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The Babies Are Coming! The Babies Are Coming! Chat Thread 8/21 - 8/27 - Page 3

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I napped for about an hour and a half.
I passed another huge nasty chunk of mucous plug and some bloody show.

I wish I could just go to sleep and wake up to Monday morning!

My mom went on a weekend trip, but she'll be back tonight, so that will be nice again.

Kids are better; they slept a lot today and just had a small meal.

Lucy hasn't been sick yet, so I'm praying she slides past this one!

Sorry this has all been me me me me me today!

I hope everyone is doing well this weekend!
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Glad you got a nap in, and that the kids are well/better.

Isabelle had a blast, and now there's a mess of presents to clean up. I think I'll ignore it until tomorrow.
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Hi mamas!

We're back from our trip and I am even all caught up on all the posts.

I am so excited that we have had our first "September" baby born!! Congratulations Brisen!! I hope you'll share a picture soon.

And Danielle, you sound like you are about to have that baby at any second. I still bet you won't make it until Tuesday morning!

Savannah, I'd be up for another swap.

Lynsey, I'm not sure if I've actually got PUPPS or if my belly is so itchy because it's stretching even more. In any case I've been taking 3 Dandelion Root capsules after each meal since Friday and I do feel less itchy. My main itchiness is on my belly, well my whole torso and up through my breasts too really, so I'm not sure if it's PUPPS or not. I sure hope your itching stops (or at least lessens) soon because it is enough to drive a person crazy, isn't it????

Oh, also about oils, I've been taking Fish Oil and Evening Primrose Oil for the past several months.

Okay, dinner calls.
Love to you all,
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Chrissy what's your BP been like. I know that I had terrible itching with my first pregnancy and it turned out to be a sign of my liver swelling up. Not to scare you. My doc thought I had PUPPS too.
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It's always been normal. I'll check it tomorrow at the grocery to be sure though!
Thanks for the heads up.
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Welcome, new Heather!!! Your birth plans sound wonderful. And I'm sorry your mom wigged out on you. Sounds like she is wacked for thinking she could be there in the first place... like you'd really want someone there thinking and saying things about your weird "hippy" choices! =O)

Crissy, you handled the matching up of people on the second trimester swap, right? (And did a darn good job of it, I might add!) I noticed your due date is the latest, too, so it would be REALLY AWESOME if you would like to do the match-making on this one...??? If not, we'll see who else might want to do that part. I'll go ahead and start a new thread. Fun! (I noticed reading over that old second tri shower/swap thread that you had mentioned having gifts for mom the first time, then another swap for baby stuff, so this works out great all around!) And we have so many new moms on board that didn't participate in the others...
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3under3, glad to hear you got some rest at least and I hope those little ones stay well! It sounds like you're so close now!

Last night my family came over with gifts for the new baby. It was so much fun! Quite a few outfits, sleepers, dresses (we're thinking girl - hope we're right!), etc. It's so much fun looking at little bitty clothes and realizing they'll be filled soon! Now I just need to wash everything. I think that's going to be on my to-do list tomorrow. My midwife's "Preparing for Birth" sheet recommends washing everything at 37 weeks - well, we're there and past!

I was driving home this evening and started having some mild cramping and backache. Nothing consistant or much, but what a welcome feeling! To know something's going on and that in not-too-long it'll be the baby on its way! I know the last time I did a self-check I was definitely starting to dilate, which I didn't really do with DS until labor had begun. I'm actually hoping more for extended early labor than to do it all in one shot - make the end easier!

Anyhow, thinking of all those with labor symptoms! What an exciting time!
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Congratulations on your little girl, Brisen! *tosses around confetti*

My husband is in Detroit all this week, eep! A friend will be here this afternoon to stay the week with me, just in case. We had our last childbirth class yesterday (nothing like waiting til the last minute, huh?) Now I just need to finish gathering up all the birth supplies and put them together in one place. My husband and I both think Vaysh is going to be early, we'll see.

I have a picture of my belly! It's not a very good picture, I was really really tired when my husband took it.

Laz's Belly

I also have a picture of the finished 'monster' quilt.

The front of the quilt
Back of the quilt

We made a belly cast yesterday, that was an interesting experience. I still need to go clean the plaster off the bathroom sink. *sigh* And the bathtub is so icky now, but I honestly don't think I can get down and scrub the tub. We got our new mattress for the new bed, it's going to take some getting used to, but out bedroom looks so nice! The changing table has been put together and all the baby stuff is put away. I still can't get my head around the fact that we're going to be parents soon. Eek!

Hope everyone has a great day!
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Lazuli, I think that is a great belly picture!! You're beautiful! And the quilt is wonderful too. I LOVE the bright colors. I hope the week without your husband goes by quickly.

Danielle, how are you doing today????

How's everybody else? Who's going after Danielle- Caroline?
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Dunno who's after Danielle... Yeah, I do believe it's Caroline, but now that Isabelle's had her birthday and my midwife is back in the country and school starts for my oldest 2 in 8 days, I want it to be me!!!
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Congratulations Shannon! Yippee!!! Welcome to the world little baby girl!

Danielle, sending you labor vibes, I hope it is happening for you right now!

This is great, we got a call yesterday that a woman from our birth class was in labor too, lots of excitement!

Sending Plantmommy and Caroline labor vibes too, hope you two are next!

I had a good weekend, so tiring though! The wedding was so much fun, but I hardly slept that night. We camped, which was nice so I could lay down whenever, but sleep came in very small doses, even despite the air mattress and all of my pillows I brought. It was super comfy, but I just didn't sleep, wah! But I did get in a 2 hour nap when we got home yesterday and a good full night's sleep last night, so I'm pretty much recovered. I get crampy contrax every time I lie down or roll over now, warming up....

Feeling more and more ready, birth supplies are about 90% assembled and I have a wide open week in which to really tackle my "To Do's". I see my mw tomorrow, haven't had any internal exams yet, so maybe then? Not sure, but I'm not in a rush....yet....

I'm in for another exchange, I'll go look for the thread. Of course at this point, we'll all have to leave it open time-wise, just in case...

Hope everyone hasw a wonderful week of preparing and even welcoming babies!
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Lazuli hooray for your stretch marks! Nice to see someone else has them

I have a new photo but I posted it on the yahoo page.

Well, yesterday, in an attempt to fix the light in the ceiling fan, the entire ceiling fan in the den died, so today we'll go on Jo's lunch hour to look at ceiling fans. Then, to add insult to injury, our window AC started making its strange sounds like piece of breaking plastic in the middle of the night, only this time we didn't hear it right away and turn off the AC, and I woke up to it making incredibly fatigued low-pitched rhythmic humming/whumping sounds, like it was just going to cough and die any second. The sad part is that it's really the best AC that we have (out of 3 window AC units) and definitely the quietest. So... after Jo commented offhandly about how pleased she was about the amount of money in our checking acct yesterday, it's about to get sliced. And Sears doesn't even carry the AC anymore that Consumer Reports ranked as a best buy. : Maybe we will just move the kitchen AC up into the bedroom and hope that we don't have the traditional string of 90 degree days in Sept that we always seem to have, and worry about getting a new AC next year.

So I'm listening to sappy George Michael songs and bemoaning our bad luck.

...guilty feet have got no rhythm...

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...I'm never gonna dance again
the way I danced with you-oo-oo!

I'm too grumpy for posting, I'll just leave it with George Michael.
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38 weeks 3 days

Didn't have a very good night last night. Lots of back pain-ligaments? Some contractions.
I feel sick this morning. I don't know if it's nerves or what.
Last Thursday, I saw a homeopath about my anxiety symptoms. She's suppose to get back to me soon about a possible remedy. Hopefully soon, hopefully the right remedy.
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Melanie! Feeling sick can be a good sign of pending labor!

How are you counting days? I'd say I'm 38 weeks 3 days, too, but am due on the 3rd.

My home visit is scheduled for thursday am, but hopefully I'll have to call the mw over before then. I do feel as if he's dropped, although I still have heartburn. My pelvis aches pretty much all the way around (butt, hips, front).
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I suppose then I'd be 38 weeks 2 days.

Well, my last baby was born at this point (12 days early). My 4th was born at 38 weeks.
I'm kind of hoping it's before Friday, because the midwife I'm not as crazy about comes back from holidays then.
I hate feeling so yucky.
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Busy time

Thanks for all the ladies that sent warm thoughts my way over the weekend.
Congratulations on the new babies.
I finally ended up going with my grandparents for dinner and then going to the slots and then spent all day sunday buying things to organize the house and got some new curtains and this morning if DP doesn't screw it up, my grandmother has sent the people that clean for her to move furniture and clean my house so I'm hoping to go home to a CLEAN organized house tonight. As far as dog #4 goes He's got to go and I don't know how to get rid of him. Really #3 and #4 need to go but unless I send DP packing that prob wont work.
On top of all of this I had WUL or BH or something regularly yesterday from about 3:30pm till I went to bed and woke up this morning to less intense more sporadic episodes so I'm not sure what that means since this is my first baby but I'm ready to take my six weeks of leave from work and spend it with my little one.

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smiles to all

Hey everybody!

Just checking in and saying hello to all! It's very exciting to hear that "the babies are coming" but also kinda scary! I am shocked to realize that my time is just around the corner. Feeling pretty prepared and confident but it's still scary.

I am so very grateful for the good rest and good health I am enjoying. I hope you all start sleeping well and deeply. I share my happy sleepy pixie dust with you all.

Too busy today to chit chat, the temp who is repalcing me is here today and I've been very busy training her in.

Gotta motor
P.S. Shannon I am so happy for you, I hope you are feeling more prepared than you were last week. I am looking forward to reading your birth story. Congratulations.. kiss that little wee one for us!
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Hoping that some of the absences of certain people here are good indicators... Danielle? Caroline? *fingers crossed*

Well, we ordered a new ceiling fan. The outlay was painful but luckily we're in an ok financial spot right now and it shouldn't hurt us too much in the long run.

Plantmommy, thanks for singing along

Oddly enough, our AC seems to be ok this morning after its rest. Let's hope.

Melanie, good luck and I hope you're feeling better soon and that the remedy the homeopath picks works in a jiffy.

xo, j.
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Thanks Jen. I'm glad you got your new ceiling fan ordered and that your AC is sounding better.
The last couple of days it's been cooler here. Thank goodness. I was really wishing we had an AC for most of the summer. Heat really is a factor in setting off my anxiety attacks.

Guess what!!! The homeopath just called. My remedy is ready. I have to go pick it up. I'm supposed to take one envelope tonight and another when I get up in the morning. I'm surprised that that's it. I expected more. Well, anyway, I hope it works. I want to feel better before labour is upon me. I want to feel excited about it, not dread it like I've been doing.
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