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The Babies Are Coming! The Babies Are Coming! Chat Thread 8/21 - 8/27

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OK, women, I've started a new thread, that last one was just getting REALLY long and with BABIES ARRIVING, the threads are going to get even busier.

congrats to Shannon on her new baby girl born Friday, 8/20 at 2:45 AM!!! :

Short recap of last page: HeatherB is feeling prepared and excited, and Caroline is ridiculously tired and ready for her baby to be born! Plantmommy was up at 4 AM with contractions but like everyone (except for Shannon), they petered out. So did the few that HeatherJ had as well. HeatherJ is excited because her mommy group held a shower for her and she received Happy Heinys and dinners to freeze.

Sheryl is looking forward to her BlessingWay and feels like she and dh made headway on names; Danielle is having AROM induction next Tuesday if she makes it that far... she's 4 cm dilated and 60% effaced; Anna concludes she needs internet at home; Chrissy is worried about having PUPPS and going crazy with the itch, and Lynsey concurs (Stacy says: get Sarna lotion!); Savannah is trying to resurrect some used AIOs she was given, HeatherB received a small box of formula and isn't quite sure where it came from; Jen is waffling about having her hair cut off, and Boobykinmama Heather is cooking up a storm and getting ready to rest.

September is only 10 days away!

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WOW! you've really outdone yourself this time Jen!!!

Congrats Shannon!!

Leaving tomorrow for Va.!!! Good-bye NJ.
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And I already posted on the other thread...of well, it waws mostly whiny anyway!!

Congrats Shannon!!!! I can't wait to read your birth story, and find out the name of the new little one!

:girlpin :
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Caroline you can keep whining on this thread until you've got it all out of your system! None of us will mind!!!

I'm supposed to be getting off of my butt and going to a local establishment to meet other MDC mamas from around town, but I'm such a big chicken that I haven't moved and instead sit here petting Sydney...

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38w, 3D

Way to go Shannon!
Congrats on your precious little girl!
Can't wait to see her.

: : : :

Love the recaps!

As you can probably tell by my postings, I am in a much better mood. I think I'm relieved that we have made a decision, and that I have progressed quite a bit already.
I really do pray to go into labor, slowly, before Tuesday so as to avoid the AROM, but we'll see what happens.
We are going to hang low this weekend.

Ladies with petering out contractions: I feel your pain!
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I wish everyone who feels like whining, would do so as much as they want! It's a change of pace to hear someone else (besides me!) at it!
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My turn to whine! My ankles have looked like cantelopes all week! Also this past Tuesday I went to visit the doc. This doc claimed that my cervix was long and closed after the other doc said I was 1 1/2 cm dilated and 50% effaced a week before. I am definitely using midwives next time.
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36 weeks

Gee, all this going on, my life seems downright boring by comparison! Hm, well, today we are putting in our kitchen linoleum... See? This is why I never post here.

Shannon, congratulations!!!
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852 weeks 468 days??? Or something like that...

Unfortunatly, whining here is not getting it out of my system...

Today is the second day my kids have been cooped in the house, and I can't stop yelling at them. Everything they do irritates the heck out of me...even normal kid things. For the first time, I really wish someone would come and take them away for a little while. It is weird, becasue I just want to be with my husband, alone. I am trying to be patient, but I am in the "children should be NOT seen and NOT heard" mode...I guess from lack of sleep and tired of being pregnant...who knows?? But usually my DH would be the first one pissing me off, and the kids get much more leeway...

Well, it is thunder storming and the pressure in the air is so high, I heard that that can cause some womans water to break...we shall see.

Heather, that is weird! How can you go backwards?? Probably the secind dr was not feeling high enough...

Linda, YAY for new linoleum..we have to finish a bathroom today!

Jen, go make some new friends!! Especially MDC friends...I am jealous!

Oh, next Monday, August 30th is the full moon. Think we'll get a couple of babies then???

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Standing out on the balcony of my friend's (swank, shishi ridiculously fabulous new) apartment last night, I saw the quarter man-in-the-moon moon and thought "aw jeez, I have to wait until after the moon is full for this kid to be full term?!!!"

Caroline, I'm sorry about the cooped-up feeling.

I of course did not manage to get out and meet people, I took an extra long shower though. Jo is off with a friend painting at someone's house and earning some decent money for it, which is nice, I guess, although it means I have to spend the whole weekend by myself.

Can I get some opinions on perineal massage? The clinic I go to is all about it and according to them I should have started a month ago. Frankly I can't get my thumbs down there anymore!, and Jo is not that psyched to help me out, although she will if I remember to ask her about it before 11 at night. Does it really make a huge difference in the elasticity and not tearing?

Linda, I think new linoleum is pretty exciting! Hope it looks great when it's done!
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Whining here!

I'm totally freaking out. Our house is torn apart as we had some remodeling done and now DP can't seem to find the time to put it back together and on top of that the baby has dropped and I can no longer bend over to pick up anything so my contribution to keeping house has gone out the window in the last week. We also somehow managed to gain a 4th dog and this morning I packed an overnight bag and emptied my checking account and left. I'm now sitting at my office trying to decide where I'm going. Home is not one of my options I can't stand it there anymore it disgusts me and I've even secretly been hoping the house wuold just dissapear.
And what about all the people that are constantly asking what you need but when you call for help NO ONE has time. I need someone to move furniture and clean my kitchen and help me sort and put stuff in the attic so we have ROOM for a baby, I definately don't need another onsie or recieving blanket. Can you tell I'm frustrated?

Oh yeah my original due date was sep 20 but now we're going more with probably within the next two weeks the baby dropped 2 weeks ago and whoever mentioned the air pressure causing water to break I totally think that's going on in our area. My poor midwife has had 5 Births this week and there have been two babies born on my street this week and I have a sneaking suspicion that I'm not far behind as I'm leaking something new.
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Oh, gosh, poor Megan! It's too horrible to have to deal with all of that right now.

Jen, I think perineal support during crowning or even more importantly, self-directed pushing have a lot more to do with not tearing than perineal massage. I've read both that it's beneficial and that it doesn't make any difference. Personally, if anything is gonna be happening down there it ought to be something much more fun!
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Congratulations Shannon! Welcome baby girl!
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Megan! Ack! I'm so sorry! I wish I could help you somehow but I'm half a country away... I agree, it is obnoxious when people offer to help but then when the job is less than glamorous, they are mysteriously absent. I guess you find out who your true friends are in situations like this.

And I can see how the addition of another dog could send you around the bend, it happened to a colleague of mine last year, her husband brought home a second Weimaraner without asking.

Had a watermelon binge this afternoon... oof! But it was SO good.

Whine: ohhh! my pubic bone!!
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Megan, Me too! I'm trying to move to Va. I had tons of offers to watch the girls, help pack or make food. No one ended up doing anything. Since dh got bronchitis and was sick all week nothing got done. I'm taking the girls and leaving tomorrow. I hope I remember all the baby stuff I may want/need. Dh will have to pack during the week he's off btwn. jobs - scary!

Whine -whine- whine - I feel like all I do is whine. And sleep.
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I had a neat day yesterday! My mommies group threw a baby shower for me. They presented me with 5 dinners to be frozen, another 2 dinners promised, and 6 Happy Heinys!!!!!!!! I am looking forward to not having to cook once David shows up.
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Hi ladies! I think I did WAY too much yesterday. It was the first time in a long time I'd gotten to go out and do shopping, so DS and I hit the mall, BRU, and then had dinner with DH before all going to Wal-Mart. Well, we accomplished a lot, but I was in agony half the night. It's not too weird for me to have severe leg pain after that much walking, but it's still miserable. I kept thinking of it as good prep for labor - but at least in labor pain comes and goes!! I'm still kinda sore and such, but at least sleeping helped! (What little I got :LOL) Okay, enough whining - for now! :LOL

I got up on not enough sleep today to go to a baby shower for friends who just adopted their first baby. Of all the things to do on no sleep, this was probably the most worthwhile! It was so neat to be there and celebrate with them, as they've struggled with being told they couldn't have children, deciding they didn't want any, trying again, etc., for several years. Now they've been blessed with a beautiful, sweet little girl whom they witnessed be born! I got to hold her for quite a while, which was pretty awesome, especially considering that she's now, at 3.5wks old, about as big as my baby is! (6.5lbs-ish) Oh, and the food at this brunch was absolutely fabulous and I will forever regret not eating more!! :LOL

Okay, so when's the next full moon after August 30th? Nevermind, I just downloaded a moon phase calendar for iCal - gotta love a Mac. So, ya think a new moon would do it? That comes up on Sept 14. :LOL I'm thinking August 30th is too early for me, too, but I'm guessing we'll have several births around then! Yippee!!

Heather(J), how cool! I'm so glad you got such a neat shower. I don't know that anyone in our moms group would even know to get us cloth - sounds like you've got a great group of ladies! Not cooking will be SO nice, too. Our church always has meals arranged for families with new babies and it is such a relief not to have to worry about it!

Megan, I hope you get everything worked out and back to "normal" soon! Praying for peace amidst the storms.

Have a great evening, mamas!
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Woohoo! Congratulations Shannon!! :

Oh the last couple of days are a blur. Two nights ago I went to bed early (about 9:30-10pm) and Jack slept until 7:00ish, Tori slept until almost 8:30am (she went to sleep late). You'd think that would have been a great night's sleeep... nope! I woke up twice with "reflux". Ugh nothing worse than being sound asleep, hiccuping and having acid burn the back of your nose. Guess I have to sleep propped up a bit more. Luckily it didn't give me heartburn but it still was very annoying. I was still soo tired. Jack was so sweet and just wanted to snuggle on the couch until Tori got up. So we sat on the couch with Sesame Street on and I semi-veg dozed. Later, Tori went down for an almost 3 hour nap and Jack slept for 2 hours... I slept for almost 2 hours also. Still felt tired.

Then last night... tried going to sleep several times but it just didn't want to take. Apparently Radish had a case of the twitchy leg. He moved on leg back and forth across the top of my belly all night!! Got up a couple of times and then went back to bed again. Finally got to sleep about 2am... then a horrendous thunder storm hit about 5am. Tori woke up screaming about a minute before it started (I swear she's pyschic about them and absolutely HATES them too). It was like someone had a strobe light out in the front yard when I went to go ged her. By the time we got back to my room and climbed in to bed, it was storming really bad. Tori never went back to sleep. She was calm and WIDE AWAKE. Luckily Jack slept through the whole thing. Sometimes the boy sleeps like a rock. He slept until a little after 7. My plans for a "family nap" were foiled by Jack. Tori will usually nap about 3pm, lately Jack hasn't wanted to take a morning nap for the past week, so I didn't try to push for it. Big mistake. The boy passed out just after 12pm and slept until almost 2:30pm (through ANOTHER horrendous thunderstorm). Tori fell asleep about 3:30 and Jack wasn't having another nap. PERIOD. :

I just wanted to take a nap. I need to go wake Tori up soon or she isn't going to want to go to sleep tonight. And I want to go to bed early. I'm not functioning at top speed on only 3 hours of sleep. Luckily I haven't wanted to smother Tori today. :LOL She's been surprisingly good for being tired too. Usually she's a nightmare when she wakes up early like that. I see a round of warm showers in our future, hopefully the next thunderston due around bedtime doesn't happen. Now if I can just think of something quick for dinner. :LOL We had my old standby pancakes for breakfast this morning. Maybe we'll have Quesadillas, those are quick and no brainers.

And it feels like I've been kicked by a horse on my pubic bone!!!!
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I can so relate to the house being torn apart since we just finished up a move, and it's not fun! We technically moved two weeks ago today, and I still have a few lingering boxes to unpack. Not to mention a ton of stuff piled up everywhere waiting to be assigned a place to go. I wonder if things will be put together before the baby decides to come. I hope so, but I doubt it. DH hasn't been much help around the house lately with the unpacking and such.

I'm on the verge of a break down with all the work I've been trying to do, working 8-10 hours typing reports on the computer while taking care of ds, unpacking, laundry, prep work for my Bradley class, etc. The list just never ends! Luckily, I haven't been scheduled to work at my PT job for a month or so.

I've hit the uncomfortable part of pregnancy and can't find a single piece of furniture, including our bed, that is comfortable. The floor is my best bet, and it's covered with dog hair since it's been more than a few days since I've vacuumed. Sigh!

So that's my whining session for now. I'm sure that it will be continued later on in the week.

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Megan, I can relate to the house stuff. There are certain things I can't do, and I've been waiting it seems like forever for my husband to do them and he just doesn't have the same sense of urgency about it that I do!

Jen, I have a poor opinion of perineal manipulation in general. Elasticity has to do with diet, hydration, genetics, age, and hormones. Stretching the skin manually (perineal massage) will eventually stretch the skin (break it down) but stretched-out skin is not equivalent to elastic skin. And to have someone touch the perineum during labor is for most women uncomfortable and inhibiting, and this interferes with hormone production, which is crucial for the passage of the baby without vaginal and perineal trauma. It's like the difference between how your body reacts when getting a gynecological exam and when making love.
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