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seattle area schools

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my husband and i are thinking of moving to washington state in the seattle area and i am trying to find out about preschools. we just ended our fist year at a great co-op and i hate the thought of leaving. do any of you know of a great school in the area or of a good resource to help me find one? thanks so much!
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There are some really great co-op preschools as well as some other great preschools. Where are you thinking of moving? I live in Seattle proper. My kids went to Waldorf for preschool but I have friends who have attended the co-op at Meadowbrook and at Phinney Ridge who have been happy. As far as a comprehensive resource, I don't know of one.
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we are now in the bay area and my hubby will be working in seattle so we are thinking bellevue, kirkland or redmond. i did a web search of waldorf schools up north because we have a few good friends here attending waldorf and have really good things to say about it. there is a magazine called Bay Area Parent that lists TONS of schools, programs ect. and i was hoping to hear of something similar to look through. i will check out the 2 you mentioned. i appreciate it!
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The Seattle Times provides a report like this:
but I am not sure if it coveres pre-schools.

If you are moving to Bellevue, Kirkland or Redmond, then you will most likely want schools on the Eastside and not in Seattle. I can't really help you with that. If you do a search in Google of
Seattle Area Preschools
some interesting links come up with information about preschools. I would check some of those out.

Good luck!
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The Waldorf school that serves the Eastside is Three Cedars -- www.threecedars.org. As far as preschool goes, they have a parent/child program and two mixed-aged kindergartens (one for 3.5-4.5 year olds; one for 4.5-6 year olds.)

I'm not sure about other preschool programs. There are lots of Montessori schools. And, there are many, many preschools that focus on early academics, which is probably common in most areas.

I think there's a free magazine/brochure that lists schools/preschools on the Eastside. I'll see if I can find one while I'm out today. If it has a web link, I'll send it to you. If not, I can mail it to you if you'd like.

I'm no help with schools in Seattle proper, though my friends that go to the Phinney Ridge Co-op love it.
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the thought of moving to an area with children that all i know about is what i have read on the web is really frightening. all of you have really helped me to feel like there are some good options to where my family will be going and i thank you all for that. just sharing your information is putting me a little more at ease.
joy if you know of that web link i would love to check it out and if not sending me the magazine would be great if its not to much trouble.
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you could try Seattle's Child, or ParentMap...here are some links:


If I was still in Seattle I'd send them to you! But you should be able to request a copy from the websites, I think...

good luck!
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If you are still interested in co-ops and move to the Eastside, you will have ample options (redmond, kirkland, finn hill, totem lake, lake forest park...). One group of them are run through the local technical college and here is the website to link to them:
Based on location, we toured/researched Kirkland & Redmond, so I definately know the differences between those two.

FME, there are many more Montessori preschools than Waldorff. LOTS and LOTS and LOTS of Monetessori. Also quite a few very academic ones (including ones you have to test to get into sorry, not my thing).

When you know more about what area you are looking in and when for, I'd be happy to look up some info for you. Why you thinking of moving out here?
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Stellar, I picked up a copy of Seattle's Child and Puget Sound Parent 2004-2005 Education Directory. It lists schools in Seattle and the surrounding areas, including the Eastside. If you want me to mail it to you, pm me with your address.

Here are the links to their websites: www.pugetsoundparent.com and www.seattleschild.com
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joy thank you so much i will pm me you with the info!
tired, when i first posted this thread the move was little more than a thought but over the past few days it has become a decision. we are moving because of my husbands job and we are both becoming more and more excited about it!
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