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well thanks for all your welcomes and well wishes...but I am crawling back into my cave....
we woke this morning to nice white patches in dd's mouth and nice white spots on my areola's....I was feeling the burn all day yesterday but thought nooo....it is just the cracks healing...but after a night of nursing turmoil for my poor dd I know see why she was so fussy and sad....


caroline katje

Hey Bears long time no chat....

good luck on that trip K8

hang in there christine
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Christine, how did your dr appt go? I'm having insomnia too. I have been waking up at 3-4 am and unable to go back to sleep.

Today is due date for me. I am having my doubts that I will ever go into labor. I have had almost no braxton hicks today and yesterday.

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yeah, i did cross over

Quick note to say Ryan Joseph arrived 8/21/04 at 7:06pm. We did go to the hospital, and I am ok with that. We stayed a bit longer due to Mr. Stubborn here, but all is ok.

My "tiny" guy is a boy, (shock #1) and only 8 pounds, 12 ounces (shock #2) My last was 11 pounds 4 ounces.

Will update later, who gets the labor vibes?
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hi guys! Just wanted to pop in real quick. Got a few minutes while the baby and 2 year old are napping! How did that happen?

ap: so sorry to hear about all your nursing problems! and thrush on top of it, that sucks so much. I hope everything gets cleared up soon.

congrats magemom! We were shocked that our little one was a boy, too. Everyone thought girl for sure.

and lots of to those overdue and impatiently waiting for their little ones. I went 6 days overdue and every day felt like a week, it was horrid. But now, it seems so far away! Just keep on keepin' on, it will be over soon

Well, we are doing well. I am still amazed at how fast the birth was. Water broke at 3:30 am and he arrived at 6:13 am, 12 minutes after we arrived at the birthing center! It was huge effort not to push him out in the car on the way, but we made it! I hope to get a chance to write my birth story soon. So far, Sebastian is a pretty laid-back baby. He likes to be held most of the time and is not shy about voicing his displeasure about something, but he's a good sleeper and a good nurser. He is jaundiced, but eating well, alert, and peeing and pooping lots so I'm not too worried. I am pretty engorged and my nipples are sore, but it seems to be getting better.
Ds is adjusting ok. He really tries to act like the baby does not exsist most of the time but will occasionally touch him quickly or say the baby cries or the baby is having milk. I think he's slowly coming around. He is acting out a little and it is so hard for me to not be able to spend time with him. I know it will take some time to adjust though.
Re: clothing. I am still mostly wearing maternity clothes. Blech. I want to get some new stuff so badly, but with fall coming soon I figure I'll just wait and get new stuff for then instead of buying a bunch of things that I'll wear for a month or so. Besides, its not I'm going out much! Maybe I'll get a couple things for when I do go somewhere.
well, thats enough rambling from me! Gonna go rest while I can.
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Originally Posted by magemom
Will update later, who gets the labor vibes?
Oh me! Me please! I was so happy today at the dr's, I lost a pound of fluid resting this weekend, less protein in the urine and....I was 2 cm!!

I know that doesn't mean it's coming right now, but it's two less centimeters to deal with during labor. Baby's head is down low against my cervix.
Having lots of strong ctx today (again but still just happy from my appt!
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There was some talk on being over the EDD. Going 17 days past really makes you go bonkers.

My birth story is posted in the private group Katje. Maybe I'll decide to post it on a public board later.

AP - hope you get over the trush quickly.

Sorry this is short. I'll try to come back soon.
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oh, poor AP! i've never had to deal with thrush personally but i've helped a few moms through it and it looks sooo painful.... sure hope you beat it quickly.

congrats, magemom! and good luck, thebenjies... maybe this is it!

jilly, i'm still in my preggo stuff too, but i'm looking forward to nursing the pounds off and digging out my winter things...

ketilave, bon voyage! i'll bet you'll do just fine... let us know when you're back!

ilove, we are having mixed success with the sling. we have a swing but i haven't tried it yet... i used one a LOT with my 3rd baby (when then-dh was out of town 4 days of the week) and i'm sorry i did, so i'm really trying not to use it unless i have to. the only thing link wants when he's gassy is the boob... at least we have SOMETHING that calms him down! but my poor aching nipples... i don't want to get him a pacifier but being a human binky is kinda hard. still, i know this is only a short time in the scheme of things...

and i know what you mean, about missing this group! i'm soooo glad i found this forum... you guys have been wonderful through this whole thing.

bears, how did it go with dh's first day back at work?

MIL flew home today. i'm home alone with link, and it's pretty quiet right now (he's snoozing, after a long battle with his guts this morning). it was nice having her here... she made us lots of yummy food... but she's a little puzzled by some of my ideas. for instance, she was trying to grill me on the immunization thing, and i finally just offered to email her some info instead of trying to articulate my reasoning while nursing the baby. and she asked about his gunky eye (he's just got some crud in it when he wakes up... been like that since birth), and suggested boric acid... i said i was treating it with breastmilk, and she hushed up quick! she also thinks it's a little strange to avoid dairy, wheat and corn to help the baby's gassiness... i think she's convinced i'm pretty much harmless but a bit of a kook, but since my older three seemed to turn out OK, she's going to have to trust me with her grandson and bite her tongue. FIL thinks we're crazy giving link more than one middle name, and he tried to debate dh into changing it, but i just stayed out of that conversation... his name is already given to him, and it's not debatable at this point.

it's been thundering and raining here this morning, but if it's nice tomorrow i might try a foray to the zoo with the kids. i'm feeling like it's time to start getting out of the house, but i don't want to overdo it either. the zoo sounds nice and easy, and there are lots of benches for nursing and diaper changes. we'll see if i actually pull it off or not!

take care, everyone, and kiss those babies for me!

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Ketilave-I can imagine that you'd be freaked about leaving your older two for the first time. Take a deep breath, know that they're with your DH and will be fine, fine, fine...

Oh, and I am still wearing maternity and/or sweatpants. It hasn't even been two weeks yet, and I can tell I lost some weight already. But I have this gut thing happening, too, that can only be resolved with a tummy tuck. I swear I've mentioned this to DH before, too, that when tummy tucks get safer, I will be in line....And I am not a plastic surgery gal. Just can't stand the old belly...

Liza-Happy b-day to your boo. Hope you don't have two on the same date!!!!

Ilove-I am thinking about preschool and it is a year away for us...

Things are really rough right now with DS#1. The baby is great. In fact, he is sleeping out of my arms right now. I am certainly not holding him as much as I held DS#1 (Idon't think I let DS#1 down until he was over a year and he slept on me for naps until he was over a year, too!). So, this is very strange for me. Good/bad/strange...gives me some more hands on time with my bigger boy...

Anyway, my friends have organized a meal delivery thing for us and it is AMAZING. I'm not kidding. I am blown away. We have meals-full meals almost every night complete with salad/bread/and sometimes dessert. I feel totally lucky to have these women in my life...

That's it for me. Just gave in and put in a Thomas DVD for DS#1. Now that he's not napping (don't get me started on what I had to do today to get him to sleep only to have him wake 10 minutes later) I've given in to the occasional DVD. And it is a GODSEND. Never thought I'd be the one saying that.

That's all for me. GTG check on the babe. DS#2 has his two week tomorrow...looking forward to it..

Hang in there all you in-waiting mamas!
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Hey, I must have cross-posted with a bunch of you-AP, Katje...hi to all. Congrats to magemom!!!

Hey AP-Never dealt with thrush before, but I did notice yesterday that the baby has a white splotches on his tongue. Nothing in the inside of the mouth or on my nipples or areolas. I'm assuming that the whitish tongue could just be milk-tongue...I'm not having pain like you, but does this sound like it could be thrush, too?? I have an appointment tomorrow and I'll have the doc check...
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I've been essentially a lurker here, but can't help myself at the moment.

Katje-Another culprit can be peanut butter, so if you've been eating those as a quick fix, it could be leading to the gassiness.

I am another overdue, not very happy mama. I actually think that I would be ok about being overdue, but because of the strange circumstances of my birth plans I have my mother and mil and fil all sitting around waiting for the baby to be born. I am 2 weeks over my LMP due date, and 5 days over the adjusted due date that I believed.

I REALLY want to believe that I will just go into labor, that there is no intervention necessary. But I was induced with #1 for pre-eclampsia on my due date. And with #2 I finally took homeopathic blue cohosh 10 days past my due date and went into labor a few hours later.

I've thought about doing that again, but I'm not having nearly as many contractions, and feel like it would be pointless. So I just keep hoping and praying that my body really does know how to do this, and will spontaneously do it SOON!

Of course, I'll just be trading back pain for nipple pain...But at least everyone will stop staring at me!

Anyway, even though everyone doesn't know me, I've still enjoyed your generous and friendly spirit. Thanks!

Mommy to Meg 5/00, Peter 6/02, #3 ????
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hi mammas,

i still havent posted my birth story, and today she is 8 days old!!! I am so thrilled, tired, and she is a sweetheart. Had our first ped. apt today, she had lost 4 oz after birth, and has gained them back, plus 2!!!

Bfing still a struggle, but slowly, every day she sucks a little more. Had a lactation consultant apt yesterday, wads so helpful. She helped with positioning and told me that her mouth is a little small for my nipples. : so time will help, and it seems to be true. In the meantime the pump is useful I guess although I dread each session with it. Hopefully one day soon I can return it to the rental medical shop!!

Anyways......thats where I'm at for now. I love holding her, smelling her, talking to her.....can'r believe she is really ours. God is good.

Catch you later, and good luck too all the mamas still waiting.
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Just popping in for a quick update. We're getting thrush too . I'm going to super blast it to get rid of it as it's the most vile thing to have (I had it most of DS"s first year). Even my c-section incision is infected, which is super painful.

DD got weighed today and is 9lbs!! She's growing so much faster than her brother did. She sleeps so well and is such a delight (ok, she's screaming right now, but I'll get to her in a sec; DH is changing her).

Overall things are pretty good other than the pain
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A white coated tongue could be just milk tongue, but if you can rub the white off and it's red underneath, that's thrush. Watch it closely. I'm on thrush watch, cause of all the antibiotics I got between my two surgeries.

Now, I've had a really rough time of pregnancy, delivery and recovery so I'm entitled to a little brag here, right? I've lost nearly 50 pounds, and my pre-pregnancy clothes are not only fitting, but getting too big for me! I guess I was way more swollen than I thought I was. I keep looking down at my legs and thinking "who's sexy gams are these?" LOL. Go ahead and hate me, it's okay. Just know that it's come at a very high price. I'm glad to have a good head start on getting skinny though.

One other thing, I keep looking at the people who are still waiting, like Christine, and think "she's not due until August 20. Why is she so impatient? That's WEEKS away." OMG. I'm so sorry for thinking that. I can't believe August is almost over! Time is going way too fast.

And you overdue mamas (especially Christine) have my sincerest sympathy! Good luck!
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: You other pp mommas are going to kill me, but I've been wearing pre-preg clothes since I got home. I've been back in a size 4 for 2 weeks now!

I thought we had thrush but it was a milk covered tongue and cysts on the top of the mouth. Someone (katje?) mentioned eye junk. Maybe a blocked tear duct. Fairly common and harmless. Sara has one. The doctor showed me how to draw the fluid down to drain into the nose which should help unblock it.

You know, I didn't go overdue, but I had been about to have the baby for 4 weeks before she came. That was hard. I tried to not obssess about it, but every contraction with a kick would make me wonder if it was it. Then I never ended up going into labor on my own. My forebag had to be broken. I so wanted to feel what it was like to go into labor on my own. That is the only part of labor/birth that I regret. I guess I will just have to have another

Good night ladies, and labor vibes to all the mommas in waiting.
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Quick update from me!

Started back to work today watching the daycare kids. I was not enthusiastic about it but it went well. Gabriella is only 3 weeks and 3 days old. I have been surprised by the quickness in which my energy has returned. Don't get me wrong I still long for a nap but since that rarely happens I know how to survive without it.

Bears: My 2 yr. old DD hasn't tried to hurt the baby. She is just now even starting to acknowledge that she exists. However my 20 month old niece almost smothers her because she just gets so excited and she loves her so much. Sorry to hear your transition has been difficult. I am still really skeptical of my daughter and what she might or could do to the baby.

Re: Clothing- I am back in my pre-pregers jeans since about 2 weeks postpartum. Tops are a different story with these big 0 boobs! I might have already lost the pregnancy weight but I was about 40 pounds over weight to begin so I feel like I still have a long way to go to be satisfied with my body. One day at a time right. I can't wait for my 5 week postpartum visit and the OK to start running and do aggresive excercise.

well Gabi just woke to eat and she is very demanding when she wants to eat so I will have to update more later. She is growing like a weed.

Pictures have been updated in my sigi link!

Well vibes to all mommy's and babies and mommys in waiting!
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man just like the ol' days - everyone was chatty today!

Ok - laundry is done and everyone is packed. Maillie has had her first fussy day and we couldn't get her to sleep until 720 pm - awake on and off all day. Such a trial.

I asked about the clothes because I am moping - 3 pgs in three years has caught up with me. I am not only not back in my prepg clothes but in much larger sizes. All this because I have 2 formal events this weekend I have to dress for...what a pain. I have been shopping and returning clothes since 4 days ppartum!!

GTG - the computer chair was used for the fort and I'm on my knees here and it's killing me.

Sorry about the boob things - all is good on the right but something has gone wonky on the left. pumped instead of nursed on it all day.
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Thanks for asking about my apt., Mel.

It went well. I had an open honest dialogue about how I don't want to be induced but if it happens, I don't want it to be because of convenience for anyone. (him or me) After obsessing about it all weekend. I have been praying and praying and finally decided that I have been trying to be too controling. I need to just trust the course of events and whatever happens at this appointment and whatever decision is made (with the doc and I together) is part of God's plan, and I'm going to pursue that. So...we are looking at induction on Thursday if I don't go into labor on my own by then. I haven't dilated anymore...still 2 cm and 50% effaced. He is hopeful that I might go into labor on my own before Thursday. I asked if I was having some definent signs of labor on Wednesday if we could post pone and he said that was fine, but he wants me to come have blood pressure checked before the weekend if we do that. I feel confident that things are going to work out. I am trying not to let my insistance of not wanting pitocin get in the way of considering the doc's judgment of our health. I asked a ton of questions and he thoughtfully answered each one. AFter comparing his answers to my doula's I feel that the doc is not just b.s.ing me. I'm not being naive and believing everything he says like it is gospel, but I am tired of 2nd guessing everything he says. I am ready to trust him and myself and let us work together as a team to have a safe and effective delivery. I was afraid my doula would disapprove of agreeing to a Thursday induction despite a very active baby and otherwise healthy mama, but she is still very very supportive. I just wanted to make sure that doc and my family and you guys and her know that I'm not just agreeing to it to "get this over with" kind of thing. It is something that I have lamented on quite a bit. Who knows. Maybe I'll go into labor Wednesday night!

Bears...yeah the month is flying by,but I did start whining a bit early. All that false labor and braxton hicks got me excited WAY early.

Laurie, continue to take care of yourself, even though you're "back to work." When I went back to school at 8 weeks p.p. that's when the baby blues really hit. I'm glad it is going well for you though. Your pictures are always so cute. They are both so darling.

You have lost 50 pounds in how long??? Oh my gosh! I could only wish that will happen to me. That would put me right at my preprego size. I gained 3 pounds over the weekend. Maybe it is water weight or maybe it is all the ice cream I ate lately.

Carla, Rochelle,

Silvi and jill--kiss those babies on top of the head for me.

Lenagirl-- I am very disappointed that I am being induced *again* Maybe one day I'll know what it feels like to go into labor on my own.
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Yay, Magemom! You found the time to have the baby. That's great.

Christeeny, I'll sincerely hope that labour finds you soon (although you will be missed!).

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I am so afraid to admit this for fear it may be a false alarm. I have been having contractions that have kept me from getting any sleep tonight, but I haven't really been able to time them. When I have made attempts to time them, they're 9 minutes apart. When Dh's alarm clock goes off in about 20 minutes I am not sure what I should do. "go back to sleep, I might be in labor and you don't have to go to work"? Or wait till I'm sure....hmmmm.
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Originally Posted by christeenybeany
I am so afraid to admit this for fear it may be a false alarm. I have been having contractions that have kept me from getting any sleep tonight, but I haven't really been able to time them. When I have made attempts to time them, they're 9 minutes apart. When Dh's alarm clock goes off in about 20 minutes I am not sure what I should do. "go back to sleep, I might be in labor and you don't have to go to work"? Or wait till I'm sure....hmmmm.
Good luck, I hope today's your day!

Yes I'm still around. Contractions died out overnight.

I guess I can hope for more progress
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