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Advice on a Serger

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Do any of you sewing mamas own sergers. I would really like one but am not sure which one to get. I would be interested in hearing about features-options and prices . Thanks a bunch or should I say thanks sew much!!!
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I got one for my birthday this year. I don't use it as much as I would like (time being an issue), but I have done my dd's bedroom (curtains, duvet, etc.) with it, and I loved it for that. It doesn't replace a sewing machine, but complements it nicely. When I get around to doing curtains for the rest of my house, I will be in heaven - no more finishing seams off!!! I haven't done any clothes sewing in years and I don't do crafts, but one of these days...
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I have an Elna 624DSE serger (in addition to the sewing machine). It does 2-3-4 threads, rolled hem, etc.

I am very happy with it. It is easy to thread (compared to some other sergers I've seen), works great, comes with cards that tell you what settings to use for what stitches.

IMO, it's a pretty basic machine, good as a first serger if you never had one before.

Couple things that it does not have: no free arm, so stitching small things (like attaching the ribbing to DS's sweatshirts necks and sleeves) is a little tricky, but I manage just fine. Also, it does not have a cover stitch (only 5-thread machines can do it -- by cover stich I mean the stitching where you get two parallel lines on top, and serger-look on the bottom, usually used to hem strtetchy fabrics-- if you look on your T-shirt sleeves and bottom you'll see what I am talking about)

Someday, if money isn't an issue (ha! ), I would love to have a 2-3-4-5 thread serger that does it all. But That mighrt never happen... I don't know if this is helpfull. Ask if you have more questions....
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Ugh, guilt--
I got a 3-4-5 coverstitch/professional grade home-size Bernina ideal serger for a gift before the birth of my 18 month old, and I get free instruction in the Bernina shop, etc., and I've done nothing with it except seam finishing on a 4-thread for a long, long time. However. I would choose a good brand of machine which probably would be like any of the good brands of sewing machines: Bernina, Viking, Elna, NOT SINGER anymore, there are a few others, most aren't made in the US. My only personal experience is don't buy a Bernette--a small version allied with Bernina but not made by Bernina. They are not well-made. But Bernina is.

The idea of cards for tensions is great--with mine I really have to experiment with each thread type, and however many threads there are. I have never tried the coverstitch option. If I get going with this dollmaking thing, I'll have to see the power of the serger, b/c it will do things so well that I can't even do w/ std. machine. I'm working out a chart though, one setting at a time. I don't think mine is difficult to thread, and it came with a very informative but BORING video that isn't any good for just sitting and watching--you have to be trying out the thing.
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