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Late August Chat Thread

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I'm not even going to attempt a recap. Let's just say that a lot of babies have been born and a few have yet to come!
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Hi Dodo
I'm still here...but I *think* today is The Day. Time will tell, of course.
Got lots of extra rest the last couple of days per dr's orders and it felt great. Been reading Ina May, and loving it! I feel so ready to do this.
Hope the rest of you still sticking around are feeling ok.
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Hi everyone,
Yes, I've contributed to this place being a ghost town. These kids are really eating in to my computer time!

AP-SOOOO glad to "see" you here and know that your bf problems and soreness are easing up a bit. Of course this would contribute to ppd and the general emotional upheaval of pp time.

Ketilave-You are a brave woman taking all three to Target. For some reason, Target is a store that pushes all of DS#1's buttons. So, we try to avoid it. I, on the other hand, LOVE it. And I can spend WAY too much $$$ there. I think you are right about your theory. So far, (and I'm knocking on wood this time), baby#2 is so much calmer than DS#1, the birth and delivery was MUCH easier, BUT we are now having a HECK of a time with DS#1. It's breaking my heart. Perhaps all of us with one or more kids should start a thread about this transition!

Dodo-You are cracking me up and always have on this thread. I wish you lived next door b/c our senses our humor seeem to be similar...We will not allow you to be the only preggers lady left, dodobird...

Anyway, best wishes to all of you waiting on babies. I hope to be able to check in more and more, but alas, DH goes back to work tomorrow BE AFRAID, BE VERY AFRAID....

DS#1 is having a much harder time than I anticipated. Really rough around here the past few days. How do you balance needing to protect your little one and letting the bigger one feel involved? We are being as praise-oriented as possible, but it doesn't seem to be working-yet. I know we are only 1 week in. How's everyone else's bigger kids reacting???

Love and best thoughts to all of you....
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hi all,

i am still waiting for #3 to arrive. my EDD was last wednesday or thursday. in the beginning i just told everyone mid-august now everyone is wondering when the baby will arrive. i should have said late august. both of the other two were past the EDD. i was sort of thinking this one would be here a little earlier or closer to the EDD. this baby has been very low the whole time. on saturday, the midwife said the baby was already engaged head down in my pelvis.

i was really trying to encourage things yesterday. we went for a hike, ate spicy indian food and had sex. i just ended the night with heartburn from hell which was so bad i vomited several times. i couldn't sleep much, so i am hoping to nap some today. maybe things will be moving along tonight.

i am happy to hear about all the babies that have arrived.
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Still here too.

My official "due" date is Friday the 27th. I'm very impatiently waiting the arrival of this little Bug.
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(posted this on the other thread last night, same time dodo was shutting it down...)

sorry to be MIA when everyone is having such a rough time!

AP, caroline, glad you are both doing better. caroline, i've had two doula clients go in for gall bladder surgery within days of delivery... it SUCKS but both of them immediately got SOOO much better... hope the same is happening for you! and AP, here i am, two weeks PP, and my nips are SOOO sore... what's that cream you're talking about? tell us more please!

congrats jilly, madrone, everyone else! madrone, i'm dying to hear your story... hope everything (and you) are OK!

poor dodo, christeeny, all you other waiting mamas! it's sooo hard to wait and trust that your baby will come when it's ready. hugs to you! it WILL happen, honest!

we are doing OK except for the aforementioned sore nipples (owieeee! but it's just on the latch, then its just a dull throb for the feeding). i'm using lanolin, and avoiding cracks and bleeding, but the skin is rubbed raw and pink, and boy those latch moments are real toe-curlers!

my MIL has been here since tuesday, and it's been OK mostly. she's cooking a lot, and she sews so she's been fixing up a couple of funky curtains i have. she wrenched her back the first day she was here, so she can't hold the baby very long (and he's taken to yelling at her anyway, so they haven't had much quality time this week). still, she and dh have had some good time to visit, so the trip hasn't been a total loss i hope.

i've been holed up in my bedroom mostly, reading some fiction my daughter recommended ("His Dark Materials" trilogy by philip pullman... excellent!) and nursing, nursing, nursing my gassy little baby. i'm not eating dairy, wheat, corn or citrus (supposedly the most common problem foods for babies, according to the LLL web site) but today lincoln was just as gassy as ever. it's starting to get a little frustrating. if he's gonna be gassy anyway, i might as well eat what i want to! but i'll wait a few more days to see if it helps...

all he wants to do is nurse. he's sleeping pretty well through the night (we got an old crib and put it next to the bed as a "sidecar" for him)... he wakes up maybe 3 or 4 times between about midnight and 8 a.m., with one or two diaper changes. i guess that's ok for a newborn but i'm starting to feel the effects of sleep deprivation. got a good nap in with him this afternoon but dh woke me for dinner. i wish he'd just saved me some and let us sleep longer! oh well.

lincoln is having longer awake periods, looking around and just being adorable (when he's not fussing about his gassy belly). of course he's gorgeous and perfect and smart and amazing, just like all your babies are (or will be)!!!

oh, someone was talking about large babies? link was by far my largest (9 lb 10 oz) and also by far my easiest pushing! i think it has much more to do with baby's position, mom's support and attitude, rather than baby's size. maybe being in the water helped, too...

oops. baby calls. i haven't mastered NAK yet, so gotta go.

thinking of you guys lots!

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A week over today, joy.

I made an appointment with the midwife for tomorrow afternoon so I can get her to check me and possibly strip my membranes. There are no midwives that deliver here, only OBs and only men. I know that they will want me to schedule an induction for sometime next week since I will be 42 weeks exactly on a Sunday. I am torn between wanting this baby out of me so badly that I will schedule it and wanting to avoid the intervention. I could tell the midwife that I think I was wrong on my dates but I have had a bunch of ultrasounds because of Joe's kidney problem and he has been measuring dead on. I should just reschedule the appointment but I really want to see what is going on in there.

I did have contractions 5 minutes apart for a couple of hours last night. Obviously nothing came out of it though. I have lost my plug but there hasn't been any bloddy show. My pelvis and public bone are so sore that I can barely walk.

Whine, whine, whine. Someone get this baby out, please!
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I know I haven't posted in forever, but I've been thinking of all of you

Life here is going great. Sara is just a joy. She's growing so well! Nursing well and all! DS loves his baby sister but we have to be careful he doesn't accidently hurt her b/c he's so energetic. He wakes her up a lot too.

My parents were here for a week. It was so nice for them to get to know Sara and spend time with Eric. We went crazy buying clothes for Sara! I love baby girl clothes!

Kimberly, you said Libby rolled at 2 weeks? Well I was wondering when she started walking. DS could roll both ways by 5 weeks, but Sara started rolling front to back before she even hit 2 weeks. DS's first steps were at 8 (almost 9) months and I was wondering if she might be earlier. She holds her head up for a really long time too (she's 3.5 weeks)

Anyway, life is good but busy here. I know it sounds silly but I feel like my body was just made perfectlly to bring her into the world. My pregnancy was by the book and perfect, labor and birth were wonderful, and she is just such a perfect fit into our lives now. I feel so blessed.

I think I will have to sell her newborn diapers soon and I feel so sad Those of you still waiting for your babies, I am so jealous that you will have a tiny little just born while my baby girl is growing way too fast. I hope for all of you a wonderful end and an even better beginning!

Hope everyone is having a wonderful weekend
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Hey I'm still here....just been kinda busy with last minute company. My aunt and uncle came for a visit that they had scheduled a month ago saying, "surely the baby will be here by then" and nothing. That was a frustrating.
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Thanks to all the mamas-in-waiting for posting. I see that there are actually quite a few of us. Sending labour vibes to thebenjies.

And thanks to the mamas-with-babies for updating. Sounds like a lot of you have been busy with guests, which is hardly surprising.

This morning I took dd to see a puppet show in the park. This afternoon, we will hopefully make it to the pool. This evening, we have a birthday party for a pint-sized friend. Busy, busy, busy. Dh wants to know where this crazy energy is coming from.
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Originally Posted by lena_girl

Kimberly, you said Libby rolled at 2 weeks? Well I was wondering when she started walking. DS could roll both ways by 5 weeks, but Sara started rolling front to back before she even hit 2 weeks. DS's first steps were at 8 (almost 9) months and I was wondering if she might be earlier. She holds her head up for a really long time too (she's 3.5 weeks)
Libby walked right at a year. She walked at 10 months for a week or so, and then when I got pregnant she immediately STOPPED and didn't walk again for almost 2 months! It was so weird!

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So when do I have to change my siggy from babymooning to just regular ole mommy?? Cause she's over a month old now!! WAHHHH!

I can't believe how old she is! I take her in tomorrow for her well baby visit. I am guessing she's about 11 lb now. I could be totally off though
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just need to be notified where you all are. You all are crazy to check out the Sept boards!! That's why I went ahead and joined you guys - if I had signed up for July I would have felt insane!

one thing I will say about my late babies - kind of the reverse of early babies - is that they come out more alert, able to hold their heads up etc.

oops gtg - dh has to get sd
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Hi all,

Pulled myself off the couch to update you from recovery land. I'm doing pretty well, my incisions are healing nicely, and I'm totally taking it easy. I was a little Kimberly like the first week after my cesarean - shopping for boy clothes, taking DD to Barnes and Noble to burn off energy (her favorite store!) etc, etc, but this second surgery sure shook me up and I'm completely honoring my body's need to rest. I'm even staying home from a LLL meeting Tuesday night! I don't think I've missed one since before my 3 year old was born!

I did make one small outing yesterday, and that was to a local lactation store where they have a Medela scale. I had postponed Duncan's 2 week appt to 4 weeks, so my MIL can come with me, and after last week's surgery and dehydration scare where my milk all but disappeared, I just had to know what he weighed. He was 9 lb 7 oz at birth, dropped to 8 lb 12 oz at discharge (2 days old) and he is now 2 weeks 2 days old and weighs 10 lbs even! I even weighed him again after a nursing session and he took in 5.7 oz of milk! Wahoo! I've never weighed for a feed before, so that was very cool.

So, now, back to relaxation. Sounds like everyone is busy in baby land. Hang in there to those still waiting. It will all be over soon, and you'll have your beautiful babes in arms.
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I am so sick of being pregnant. I am praying that my mother's weekend visits each weekend for the past month is inhibiting my labor. SHe's hoping to catch it while she's here and now that she's just left out the door, maybe things will get started. I'm ready. I'm cranky. I just took a long afternoon nap after a heavy meal and woke up hot sweaty and crabby. When the dr suggests induction on Monday I am so scared that I will be like," ok let's go when can y ou get me started" and I don't want to do that, but I do want to get this over with....

I had one contraction yesterday at 8:30am and then nothing. Today I had one contraction at 11:30 am and then nothing. I made the mistake of telling my mother and she get alllllllll excited and I said, don't get yourh opes up. At this point they are 27 hours apart. I don't think I"m in labor.
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Hi all,
Nak, so watch out for thetypos...

My heart goes out to all of you ladies still waiting...I was getting sooo grumpy there at the end. And being one week overdue-although not forever-made me absolutely nutty. You can't be preggers forever, right? It just FEELS like forever! :

Okay, no more naking right now-I actually was able to put the baby down on the couch for a few minutes. Did I mention that I can actually put this baby down???? To pee, to eat, etc??? This is new to me....

Nursing is going really well. The strange thing is, DS#2 is not constantly nursing like #1 did. In fact, this baby seems to be a more "efficient" nurser. Gets what he needs/wants and gets off the breast. In fact, I will try to wake him with my nipple and he just doesn't open his mouth. Like, "ma, I'm trying to sleep here". Should I mention again that this is new to me????

We go for his two week check on Tuesday. Anxious to see what his weight gain has been thus far. Last Monday when the home nurse came he was back up to 8,3oz after dropping to 8 on discharge (and 8,4oz at birth). His cheeks are filling out and it's nice to see a baby seemingly getting what he needs from me in these early days. DS#1 was dehydrated and had a hard time for about a week or two. So, this is new to me...

DH goes back to work tomorrow (yeah, I think I've mentioned this a thousand times) ME? Worried???

juju-You would think with all that stimulation (gastric and otherwise!) your babe would be on its way!

Liza-little bug will be here soon...

katje-sorry to hear that nursing is so rough for you right now. Nursing for us is going well this time around, but I remember those awfully sore nipples...yikes. I am impressed that you are getting in some reading time, too. I haven't read a lick of anything in quite some time and my little brain is starting to feel, well,

Trish-I was exactly a week overdue this time. Funny how we're all so excited about the pregnancy in the beginnning and then by month 9, we are DONE!

Lena-Despite how hard of a week this has been with DS#1 adjusting to everything, I still find it all so amazing that I have this little family now. It's truly a blessing, a miracle that I have two healthy kids... one of them isn't happy right now, but that's not forever...

Caroline-So nice to hear that you are recovering well. Please keep relaxing...

christeeny-27 hours apart does not a baby make, but it's something...

anyway, that's all for me. Gtg,...sorry rushed right now...
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Hi everyone,

Just wanted to check in real quick. My heart goes out to you overdue mom's! I know how frustrating that is!

Katje-it sounds like your babe is kind of like mine. Nora is very gassy and has a fussy period from 8/9 p.m. to about 10/11 p.m. Tonight was bad, I couldn't do anything to stop her from crying. My ds was like this as well. I had hoped to avoid it this time, but I guess not. She is also a cuddle monster. I don't mind holding her, but she requires it. She will go in her swing for some naps though. I am getting lots of use out of my sling! The upside is that I know that this stage does eventually end and she will soon be a fat, happy gurgling baby in a month or two.

Bears-i can feel your pain with the sibling adjustment. I am looking forward to preschool starting this fall! Although it is only two hours for two days a week. I secretly started thinking about enrolling him at the montessori which is five days a week....

So, yeah, not much time to post anymore. I finally decided to stay up tonight so I could actually get some adult time in. Better go to bed soon though!

I miss you guys! Isn't that wierd? I feel like I have gotten to know so many of you, I talk about you guys with dh like you were next door neighbors. Anyway, better go, bye!
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Is insomnia a sign that you're going to go into labor soon???

Because I am sooooo tired, but I can't sleep. I just can't get cozy. :
I'm so bored, but there are a million things to do if I wanted. I'm just kinda apathetic right now. All I can focus on is and more
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My little Boo is 2 years old today. Where did the time go ?

I'm telling Bug that they cannot arrive today - tomorrow is fine, but not today.

Happy Birthday little man.
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you guys are making me laugh - except for the nipple pain!

We are crazy - can't wait to be pg, can't wait to not be pg, can't wait to hold/meet our babes, can't wait to put them down. No wonder my DH doesn't know what to do with me.

Oh - What in the world are people wearing? After #3 I can't fit into any of my clothes but maternity clothes are way too huge. I have a serious gut that hangs over my pants yuckie.

I am out of town Tues through next Mond. Freaked out - I am taking Maillie with me but leaving DH and the others. Never been away from Amelia, and only 48 hours with Brannon. I'm sick to my stomach about the whole thing.
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