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April Mamas Roll Call - Page 5

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Late addition

Hey there,

I've been posting lately and realized I should really add my data to the roll call!

Jessica, expecting baby #1, don't know the sex
EDD: 4/7/05
Planning a home (water)birth
Living in SF, CA!

Happy thoughts to everyone,
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please add me

I am a new member but please add me.

Lani ,due early April, 4th child, surprise
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Beth, EDD 4/21/2005, decided to keep it a surprise, and it's our first. Hospital birth, but minimal intervention planned.

It's right around the corner! Ack!
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Adding on since I've posting and not just lurking lately:

edd 4/2
Expecting boy #2
Planning unmedicated hospital birth, same as #1
Hoping for a stellar bfing experience!!!
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New member here too.

Kasey, 7th child, edd 4/26, SUPRISE, homebirth with mw
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I'm not new here but never posted in this thread.

My husband and I are expecting our first baby (a girl - Neveah Ann) April 13. We plan a home water birth with our mid-wife and assistant. My mother will be present as well. Only 6 weeks to go!
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I'm Laci and I'm due with my 2nd April 2nd! It's a boy!
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Newbie here - due on 4/10 - he's a boy!
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Baby Girl decided to come on Feb. 22nd (labor, transition and delivery less than 38 minutes!) and after 1.5 weeks in Neonatal ICU, another week in Special Care Baby Unit and a few more days in a transitional ward, we are now reunited with her older brother (2.5 yrs. old - YR) and her father.

Needless to say we are all overjoyed and looking forward to when she can have her nasogastric feeding tube removed so we can take her out and about to see the wider world! We are so thankful for the expert care we received and the community team who visit us two times a week to change her tube and see how she is getting on. We are also so thankful that she is so healthy and strong in spite of "almost" arriving at 27.5 weeks and finally arriving at 32.3 weeks gestation.

Other prems out there? Advice/stories from other mom's of prems especially re: encouraging breastfeeding very welcome! Advice about where to find diaper covers for prems also welcome as it looks like she'll be in that size for a while yet! Feel free to send direct mail to me on this if there isn't a thread for it...limited time on computer at present so haven't looked to see if there is a thread for this yet...
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please add me to the list! I was due April 3 and am having a boy!!! I'm a week past due so far. I guess that he will come when he's ready. He will be the second child in our family. We are having a homebirth with a midwife.
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Add me to the list pleaseeeeee!!! I am supposed to be due on April 6th and now 6 days overdue. Don't know if it is a boy or girl.
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EarthMomma_of_Two Due April20,2005
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Delivered i n April...too late to join??

Hi all you April mamas!

I had my DD (DC #2) on April 19th!

Mara Cate girl:
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Hi all! I delivered in April too. My baby girl Mia Grace was born on the 19th.
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Welcome Kristin! I noticed we both delivered on the 19th...mine is Mara Cate!

What is Mia like?? I'd love to hear more about you all and how things are going.
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Here is where all the April moms and babies are. http://www.mothering.com/discussions...d.php?t=323626
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