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April Mamas Roll Call - Page 2

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Karen- due April 11, 1st baby!
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Just adding my info to the list. My due date is April 10, 2005. 3rd baby.
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Please add me now that we have a heartbeat and good measurements!

Green4God (Melissa) - 4/3/05 - First baby
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add me please
due around 4.12
third babe
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Me too please!

Naomi, baby #2 EDD 4/19/05
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Hello everyone,
add me please
Due around 4.23
Third baby
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Add me too

Baby #3
Due end of April
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Hi! Add me please. Due mid April with 3rd baby.
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due April 9, first (and second since this is a multiple PG).
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ok, i'm here. with a baby due april 25.
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Please add

due with #2
second half of April

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My name is Jess, by the way...
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Please add me also...

My name is Jessi and I am due 4/10 with my 3rd and 4th!

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Add Me!!!!

I'm Gina pg with #2 due April 2, 2005.
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Please add me!

edd 4/2
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April baby

Please add me.

I am new to Board. Expecting my first on April 26th.

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hi there! i am pg with #2 due 04/26. i had a m/c june 04; my dd was born 07/13/03 as a result of 2 ivfs. one m/c 3/01 also.
so glad to be here!
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Please add me as well

Due April 14th with our first!!
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first time mom

ill be due April 21st. first time mom!
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I am in. Due April 1st. I am having my first.
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