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Late August Chat Thread - Page 3

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I hope it's the real thing, Christine! Keep us posted..
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I just have to post real quick about how not fair it is that some of you are back in pre-pregnancy clothes! I can't even fit into my fat jeans! I have a big belly still and some huge thighs. I am thinking about buying a treadmill, but I don't know if I can run comfortably with these huge milk boobs.

Last night I thought we got to miss the fussy period, since Nora slept through it. But then she woke up at 1:00 a.m. and cried on and off until 3. Joys of a newborn!

gotta go
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Christine: I hope this is it for you! Lots of labor vibes! As I was reading your post about induction it struck me that I had been having the same anxieties about going over-due and being induced but I had decided to make peace with it and trust my body and then, well, I went into labor! I hope this is the case for you, too.

OMG! I can't believe you guys that are back in pre-pg clothes! I am so jealous! I want to have a bonfire with my maternity clothes. Hmmm maybe I'll go dig up my "fat" clothes that I wore post=partum with ds1. I gained twice as much weight with him so they should fit! Does that count as back to normal clothing? lol

ilove: We had a fussy night last night, too. Sebastian wanted to nurse off and on for almost 3 hours! I mean I don't mind comfort nursing but oh, my poor nipples. They are raw today. He finally was satisified with sucking on my finger at about 11:00pm and went to sleep.

on that note, is anyone using a pacifier? I really don't want to b/c I had major nipple confusion issues with ds1 but man does this baby need to suck. I am really tempted to just use one, is this a bad idea?

jl: my 2 year old is acting the same way towards the baby. What baby? I don't see a baby... but I guess it could be worse. At least he doesn't actively dislike him. yet... I think he's slowly coming around.

Well other than being tired and my hurt boobies I am feeling well. Starting to feel somewhat like my old self again. So happy to have my two boys I love them both so much. I feel very blessed. Ok, gonna go hop in the shower while ds1 is watch sesame street and ds2 is snoozing on daddy. ttyl
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Why is it whenever I need help DH gets sick? It took 2 of us to take G to school today. DH looked like hell and I can't drive. I am taking the codine with out guilt. After pains after the 5th is horrible! It seems worse than last time, and I remember thinking 3rd was the absolute worst.

Pre preg clothes? I did that with my first and maybe second. I am wearing the maternety pants and fine with it. When I discovered I would be staying an extra day in the hospital I had Mad bring me more clothes. She said she brought maternity ones because she was't sure the regula stuff would fit yet. I was NOT offended! She is really taking care of me. She was put out a bit about the 4 brothers thing till I pointed out that she leaves in 4 years and I will still be here, all alone in my girlness.

I am so tired. Sean wouldn't go to daycare today so I need to make sure the house is locked. He is very good about slipping somewhere quiet to read. Marker in the carpet is not something I will worry about this week.

Jilly, DH wanted to get a paci when we were picking up scripts but we didn't. Ryan is not yet peeing much so I want to make sure he is getting every drop he can. I think my milk is in or at least partly in. I am not engorged for the first time ever and not even wearing a bra. And my breasts are bigger than Ryan's head per DH. Very weird.

Another thing, last night I took a soak for my tender spots and I have decided it is the stirrups that cause tearing. I did not have them with Sean and he was 3 pounds heavier and inches bigger. I was so out of it when I showed up I am not sure I could have delivered with out them, but for me at least, there is a pattern of stirrups=tear.
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I'm pretty sure this could be it. I'm still at home puttering around with contractions that are more like 5-6 minutes apart. Is it weird that everytime I pee I have a super uber intense contraction for about 3 minutes, then no contractions for about 10-15 then they pick back up again. This has happened 4 times--everytime I go pee.
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Christine, just wanted to suggest some things that will help labor pick up.. sex, and then get up and walk as much as you can. I have been going to the mall to walk.

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Just a quickie! They got the results back and my niece does NOT have cystic fibrosis!!!! Praise GOD!
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hi all,

our big baby boy was born on sunday evening about 8:50pm. labor was 4 hours or less and relatively easy-- no tearing. he weighed in at 12 lbs and 4 oz. we have named him forest and still deciding on a middle name.

another successful homebirth!!!

i hope the rest of you get to meet your babies soon.
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congratulations juju ! you deserve a prize for delivering a three month old

kimberlylibby, that is beyond wonderful news. praise God indeed! He is so good!

i guess Christine really is in labour...hope things are going well for her.

jillybean, I held off on the pacifier for ds until he was eight days old, but I did use it. he just needed to suck allllll the time. he had colic, and the more i nursed him, the more miserable he got. i was over feeding him at one point til i started using the pacifier. it helped a lot because he was content, my nips were okay, and he wasn't *quite* as gassy. if you're well established it's ok, IMO.

i sent dh out for golf tonight because he's kind of driving me a little nuts...sits and just looks at me all big eyed and wary...like i'm going to birth the baby on the coffee table or something. he is beyond awesome right now when it comes to housework/back massages/Timmy care and he needed some time for himself. i was bad, though, and phoned him just as a joke. he didn't think it was very funny poor dude. we've had 3 false starts already and last night even i thought i was in labour...but i wasn't.

i'm anxious to get started but still a little bit scared. still about the fact that I'm 2 cm, because last time my water broke and we went in right away, and i was only 1 cm, with cntrx 3 minutes apart. so i feel like i've got a head start!

been chugging the rrl tea. to no avail. but i'm not too desperate because i don't see the dr. until sept 2nd now, and i'm pretty sure babe'll get here by then. have to go for fetal monitoring strip tomorrow b/c my doc is a little paranoid. yay.
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This is just some loooong early labor I guess. I'm still having contractions. I went to dr.'s office to get checked and I haven't progessed any. Still 2. After all day of contactions. My doula came and left and made me promise to call if anything changes. My mom is here. My inlaws took Ben to stay with them for the night. We're ready, but is baby? So... I'll update more later I guess. Thanks for thinking of me.
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s I feel your pain, mama. Had a couple of those days here too, but luckily I never had an internal until after them, so I don't know if they got me anywhere!
Guess it's time for a brisk walk for you!
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yayyyyyy juju! HOLY COW BIG BABY!!!

I'm so sorry I'm not here for you guys right now! I'm just **TIRED**.

Katie is up to 10 lb 8 oz at 5 weeks old.... she was 7 lb 8 oz at birth, so that's a good 3 lb weight gain! Yay! I'm happy! She's never had anything but breastmilk and she's obviously thriving
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Kimberly, thats wonderful that Katie is doing so well. You must be so proud of her and of you. I'm sooo jealous of all the new mommies that are nursing so well. Can't wait till my wee one gets the hang of it. Sometimes I get scared that she will be so used to the bottle that she'll never latch on to the real thing. But what to do? I try for at least 10 minutes on each side, but even by then often she is upset and I hate having her cry and cry before she finally gets a meal.
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Are you working with a lactation consultant? Something you might want to try is giving your daughter the bottle *first*, maybe an ounce or so, just to take the edge off her hunger and THEN offer the breast. If she's hungry, and she's not getting much at the breast, offering her the breast repeatedly when she's crying is only going to reinforce that the breast isn't where the goods are, you know? But, if she's slightly satisfied, and stays calmer at the breast, she'll be better able to go about learning how to nurse, and might have much better luck all around. Just a thought.

Juju! Wowsa! You win the big baby award!!! Good job, mama!

Kimberly- Way to go! Katie's doing terrific. Keep up the good work!

Christine- I'm thinking of you. Hoping there's no update today because you actually went into labor last night! Keeping my fingers crossed you're holding your sweet babe in your arms right now.

We're doing better here. Today is my first day without any Vicodin. I've been trying to cut back over the past couple of days, and my pain is definitely easing up. I'm almost better! Yay! I can't wait to feel normal again, or whatever normal is anymore.

Our computer is about to bite the dust. I've been telling DH for months now we need to do something, but he's been reluctant to believe me. Now my partition on the hard drive has crashed, and that has all our pictures on it. Fortunately, in April I did a whole back up, so hopefully we haven't lost everything. And, with any luck, we can get the data restored once we're running properly again. In the meantime, I might be scarce. Don't want to run this old clunker any more than I have to.
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Okay ladies - send me Labour Vibes fast


Or I have to have another U/S on Monday morning.

I had my 39/40 week appt with my midwife today - I've lost another pound (down 3 pounds from my max weight this pregnancy), and am still measuring 38 weeks, as I have been for the last 3 visits.

On the up side - my blood pressure is good, and Li'l Bug's heartrate was 130-140 bpm still, and I still feel a fair amount of movement too.
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LizaBear, I hope you have that baby soon! I'm measuring smallish too: 35 weeks.
I went in for another non-stress test (fetal monitoring) today and everything was pretty good but they want me to have an u/s tomorrow AM to check my fluid level. Blech. I don't want to drive 1/2 hr for another test - and I really don't want to see the baby til it's out! So I went to the health food store and got myself some proper raspberry leaf tea - the stuff I have been drinking was a blend. Time to pour on the big guns, I sez.
And you know what....lower backache and some good cntx happening here.
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Juju: Congrats! but darnet! I thought I would win the prize for the biggest baby at birth. GOOD JOB!

Kimberly: I missed you at LLL meeting today. We learned about infant massage. I am sorry you are feeling tired. Glad to hear the test results came back negative for your sisters baby. I hope you are doing well otherwise. Sorry for no calls, I can barley find the time to check messages on the computer, much less make phone calls. But I am thinking about you.

Gabi will be 4 weeks on Friday. I weighed her today and she was 11 lbs. Boy she likes to eat.

Labor Vibes!!!!! for all you waiting mammas.
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Hi everyone,

LizaBear, I think that I am also measuring 38 wks at 39 wks 6 ds.

Let's see. I'm "due" tomorrow. Had a prenatal today, which stressed me out. How come the due date is considered a fiction until it actually arrives? I was taken aback by the m/w's sudden talk of non-stress tests, natural induction, etc. Am now considering contacting a lay midwife instead, particularly because the midwife-insurance problem has yet to be rectified and, as things stand, I would need to deliver at a freestanding birthing centre when all I want is to stay home.

During the appt, the midwife noticed that I have a rash on my belly. She said that it was either due to stretching skin or liver failure. Yikes. Liver failure? Dh thinks that this particular midwife always mentions liver problems when she sees me because she misreads my skin tone, which is yellow, as abnormal.

Am suddenly feeling anxious to have the baby because at this stage in my pregnancy with dd I was in labour. Don't know why this matters to me, but it does. Sigh.

I'm going to do a spa night. I just looked in the mirror and my hair's greasy, my skin is dry, my nails are a mess. I've been so focussed on cleaning the apartment that I had forgotten about myself. I might even buy a tube of lipstick or something equally frivolous.

Tomorrow some mom friends are throwing me a frozen-food shower. Although it should be fun, I'm honestly bummed that I'll be around to attend!

Labour vibes to all those who need 'em.
Hugs to those who don't.
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Dodo - I wonder if the midwife is thinking of PUPPS because of the rash ? There is no scientifically "proven" connection to liver failure, but a lot of people have had a lot of success using a liver flush/cleanse to clear up the rash.

I had PUPPS during my pregnancy with Boo, and it was hell on earth - I was literally scratching my belly raw because I itched so badly, I couldn't sleep, was a complete mess.
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Still here....
I'm going to be induced tomorrow. Yesterday was a big tease. Today I woke up and no contractions. When I was checked yesterday evening after alllll day of contractions, I had made no progress. : So... I'm going in early in the am tomorrow and I'll be gone from our little group for a few days. Dh will post details of our announcement. Wish me luck.

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