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Late August Chat Thread - Page 7

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So Madrone, you did agree to the NST?

Christina, would you still do the testing if your baby was a constant kicker?

Dodo, who finally listened to the neighbours and had sex (it's freakin' bizarre to have so many people inquire about my sex life on a daily basis: "As-tu fait l'amour?")
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I did end up agreeing to NST but only because I didn't have a choice.
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I'd probably still do the testing, just because I deal with a doctor and that's how she does things. She's actually a fantastic doctor who is all about natural childbirth (avoids episiomities, doesn't use forceps etc) and breastfeeding and lets me not vax my kids without making a big stink about it. She won't even give you an internal unless you want one. I love her to bits. She just tends to test for everything under the sun for some reason.
Since I have an appt on Thursday, the test today will give us a frame of reference we can both use, ykwim? So we can discuss the induction options and I have evidence that baby is fine. I don't find it too invasive of a test anyways. They leave that monitor alone when I'm actually in labor which is what I care about. So we'll see...I'm sure the NST will have normal results and then I can bargain for more time!
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Hmm, I see how reassuring results from an NST could be a useful bargaining tool. I guess I'm upset to be entering into negotiations, IYKWIM.

Today our new washing machine is scheduled to arrive at the same time as my dreaded 41-week appt., which means that I have to start the bargaining process without my husband's support. I doubt that I will be threatened with a hospital induction, but I imagine that I will be encouraged to try other things (shiatsu, nipple stimulation, etc.) and, to be honest, I'm not sure about the so-called natural methods when the primary goal is to meet a government-prescribed deadline of forty-two weeks. At the same time, I don't want my care to be transferred to a hospital-based OB at the last minute.

Can you tell that I'm panicking? I'm panicking.

I was up last night washing the kitchen walls.

On a more neutral note, I was reading one of my mostly useless pregnancy books and the description of forty weeks fit me to a T: itchy belly, pins and needles legs and a belly so large that mother has trouble getting into bed.
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Hi Old Friends!
I've been so MIA the past three weeks. DS#2 will be 3 weeks tomorrow and thus the ending of my daily check-ins here.

I've been thinking of all you overdue mamas and just as a reminder, I was a FULL week later. 41 weeks exactly. Dodo-your baby WILL arrive SOON. He/she just HAS to. And in the meantime it is driving you nutty, I know, as it did me.

I've read most of the threads, but just no time to respond. I miss this group and I'm sending everyone positive vibes on having those babies and caring for the new ones.

All is fine here. A little chaotic logistically now and DS#1 is having a really hard time with the transition. Whew! A little harder than I imagined it would be with him, actually. But it's always different in our heads!

Anyway, congrats to all the new mamas. I have to go back and remind myself who has had their babes b/c I've been remiss in the congrats department.

One of these days I'll check back in...
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Just thought I'd let you mamas know: My water broke while I was at the bank today!! Yay! (no, nobody noticed but me...I've been 'wearing protection' cuz that's how my first labour started)...no cntrx yet but they want me in because my NST wasn't fabulous today.
So I'll talk to you all in a few days!
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I thought I replied the other day but I don't see it...

Got back in yesterday - wasn't allowed to come home Monday because Richmond turned into the sea. No damage out my way but let's put it this way - DH's work car is having trouble and the rental car guy said they are 50 cars behind because of all the cars that floated away. Of course on the way home they lost my luggage - got it last night about 10pm - and driving down here from No.VA took 4.5 hours vs. 2 because a tractor trailer decided to flip. Of course that cut into my optimal driving time and thus had to stop and nurse Maillie. Got home and the kids were more excited to see Maillie than myself. I can't say that bummed me out too much.

I have not read all the thread to catch up on the babies but congrats and love to you all.
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just checking for a Dodo baby
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No baby.

I'm starting to lose it. I really have been crying a ridiculous amount.

I'm not sure why I feel so down. I'm guessing it's entirely hormonal.

I might take a homeopathic remedy to encourage labour tomorrow. AP, I was going to ask you your opinion. Funny that you should pop in. So, what do you think? Is it true what my midwives say, that the remedy will only "take" if I'm good and ready?

My 41-week appt. wasn't as terrible as I thought it would be. I said that I would schedule a NST for early next week and they said that they would (1) give the hospital a later due date, (2) give me the option of doing a doppler exam during contractions if I still feel ultra-confident about the health of the babe and (3) discuss my case with their on-call dr. and, if all seems good, argue for my right to continue with midwifery care.

The only problem is that I can't make the phone call to schedule the NST because I can't stop crying. Do you think my dh can do it on my behalf? Or would that be too weird?

On a less depressing note, do you all have baby stalkers? I have several acquaintances and old friends who are gathering like buzzards to descend on my baby when and if I should have one. This group has some overlap with but is definitely different from the group of people who are interested in pregnancy as a spectator sport. In some cases, I am happy to have the excuse of a baby to renew or deepen a friendship, but in others, these are people I was happy to be rid of and now they are back! I don't want them to drop by. Inevitably, they bring gifts, which you have to thank them for, extending contact, etc., etc. Am I the only one with this problem? It might be unique. I have trouble getting rid of people I don't really like but don't necessarily dislike.
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Aww Dodo.. I will tell you what I think worked for me.. have sex one morning, go walking and shopping all day on your feet.. doesn't sound very fun but every day that I did that, I would have good contractions that night. I don't know if you would like to try castor oil, but that's what my midwife suggested for me if I went past 41 weeks.

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Mel, I'm wondering if part of the problem (if I can call it that!) isn't my inability to walk more than a block or two due to sciatica and another compressed nerve in my thigh that makes me twitch like a Parkinson's sufferer. Before dd was born, I did a lot of walking.
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I'm still here, just lurking. : I don't know how you other new mamas were able to jump right back into the posting swing of things. I can't stand to be sitting in the computer chair longer than it takes me to sign on check my email and read a few posts. I can usually never make it to posting myself. I still have a sore booty. It is getting slowly better though. I stopped taking the perscription (darvostat?) the other day and switched to plain tylenol. WHAT a mistake. I felt like I was hit by a train all over again and that day coincided with the 7th day in a row I have have no more than 2-3 hours of sleep at a time and my emotions were out of control. So...let's just say I had my first and hopefully last run in with the baby blues. I am now alternating perscription with tylenol to hopefully get back to normal self. The perscription is giving me nightmares that always resemble "The shining" and make me wake up freaked out.
I am going to make an attempt to sit at the computer a little longer to type my birth story. It won't be in grand lengthy fashion like some of yours but it will be there by golly. And maybe some antsy September mamas will read it because I have a feeling most of the August mamas are loosing interest being on their baby moon and all.

Dodo, hang in there. You are probably sick of hearing that I'm sure. The longer you keep him in there, the greater the joy will be when he is FINALLY here. I know what you mean about having a hard time getting rid of people you don't neccessarily dislike. I have relatives that don't usually give a poo about me any other time except now when I've had a baby they want to start emailing me asking for pictures and wanting to come visit. You didn't want to email or visit me before....why would I want to see you now. You just want to steal my baby's sugar! It's all mine.

I have updated pictures on my signature link.
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You just want to steal my baby's sugar!
LOL, Christeenybeany. I'm going to have to have to remember that one. It's so true.

I see from your blog that your dh is already back at work. How's that going for you?
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oh dodo, I truly feel for you. i went 3 weeks over with ds and probably would of went longer had we not gone into distress and got a c/s. i was part of another online due date club and was the last to have their baby by a week which was pretty depressing, especially since the oldest babies were over 3 months old, lol!!

we're doing pretty good. nursing is going great. feels like its all i'm doing with two constantly on the "boo", lol! dd is a real delight and we just love having her in our family : .
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dear dodo! i was ten days over and just wallowing in misery the last few. i was convinced i'd never ever get this baby out. ya just gotta give in to the wretchedness and wallow like a piglet! can you tell i like using the word "wallow"?

baby has slept for several hours this afternoon and i've gotta wake him up to take ds2 to soccer practice. ain't nothing that goes against intuition like waking a sleeping baby!

boobs are better, blues are mostly gone, bleeding is minimal, life is slowly settling back into a new rhythm... one that includes this little guy. he's not happy about the car seat most of the time, which is hard in this city (ya gotta drive EVERYWHERE). but we're managing...

soon, dodo... soon!

hugs, katje
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Thanks everyone for your support.

I am hopeful that something will happen tonight, primarily because it would be incredibly inconvenient if it did. Dd's labour support person Number One is out at the movies and support person Number Two, due to an unhappy twist of fate, has been hospitalized for unexplained bleeding, so we are babysitting her daughter. My contractions (I have been contracting for weeks!) are strengthening in intensity (I can't take a step when I have one). Maybe the chaos will help me go into labour.

Actually, I think I will call support person Number One to see if she can't check in from time to time during her movie.
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Dodo are you still there?

Well, did something happen last night? You've got me in suspense.
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