finding good prenatal care and used 2 OBs before we finally found a fabulous CPM and decided on a VBAC homebirth with a terrific OB willing to act as back-up if needed.

We're at that point in the pregnancy now where we're all just so excited and ready for the baby to arrive.

I've already read through the August birth stories and they were wonderfully inspiring!

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Our usually very chatty group is kind of slow these days with half the mamas already having had their babies. Not me though. Still hanging in there....
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Thanks for the welcome!

We're still anxiously awaiting our daughter's arrival as well.

I've been having sporadic contractions, loss of mucous plug, loose stools, etc. but nothing regular enough to indicate it's the "real thing" yet.

Every morning I keep hoping, "Today will be the day!"

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