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April Mamas Roll Call - Page 3

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Hello everyone!! I'm due with DC #2 on 4/9/05

Oh, and my name is Andrea
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Would you please add me, Pamela? I am Elena, due with #2 on 4/25/05. Thank you!
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Welcome everyone!
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Please add me.

This is an Oops baby, I though I was May, but when I recalcultaed the new guess date is April 29th this will be baby #2 fo us.

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add me to the list

please add me to the list of April mamas
2nd baby due 4/12/05
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Will you add me, please?

#2 due April 23
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I'd like to be added.
liawbh (Lia) edd 4/19/05 #2
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Please add me too!
I am due April 30 with my first! How exciting!
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Can you add me to the list also?

#4 (!!!!) due April 5th
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Baby Central?

is anyone else on the BabyCentral.com board for april 05 mommies?
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Perhaps a little late finding this board, but you can add me. Due 4/1/05, baby #3. No fooling!!!
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please add me to the list. thank you.

alissa_redclogs 4/27 first child
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New to forum


I just joined the forum today. Please feel free to add me to your list. Julesmiel (Julie) -- first baby, April 30.

Anyone else planning a home waterbirth?

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Me too please! Due April 6 '05.

How often are you planning to post updates to the list? I'd love to see it.

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Please add me.

Due mid-April with baby #2.
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Hi, my name's Nikki, I'm due with my 2nd on 1st April.
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Me too!

I'm due 4/15/05 with #3. We won't be peeking whether it's a boy or a girl.

SAHM to Angus 3/3/00 and Annabel 9/23/02
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aslmere (Nina) end of April - 3rd baby

Can you take me off? I am headed for May. Got my dates changed
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hi there, add me please.
hobbitsmama (denise) due april 9 with my 2nd
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May I join in?

grandbaby due 4/23/05, we think it's a girl!
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