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bleeding at 36 weeks???

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hi mamas
i'm hoping someone has the answer to this -- my (reasonably mainstream sis) is ~36 weeks pregnant and is having spotting. She went to the doc and they did, umm, 3!!! internal exams and an u/s and found no reason for the spotting.

aside from telling her that she can refuse the vaginal exams and she won't die, I'm thinking maybe she's losing her plug? Baby was unplanned, so she doesn't have a great idea of due date, but apparently they "confirmed" a due date of sept 13 via u/s.

What can I tell her? I told her to continue to drink lots of water....
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It could be the plug. Or her cervix could be irritated for some reason. It's very engorged that late in pregnancy and can bleed easily.

I had spotting at about 30 weeks with my first, and my doc told me no sex till the baby was born. That was years ago, though.
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Once I hit the last 6 or so weeks while pregnant with my ds, I has spotting after sex. Don't know if that could be her case or not. It could also be her plug. The internal exams won't have helped anything; I spotted after those too. If they couldn't find a reason for the bleeding from an u/s, I'm sure everything is fine. If she rests, that may help too.
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It could definately be her plug. I lost mine two weeks before going into labor.
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It depends on the amount of the bleeding and what it looks like. It definitely sounds like it could be a very vascular cervix that was bumped during sex - it becomes similar to a nose that is prone to bleeding.
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Hi. Many moons ago I miscarried my first baby at two months. On the second pregnancy I spotted two different times. Of course I freaked out and went to the doc. He never found out the reason why. Was "one of those things". I delivered a healthy boy at term. BTW I exercised throughout the pregnancy and had a very normal pregnancy. But losing the first baby made me freak when I spotted. These things happen and mankind does not have all the answers why. Just make sure your sis goes to her doc when anything unusual happens like she did. Of note I lost my third baby and had my fourth and fifth child with normal pregnancies. Who knows????It looks like sis will be alright. (Saying a little prayer). Let us know...
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OOPs post was not clear. I had the fouth and fifthe babies. I did not lose them thank God. My kids are all grown now. Had the first living one naturally and the other two by C section. I really went the gamut.
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With my last pregnancy dh and I were not supposed to have sex until 35weeks, at 34 1/2 I thought what's 4 days. I immediatly started bleeding and went into preterm labour(2nd time). I went to the hospital because I didn't feel her move. They did 1 internal upstairs in maternity(after making me walk upstairs), then the nurses there sent me downstairs to ER where my dr was working that day(again making me walk). By then I was in even more labour. I saw my dr's wife because he was too busy(she's a dr), she called the obgyn in because my cervix was too soft for her liking. He came and did an exam(#3, used a speculum). He could not tell where the bleeding was coming from. Nobody ordered any us's. The bleeding(which had been AF like this whole time and after the first exam started pouring) went away 3 days later. I couldn't walk upright for 2 days because of the pain. She was born 6 weeks later with still no clue where the bleeding was coming from.
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thanks ladies. I'm sending her your info. We are most excited for meeting our new nephew, but can wait a few more weeks
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I had bleeding like that w/my first around the same time. Same internal exams : Unexplanined. I'd been shopping and walking a bunch w/my mom. Dr. theorized it was my cervix being irritated and a broken capillary (sp?) or something. I rested as best I could from then on out and baby was born two weeks later.
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