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Who's all overdue and not happy???

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Ok, i'm over due... by 1 whole day... but i really can't take it much more. I'm set to be induced on wed and would much rather go into labor myself before... so what can i do what would you do???
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I'm not overdue yet, but I am totally feeling sympathy for you.

As for the induction - I'd be putting it off as long as possible, negotiating for time (doing NST frequently, etc). Asking about natural methods that could work (black/blue cohosh, etc), or less invasive ideas (internal exams, possibly sweeping membranes).
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I was due last Sunday. I've been a mess, lots of crying, lots of hormones and lots of pain. I've had contractions but nothing regular. My cervix is still pretty high but I did pass my mucous plug the other day. I go to see the midwife on Monday. I'm planning on asking for her to strip my membranes and if nothing comes out of it and she doesn't say anything promising I will probably take some castor oil Tuesday morning. I fully expect that they will schedule an induction for Friday and I would like to avoid pitocin this time if at all possible.
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Sex with your husband is the best-safest-most natural induction. Sperm on your cervex can get things going. Nipple stimulation, manual or using a breast pump, one side at a time for 10 minutes each side, 2-3 times a day, chiropractic or acupunture. Mainly you need to meditate, tell the little one you are ready when they are, welcome to the big world.

Remember babies get to pick their birthday. Your not going to get your body back for a long time anyway. Once the baby is on the outside, slings, nursing, car seats, dirty diapers, clothes- all things you don't have to worry about today. Your body is taking care of all of that.

I had to help my third come two weeks early to avoid my third c-sect. He was my tiniest baby- two weeks early and over 9 lbs. But he got here without any medical intervention.

Be patient. Some day soon you will look back on the beauty and peace of pregnacy.

p.s. I did do one dose of castor oil- it was horrible- terrible gas and diareha- never do castor oil unless you are already ripe otherwise you will just be sick and worn out when you go into labor.
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My due date is a confusion between Friday (yesterday) and Sunday (tomorrow) and I don't see anything happening anytime soon, but my dr. is talking induction possibly on Monday or Tuesday. I'm not officially overdue yet, but I'm sick of being pregnant. That's for sure.
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I've tried sex... no luck... i was spotting after the dr checked me on friday but nothing normal. I've been having contractions on and off since but they won't get regular. I guess i will try the nipple stim thing with my pump tonight when kids go to bed...
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I am 8 days past due. I am ready to have this baby! My midwives won't start inducing until 42weeks. So it is up to me to do all natural induction techniques. I have tried nipple stimulation, walking, sex, homeopathics and now I am looking into accupressure.
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I'm overdue as well (EDD was 8/23). At first I was all gung ho in trying natural induction methods, but lately I've decided that our immediate approach is to try and relax and let things progress on their own.

We've been having pre-labor contractions for about 2 weeks now. They started at about 45 minutes apart and last night's bought of five hours were all 10 minutes apart. I've had a few more pick up this morning, but I'm trying not to time them right now and just focusing on welcoming the baby and letting her know how much we want to see her and hold her.

Even my nearly 13 y/o DS is cheering on his little sister wanting her to be born soon.

My midwife suggested a cervical massage (aka stripping the membranes) as she usually has good success with them, but I decided we'd try that at 41 weeks if nature hasn't already answered the call.

We are feeling some pressure because we're planning a VBAC homebirth but are also seeing an OB. The OB is really fabulous and much less medically oriented than most, but there will come a time when even he can't allow the baby to go more than 42 weeks. I'm trying to ignore that fact, though, and focus on visualizing a positive homebirth.

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failed induction

My due date was 8/17 according to my last US, though the docs are sticking to 8/19 according to LMP. Either way, I'm overdue. I went into the hospital last night for cervidil induction and nothing happened. My cervix is rock hard, closed, and posterior.

Doc offered me to try the cervidil again today without leaving the hospital, but I got talked out of it by my husband and the doctor. I feel like I'm going to wind up in the same situation next week when they try again and have to get a c-section anyway. I can't stop crying because I can't deal with being pregnant anymore. I've gained 15 lbs in the last 3 weeks and the baby is at least 7.5 lbs already. I am so nervous that the baby is just going to keep getting bigger and I won't be able to push it out. PLEASE, if anyone has words of encouragement, I would really love to hear them.

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Oh you poor thing. I can empathize with you. My doc mentioned to me his concern about the baby getting too big too. I also gained about 2 pounds a week for the last month. Everytime I eat some ice cream a little voice in my head says "this is going to go straight to the baby and it will be that much harder to push out" but I need to ignore the voice. You can push out a big baby and so can I. I'm actually supposed to be in bed resting. I'm beginning pitocin tomorrow morning bright and early, but I can't sleep (as usual). Has your doctor suggested that yet? Here's some labor vibes...
Hang in there. You can do it. No one stays pregnant forever. Ask somone to give you a foot massage. Maybe that will cheer you up.
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Thanks, Christine. Good luck with your pitocin. Since it's 4:10 AM and I haven't slept since 1:30, I can empathize with you about the no sleep situation. My problem is that once I wake up, I have this on the brain, the crying jag starts, and then it's just a matter of time until I wear myself out enough from the crying to fall back asleep.

Two pounds a week isn't that much, though. I literally gained 9 lbs in the span of 6 days last week and the doctor didn't even say anything. This baby needs to come out right now, but I know nothing's going to happen until they try to induce me again. It's gotten to the point that I'm not even paying attention to anything going on in my stomach (except kick counts) because I know they're not contractions.

Right now, I'm just trying to figure out how to make it until Monday night when they try again. At the moment, I'm not taking phone calls from or seeing anyone. I just can't face anybody.

Best of luck to you for an easy delivery.

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s Julie, that is no fun at all.
Hope christeenybeany is having an okay time!

I'm still here, and reallllly sick of this. I didn't feel this way with DS at all. But I want this baby OUT. My legs are aching for some reason, I've been drinking litres of raspberry leaf tea, and the doctors are testing me practically ever other day for something or another.
Now I'm afraid that I'm getting too stressed out and that's why the baby doesn't come. I'm getting scared of labour again. I'm so cranky today because I was up for 3hrs last night....

Oh I should just can it and smile anyways! I'm having a baby! It's a miracle!

Whining over.

for now.
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Christina, I hope everything turns out great for you. I understand about the testing. Tomorrow is my biophysical profile. I feel good that things will be okay, since last US was fine and baby is kicking up a storm. I'm just emotionally drained beyond belief - not a good way to welcome my first baby into this world. I've gotten to the point where I don't even care about the baby. Not good, huh?

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to all of you. And don't worry about big babies! How many of the mommas here have already had 9lb+ babies without any problems? Your body will grow the right size baby for you. Labor Vibes!
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